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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Godz40acres, Jun 18, 2015.

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    Patterson and Plonsky held a press conference yesterday. Plonsky says they "blew it - collectively" on communication as reported in this DMN blog post. Which one of you guys donated $750,000?
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    Put aside the Longhorn pride for a moment. UT is just an institution like many others.

    I love Texas sports and cherish my time at UT, I'm proud of my degree and all of the great memories and emotions that go with that experience. But it's an institution and a business enterprise, and has to act like one.

    That doesn't condone the behavior of Patterson or anyone else who treats fans and alumni disrespectfully. The public-facing aspect can certainly be handled much better, but it doesn't change the nature of what a major university actually is, imo.
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    How did UT become a major institution? It had good marketing ideas and fair practices that enticed people to want to become part of that institution. Then those people, big donors and small continued to contribute, as new people were added.

    No matter how successful an institution or a person gets, some basic principles still apply, to maintain the same image that got you there.

    Patterson's policies are not good marketing ideas and their has been a real backlash to them.
    He also flubbed miserably one of the main reason he was hired, to let Mack go in a respectable manner. Then Powers had to do it in a way that made everybody involved look bad.

    He was supposed trim the athletic department, but added 40 new positions, to an athletic department, that is already by far the largest in college athletics. This is done while funds are taken away from the Longhorn band and student athletes. The entire band not going to South Bend is a travesty and no other major program would do this. A season opener in prime time, on a major network, against the Irish, you pull out all the stops to look good in every aspect possible. The band stands in the end zone, as all visiting bands do, so no tickets are being taken away from Texas.

    How are these things good business or good for a major institution's image?

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    Maintaining "the same image that got you there" sounds like a good idea but I'm not sure it's practical in every case. I'm not even sure what that means but I think I get your meaning.
    We are in agreement that Patterson's recent practices have been detrimental, certainly to alumni and long time fans. My point was that institutions change, the organizations of people that run them change, and there is no guarantee that the "spirit" of the place, so to speak, will always be what it once was.
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    And just like I said, Patterson is not going anywhere. I also wonder who was the donor that gave $750,000 it looks like those that are unhappy are just going to have to let him talk sweet to you, while he's implementing his policies. Or, you can hope that Coach Strong fails and Patterson gets fired that way, so what's it going to be?
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    One thing I'm curious about in these posts is about Patterson's decision regarding Mack Brown. So Patterson was going to continue on with Brown? Was enough money still coming in and the contract buyout too much for him to eat?
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    It hasn't even been a full 2 years yet give him a shot let see what happens. He is filling some really big shoes so the expectations for him are huge. Coach strong has been giving the benefit of the doubt so why shouldn't he. It it doesn't work he will be replaced just like the rest, I understand why so many are angry. The no resale policy ticked me off as well, we live in N Texas so driving 3 hours for every game won't happen we usually get to at least 4. But as far as the raise in ticket prices well that happens in ever sport at every level. Did he do some bad off course, did he do some good of course but if we run everyone off at the first sign of trouble no matter what we throw at them to attract them they won't come if our track record shows we terminate contracts at the drop of a dime.
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    mack had more fans than detractors, and it's hard to get rid of a guy who has done so much for your program he basically put us back in the spotlight. FSU had the same problem with Bowden as well as Tennesee with fulmer
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    I wonder how everyone that keeps calling the non-profit, state government institution UT a "business enterprise" feel about UT not paying the same taxes that a for profit business has to pay. Do all of y'all under 25 posts university employee accounts, I mean posters, feel that UT should also start paying it's fair share of taxes since apparently it is actually a business enterprise?

    I have heard churches should not get tax breaks. Lord knows that the for profit UT athletic department should lose tax breaks long before any churches do.

    If UT cares more about dollars than the people of this state it is meant to serve, it should start paying taxes like any other corporation that only exists to make dollars.
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    The state would have to revoke UT's and all other Universities' nonprofit exemption. That means legislation proposed and enacted, then comes loss of votes, loss of campaign funds, and loss of election and office. Tuition goes up too. I don't think many legislators in the Texas Congress would go for it.
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    It will interesting to see what happens to UT if they keep alienating their political support in this state. Especially when the next Rick Perry comes along....
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    Yes it will. Probably get the Feds involved, too.
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    All that matters are the taxpayers that live and vote in this state.... not that the current administration understands that.

    The point is that UT is a government institution that exists to serve the taxpayers. You seem to take for granted that it will always receive political support even if it is NOT serving the taxpayers. There is a point where pushback happens. No UT will not lose it's tax exemption, but the regents can be changed and UT's leadership can change.
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    I have been attending games in Austin since 1960 and seldom purchased a ticket before the game as it is usually a last minute decision. Never paid more than face value either as I have depended on people with extra tickets. I would say a vast majority of the time I sat next to the ones I purchased a ticket from. Guess this mo is done for now? Season tickets are not financially an option.
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    My son may be in the Longhorn band soon (fingers crossed), so this caught my eye...
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    One of Patterson's "new and improved" policies to not take the Longhorn Band on trips, especially to the ND game is despicable! We as fans, alumni, donors, supporters of the UT, need to make him realize that where our football team goes, the Band, the cheerleaders, Bevo, and Smokey go to. Period end of discussion. I am getting weary of his lack of respect and disregard for our traditions. He needs to get with the program, or get the hell out.
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  18. Godz40acres

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    There's a story at AAS today that I can't read because I'm not a "subscriber" - it only shows 2 paragraphs:

    If Texas fans are truly angry at how Steve Patterson is running the athletic department, then it’s worth a call down to Houston.

    “You’re asking me why Texas fans are upset?” said Joe Jamail, the 89-year-old legal legend who also is one of the biggest donors in school history.

    If someone can provide the rest of us some details from the story, that would be much appreciated.

  19. Brad Austin

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    Anyone that brags on Patterson for his two major coaching hires has zero credibility discussing his overall job performance. Who the hell did you expect him to hire, some second hand clowns?

    Our head football position is one of the most coveted in the country. That being said, Strong was still not a sure-thing type hire. And already calling him a great, successful hire is ridiculous. Prove it. All anyone knows now is that SP's choice has lost more games at UT than he won. How do you already claim success without successfully producing even a winning season? :rolleyes1:

    And my lord, Smart was a slam dunk hire. Everybody and their grandma knew we should try to hire Marshall or Smart. All SP had to do was not royally screw up the interview with Shaka, and it was a no-brainer for him to accept. I'm shocked SP didn't blow it. From VCU to Texas? From Richmond to one of the most desired locations in America? Hmmmm, I don't know.

    Give me a break...Patterson didn't do dick anyone else couldn't do by hiring high expectations coaches for our two highly coveted positions. The one who was a questionable hire...last I checked he was 6-7.
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    Ha, here we are again with the excuse making. If you want to criticize Patterson for his policies that's fine, but stop trying to minimize his hirings. He hired them plain and simple, i don't care how easy it was. If Patterson was has bad as you and the media make him out to be, neither Coach Strong or Coach Smart would have agreed to come. Look at all the great jobs at baskeball schools that Coach Smart has turned down. And just like i said before, all the so called anger by Fenves, was just PR. Just like Brain Davis basically said in that tweet above.
  21. Dionysus

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    Maybe, but it seems premature to proclaim a slam dunk for someone who hasn’t played a game here yet.
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    I'm more patient with the hires. But when he starts jacking with our traditions and projecting a "screw you" attitude toward the students, alumni, fans, etc., I have no patience at all.
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    ^^^ EXACTLY!

    And it is compounded by those that adopt the approach of 'if you don't like it, then go elsewhere.' Those individuals make it abundantly clear that they lack the first clue of what the history even was to begin with or WHY many are upset with the changes.
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  25. Godz40acres

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    Long time listener. First time caller.

    Patterson has said he will talk to any donor that has complaints about his policies. His number and email are readily available through the magic of the interwebs on the UT Athletics Directory site. Public information. 512.471.5757. . Tell him what your complaint is. Be respectful.

    If you are like me, you are receiving many "For Texas, I will" solicitations.

    For Texas, I Will . . . not give money to someone that treats me with contempt and disrespect and thinks that I am not smart enough to know that ticket prices rose by more than 6%.

    For Texas, I Will . . . direct my money elsewhere until they get an AD that our fan base deserves.

    For Texas, I Will . . . wait this man out.
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  27. Brad Austin

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    By "slam dunk" hire I meant that to get Smart to take the Texas job was a slam dunk. I love the hire but am not one to praise until actual results have been produced. I just meant Patterson's only job hiring Smart was to not push him away in the interview. As long as Smart was comfortable the guy in front of him wasn't a total asshat, then he was good to go.

    Actually, Smart must have really wanted the job to interview with Patterson's sandpaper personality and still accept. We just read the other day how Saban's agent basically broke off talks with SP after he was a prick. I can guarantee Smart's coming here had nothing to do with SP selling the position and program. VCU to Texas...Richmond to Austin. Easy pickings.

    Call these great hires by Patterson all you want, but Smart was a hire any decent AD would've made. And Strong was a hire the top AD's would've surpassed. All we know for sure right now at Texas...we're still looking at a 6-7 football coach and 0-0 basketball coach. My take is Shaka will produce faster, more consistently, and longer than CS.
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    "Raise all the ticket prices baby!!!!!!!" - SP :smokin:
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  29. Brad Austin

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    We might have to take out loans if CS goes 8-5 and Smart takes us dancing in his maiden season. Can't even imagine SP's agenda if both products showed real success next year.
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  30. Godz40acres

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    Per a poster on another site:

    Here's all you need to know about Steve Patterson. He doesn't care what you think about him. He doesn't care what you think about his job performance. He's convinced that he's the smartest man in the room. He's wealthy enough to not worry about where his next meal is coming from, and he's pretty certain that if he gets canned by UT, he's gonna be even wealthier. Your opinion of Patterson means less than nothing to him.

    I'm not sure what search parameters were used in choosing Patterson over Oliver Luck, but the next time UT's looking for a new AD, which I hope will be soon, I hope somebody seriously recalibrates those parameters. The AD at UT needs, among other things, to be a people person. The main job of AD at UT is to promote the product, provide needed help to the various sports, make smart and informed coaching hires, and RAISE MONEY for facilities improvements and other necessities of the athletic program. The big money donors at UT over the years have been very generous to the athletic program, and indeed, to the entire university. A part of the reason for that is because the AD, DeLoss Dodds, got that those donors needed to feel like they're part of the program. Dodds made the donors feel welcome, listened to, and appreciated. Dodds could do that because, whatever flaws he had, he was a people person. Patterson so far has turned off a lot of important people connected to UT. That happens when you operate in secret. It happens when you treat people condescendingly. It happens when you believe you're above having to listen to anybody, including your boss, and convey that belief to just about everybody you run into. The one thing you can say about Patterson is this...he's living his beliefs. What you see is what he is. What he is is NOT what UT needs out of an athletic director.

    I've heard all of the arguments about why UT's not gonna can Patterson anytime soon. I've heard that he's doing exactly what some important people want him to do. I don't buy that. You get nowhere, and you get nothing, by turning off the very people that pay your salary. It's not a sin to make a bad hire...that happens in every business, but things generally don't get any better if you bury your head in the sand and ignore the problem. Steve Patterson's not gonna change in any important ways, despite what his boss has told him to do. What you see is what he is. He needs to be removed before he can damage UT's athletic program more than he has. President Fenves and other big money types need to go back to the Louisville well one more time, and this time, hire the 'Ville's AD. He's done wonders at making Louisville's program big time, and he already has a great working relationship with Charlie Strong. Jurich gets what being AD at a big school like UT is all about. He understands things that Steve Patterson will never get.
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