AD Patter$son Facing Heat

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    At a time when your fanbase is punch drunk and suffering through product decline for several seasons, and the new hire is turbulently rebuilding the team in his mold...the #1 job of the AD is to keep the base connected and supportive of their team.

    Promoting harmony, loyalty, and unity is the key to selling the hope of better days to come. Better days is what creates more dollars, not bleeding out loyal donors.

    When times get hard, smart people circle the wagons as a unified force as best as possible. Instead he attacked the staff, faculty, loyal donors, and alumni...dividing the loyalty. All to steal from the customer base and increase the bottom line.

    That's all one needs to know about this clown. He could've instituted stricter policies once the product began to increase and loyalty was firm. Instead he kicked the sh*t out of the team's biggest supporters while they were eating a rotten 6-7 sandwich.
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    This is the best he will ever be to the fan base. How will he behave when we actually field competitive teams?
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