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    Bear in mind that these are just "reports"or "rumors" (or whatever you want to call them) so take this stuff with a heavy grain of salt:

    Big 12 Rumors: Cincinnati and Memphis In, UCF Out?

    UC-Big 12 Speculation Heats Up

    Monson: Good news for BYU — the Big 12 Got Kicked to the Curb

    Big 12 Realignment & Expansion Thread
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    The media rights issue is nothing. Let the teams go where they want and if they all leave, who from the old conference benefits? Nobody. Do new media rights, and when the lawsuits come up....settle the damn thing! Let's go to a new conference, it only takes one to leave and this house of cards collapses. Just don't be the person it falls in on. It's all about the $$$ and if your U has it, good contract attorneys can navigate your U through the mine ain't "rocket science" folks.
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    No! NO! AND HELL NO!

    I can only hope that The Bible Belt and two Christian universities would be able to keep the Mormons out, as well as garner enough Christian support to get any of the cretins in Las Colinas supporting the idea canned.
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    Sabre, I am surprised to hear that you have such a strong opinion. You are usually so openminded.
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    I'd be OK with BYU, depending on how the deal shakes out. Might have to do football only, because I dunno how easily other sports could schedule around BYU's no Sunday policy.

    Poach another Mountain Time Zone team from the Pac 12 (Utah, Colorado), and we've got a decent 12-team conference with a wide footprint. WVU would have a shitload of traveling to do, but not much more than they do already.
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    CU and Utah tried for decades to join the Pac 10, and were never given a sniff. Now that they are in, there is absolutely no reason for them to leave a reasonably well run conference controlled by USC & UCLA for the clown show that is in Las Colinas and may not be around in five years.
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    The Big 12 was always a short term answer, for a long term problem. This was the case for both the SWC and the Big 8. There were the four flagship schools with huge alumni bases, huge stadiums, fans that traveled, generated oceans of cash and delivered TV markets. Texas, Ou, aggy and Nebraska. The rest of the two league's members didn't travel, played in 50,000 seats stadiums that they could not sell out, and delivered nothing in the way of TV markets that were not already covered by the Big 4. Additionally when one thinks of Academic Excellence, Iowa State, the Kansas schools, OSU, and Cougar High seldom come to mind.

    Missouri had whined for decades about the Big 8 and that they had a "standing invitation" to join the Big 10. Which came as a huge surprise to the Big 10. Nebraska was quickly tiring of being Texas' and Ou's *****. So they took the money and ran and now Northwestern is shoving them around.

    Many, myself included, thought we would end up in a PAC-16 East (Texas, Ou, Tech, OSU, CU, Utah and the Arizona schools) with the PAC-16 West being the original PAC-8. I have spent less money traveling to Stanford, Cal, UCLA, USC and Boulder than I have going to Ames and Morgantown. Trust me, they aren't comparable trips.

    And going to USC, UCLA, Berkeley and Palo Alto once ever 4 years seems pretty cool to me.

    Now the snag. Castiglione has always indicated "where Texas goes, we go". David Boren, as a former Governor and US Senator, was never going to let Ou go anywhere without OSU. Boren only has months left on the job and his replacement will not have the allegiance to keeping OSU in the fold that DB does.

    But that also opens another problem for Ou. Geographically and culturally, they make sense in the Big 10. But playing 1 game a year in Texas does not. The two schools the benefited most from the Big 12 in recruiting were the Oklahoma schools. Look at Nebraska and Arkansas' recruiting here now. The Oklahoma schools playing 4 games a year in Texas has been a boon to both. So Ou has to tread lightly.

    SWC problems did not start with the Death Penalty on the Hilltop or Arkansas bolting almost 30 years ago. They began in the 1960's with the unwillingness to recruit black athletes and watching the church schools and Rice announce crowds of 34,000 when 16,000 showed up. Most here are too young to remember DKR was in his 12th season before we had a non-conference sellout in a stadium that seated 62k. Or that we had such undying love for him and Broyles, that in what we already knew was going to be their final game in 1976, less than 40,000 showed up.

    Which finally brings me too my point. There is no one to poach. We do not need any city/commuter schools (they have no following, their programs are swimming in red ink and they seldom turn out billionaire donors). I will throat punch the next person that suggests Tulane. A true, all out conspiracy by all P5 members to stop scheduling ND in all sports (save their Olympic sport ACC tie-in), is the only way to force them into a league. And if that happens they go to the Big 10 with Texas and Ou. Moreover, monkeys will come flying outta my *** before that happens.

    Which leaves us with......Independent. Do a base schedule ala ND to build rivalries. Do home/home with schools where the Longhorn Nation would go en masse (Northwestern, Air Force, Navy, Army). Rice to get a game in Harris County or even LSU. Ou in Dallas. Because Ou maybe riding the same bus we are. Do a 2 for 1 with OSU & TCU. And THEN add the marquee games like Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama, USC, etc..

    My look to the future may be flawed, but what got us here is not. Once again, I believe Sabre can verify, even if we have different interpretations of events, as well as provide the business side, both past and present.


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    YD, I was with you until the Independent thing. While ND has an open invitation to be a part of the playoff's, that is a historical pass and should finally be remedied during the realignment. Texas as an Independent would not get the pass and would have problems finding 9 (much less 12) top-tier football opponents, and all of the other sports would find life very difficult to be in any NCAA championship discussion.
    Who knows what is going to happen at the next realignment opportunity, but Texas' opportunities will either be way north into what is now the B1G or west into what is now the PAC-12. Personal preference is never voluntary go into the snow belt. Also, I could care less about ou's potential problems; just stay as far away from aggy as possible.
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    YD and Viper well said and good points. As I see our situation today I think there are many ways to make a not so bad situation worse. Texas has been struggling in most major sports for reasons not related to its conference. I am not sure what the ideal situation might be but I personally believe it will be driven by "content" rather than conferences. Eventually games will be bought by the each and distributed that way as well. Aggie v Vanderbilt will be 1c and ND v Michigan 1$. schedules will be arranged accordingly and conferences will become something different than they are now.
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    Agree LDave. The conferences probably be the conduit into the playoff's, but not much else as streaming will completely change the landscape.
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    The expiration of the TV contracts in a few years will drive the future and conferences will play much less a role than in past history. Revenue $$$ will dictate the new alignment and not powderpuff schedules.
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    If forced to make a move now I would unload Baylor and go to 9 teams. Get Reid of championship and add power five ooc team. If possible no non power 5 teams for any team in conference. This would free up Aggie to get 4 cup cakes at home.

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