Adult Texas cheerleader costumes?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Southernbelle, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Well played Bob Wills, well played indeed....
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    Welll, I guess all I can say is de gustibus nihil disputandum est.
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    A video would be much more appropriate for this thread than a pic
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    I guess this is for all us not lucky enough to have married a UT cheerleader.
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    This may be a Classic worthy thread.
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    mmm....Wabash Cannonball.
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    LMAO! I'm sorry when I read this post title: "Adult Texas Cheerleader costumes" read like something from Fredricks of Hollywood or something x-rated. lol

    Glad to see that others share my sense of humor but in all seriousness I hope you find what you're looking for. This thread is on the verge of CLASSIC. lol

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    I have a friend in Garfield who does leather work including chaps (he prefers to call them leggings). I have been trying for years to get him to start doing replica Pom Squad Chaps. He was even approached by UT to make the real thing, but for some reason he won't do it. He told me they would cost $250-$300 and thinks that no one would pay that much.
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    There seems to be a thread on this around Halloween every year so I think your chap making friend could make some money. He could do it on a special order basis.
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    Well neighbor, that's too long.
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    Ah! remembering the old 3:16 threads
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    I miss 3:16.
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    Well, boys, explain to me, please, what the hell is so attractive about the duck lips???

    well, its not when the brunnette does it but the blonde is ok.
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    "There ought to be uniforms floating around out there somewhere. I mean we have 300 cheerleaders for every game. It looks to me like everybody makes the team now."

    Closer to 70. Pom normally takes about 6-8 new members out of the 100 or more who audition every year.
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    well, its not when the brunnette does it but the blonde is ok.


    Huhn?!? Just the opposite, bud.

    Actually, they're both cuties but the brunette is much more duckliplicious.

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