After Casey's performance today, Sam Ehlinger can't be the QB next year

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by AustinHorn24, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. SabreHorn

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    In a word "Yurcich".

    I believe it's what is called "player development", but it has been so long since I saw any, I cannot confirm nor deny that.
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  2. Pomspoms

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    This post makes me want to drive over to Austin and personally boot Herman out of office and out of Austin. I want to curse so badly but I don't hardly ever curse.
    Come on CDC get this ******* out of there.
  3. horninchicago

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    Easy on the asterisks there, buddy. This is a family forum.

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  4. dukesteer

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    Completely believe this. Ingram was our third best back, strong and tough but without speed or vision. A huge disappointment IMO.

    Isn’t it interesting that our worthless OL has, all of a sudden, disappeared from the discussion? This, with two freshmen who hadn’t seen the field until December.

    A good RB helps. A great RB, a mobile QB and decent play calling can transform an average OL into a great one. Fascinating how that works.
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  5. Sangre Naranjada

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    Yep. Some running backs don't need as big a hole to exploit, nor do they need it to be open as long as others do. Some can see holes others can't. Bijan seems to have both of those traits, and our 2nd string linemen aren't doing a crappy job of it either.
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  6. Hillcityhorn

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    If my memory is correct, (10 yrs ago) but Gilbert didn't do so well vs bama. 2 fumbles and 4 picks, so wasn't all that impressed
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  7. Pomspoms

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    Just rewatched the game and the play where Thompson almost threw an interception. It seemed like J Moore was not expecting the throw, he didn't make much of an effort to catch the ball.
    So then it occurred to me that Thompson probably hasn't had that much practice with the first team, and especially with the stupid virus thing. Imagine this wait till Thompson has reps with the first team during all of spring practice and during fall practice. Thompson already looked in sync with the first team offense this past game but wait till he gets more practice with the first team before the next season starts.:tower:
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  8. wadster

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    Thompson's 3rd quarter was as fine a quarter as you'll see. He had a couple of other long throws that were spot on. One got a PI, the other was tough but catchable. Like he didn't throw a bad pass.

    Other thing that strikes me is BR had 10 carries for 180 yds but one of them went negative. So the other 9 he averaged 20 yds/carry. Like it was HS all over again for him. Not running him for 6 drives is inexcusable. He should get 20 touches a game minimum.
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  9. dukesteer

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    Did anyone catch Herman’s comments about Thompson after the game?

    “I mean, nobody was surprised. Maybe all of you were because he hasn’t played a whole lot. But we’ve seen him in practice for three years. None of us were surprised.”

    Really? That answer raises plenty of questions. If the coaching staff was not surprised; if Herman knew Thompson was this talented, why the H wasn’t he used in multiple games when Sam was struggling?

    The statement seems to provide yet another reason why Herman should not be our HC going forward.
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  10. zinger

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    That defense you saw with Colorado is no where near Oklahoma.
    Not even top 4 in the big 12. Come on you were looking at a decimated team with no chance to win after the first half.
  11. Horn hubby

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    It was 17-10 at the half. Colorado was still very much in it. But your prob right about not top 4 in the big 12.
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  12. zinger

    zinger 250+ Posts

    I think it's time for You to go. 10,000 posts and you show that kind of disrespect to a guy who played thru injury after injury. Played his heart out while other guys "opted" out. Stood after every game and sang the Eyes while cowards like Sterns high tailed it to the locker room. Did you even know that Thompson put his name in the transfer portal last year? Yes he did and maybe you should too!
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  13. dukesteer

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    zinger, while mchammer can certainly defend himself, you read his comment differently than I did. My interpretation was more like, “it might be best for the program if Sam were to move on.”

    While I love Sam — his heart, toughness, courage and passion, I tend to believe that it might be best for all involved if he were to close the book on a wonderful career at Texas and move on to the next chapter in his life.

    Personally I’d like to see Sam get into coaching and remain on campus. He’s an inspiration and will remain an iconic figure, forever closely linked to the program.
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  14. mchammer

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    I felt the same in 2003 after 5 years of Applewhite/Simms. 2003 was a new era with Chance Mock and VY.
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  15. wadster

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    He should take a shot at the NFL. Be an understudy and let his body heal. Work on his footwork and mechanics and see if you could be a serviceable QB. Colt's pulled down a paycheck for 11 years now. I know Sam is not McCoy, but he's got a much bigger body. Colt's issues were more just staying healthy. After Suh threw him around like a rag doll he was never the same.
  16. PecosBill

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    Ten Year's + is a long time ago but I remember an incredible season with Colt chasing every record in the book and a potential Heisman season get hit so hard that he couldn't throw the ball. Don't remember the #2 QB name maybe Sherrod Harris but he was without any meaningful reps as it was Colt's season. Mack and Greg send in GG a freshman against Bama.
    About 5 minutes left in the 4th, down by 5 and the Horns are driving in Bama territory. Craig Way could give it justice but at that moment Texas was in position to score.
    Bama does what Bama does and their D made a couple of hits and GG had the fumble or Int to end the drive. 18 y o against Bama for the NC and he got closer than ANY QB at Texas has since VY.
    GG never the same after that injury against Rice in NRG but for that night in Pasadena it looked like he was ready.
    Never forget the heart he showed in the pinnacle of CFB.
    But then again it's NYE and I may be remembering the good old days.
  17. moondog_LFZ

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    Herman could start shitting gold bricks and you would find something to criticize.
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  18. PecosBill

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    Like many have posted, I'm very happy with CT performance in the Alamo Bowl and look forward to see how he does with a full Spring camp in the Yursich system.
    Sam has had a great run and will always be a Texas Legend.

    My guess is he goes to NFL and accepts the challenge of the next level.

    I seriously question anyone who suggests TH benching an uninjured Sam in favor CT in the aftermath of OU regardless of practice results.
    The revolution would have been epic.
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  19. RainH2burntO

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  20. VYFan

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    When we got the ball in the 4th quarter in the one-score game, we weren’t driving; we we on like the 5 yard line. Gilbert got blindsided, fumbled, and Alabama scored two more times (maybe another Gilbert INT?). Also threw a pick six right before half.
    He played great “under the circumstances,” and it was almost enough, but he did not play “great.”

    he showed the flaws that as it turned out, he kept showing over and over, at least at UT.
  21. PecosBill

    PecosBill 1,000+ Posts

    I watched it again on Youtube just for fun.

    Texas drove and scored TD about 6 min in the 4th qtr to bring the score within 3 pts 21-24. TD drive and 2 pt conversion against Bama.

    The D held and Texas got the ball back deep with about 3:30 left in the game.

    Plenty of time to score.

    GG drops back and Anders comes in and hits GG from the blind side untouched causing the turnover.

    A great game but Bama D prevailed with 3 minutes left.

    That is the closest TX has been in 11+/- years.
  22. dukesteer

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    If indeed what TH said was true — that the coaches were not surprised by Thompson’s performance — then perhaps during the season and in-game, when the offense was sputtering, TH/Yurcich should have tried CT for a few series to shake things up. You know that coaches like Saban and Riley would have done so, probably even with a senior QB.

    This is not a knock on Sam but football is about winning games while also keeping the team together and motivated. Granted, it would have been a gutsy call — certainly out of character for this HC — but the point is still valid.
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  23. nashhorn

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    Actually if they knew he was that good they should have substituted him in regardless of if Sam was off. He should have gone in just for the experience and to allow Qb1 a breather.
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  24. majorfan2005

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    When we sputtered this year, it was IMO not Sam’s fault. The fault was due to Herman’s strategery.
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  25. Pomspoms

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    I was saying this last season.
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  26. majorfan2005

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    If the coach calls routes that do not fit the situation or the QB’s abilities, it’s the coach’s fault.
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  27. dukesteer

    dukesteer 2,500+ Posts

    No doubt if we had a HC that made better decisions it would have made a difference. Just the fact that he played the RBs in an inverted fashion — worst to best — for half the season is a good example. But if CT can effortlessly fling it 60 yards and put the ball where it needs to be, that’s a game changing skill set that Sam may not possess, or may not have possessed this year due to injuries.
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  28. moondog_LFZ

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    You mean like Mack did with Simms and Applewhite?
    That worked real well and fans loved it. :rolleyes1:
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  29. dukesteer

    dukesteer 2,500+ Posts

    I would disagree. Mack tended to hang with Simms...but I probably shouldn’t open that can of worms.
  30. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Chris or Phil?
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