Aggies to go after Applewhite

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by UT-69745551, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. UT-69745551

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    according to the DMN - there's only 1 catch: he'd have to take a demotion and pay cut:

  2. Bevoette

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    NO WAY MAJOR ! stay away from aggy unless you want to tank your career !
  3. TheGallopinGoose

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    Go after Simms! [​IMG]
  4. UT-69745551

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    Its a no-brainer. everybody knows that the way you climb the ladder of success is to accept a position of less importance and responsibility and take a pay cut at the same time.

    I hear A&M is also going to approch Google about selling them stock at $75 per share.
  5. Sii

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    why in the world would Major leave a Coordinator position at a program like Bama to just be a ******* QB coach at aggie for less pay?

  6. Jive_Turkey

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    only aggy would do this.

    who are they looking at for OC? Mike Leach?

    DC? Jim Tressell?
  7. Sii

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    maybe they can get Jimmy Johnson to be a position coach too
  8. Jive_Turkey

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    word out of College Station is that if Major turns them down, they're going after Jason Garrett to be QB coach
  9. cochamps

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    Bill Cowher for DC? This is stupid, even for them. Let's see: We will offer the Alabama OC the QB job here at aggyland. Oh yeah, the Alabama OC was named after an Alabama player and he played at UT. The longer I think about it, the funnier it gets.
  10. BigWill

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  11. UT-69745551

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    They're also offering the head of PETA the position of Chief of Security for the Reveille Cemetary.
  12. MGS

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    What kind of idiot leaves Bama to go to A&M?
  13. cochamps

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  14. bigup2dahorns

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    spurrier to aggy QB coach. mark it down
  15. LonghornMM

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    I heard they're going after Rich Rodriguez for their QB coach if Major turns 'em down.
  16. Wild Bill

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    Word is that Bill Bellicheck is a lock to be the new LBers coach at Agriculture. It's a step up.
  17. RyanUTAustin

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    They are also looking at Phil Jackson to be an assistant for the basketball team.
  18. SabreHorn

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    We can laugh and make fun, but Major was on the A&M campus last week.

    Why he would take it:

    1) It'll be as OC not QB coach
    2) Joe Penry
    3) Saban works his assistants like slaves
    4) Saban blames everything on his assistants; he is never to blame (sound familiar Mackovic fans?)
    5) Alabama alums and press have not been kind in spite of averaging over 30 points a game with a QB who is not as good as the Top 25 HS QBs in Texas.

    Reasons not to take it:

    1) Under Jackie & RC, some Aggie assistants went on to really good jobs (ND, UCLA, Ole MIss, Auburn - Bob Davie; Bob Toldeo; Tuberville). Of course they bombed except for TT, who just can't seem to quite get there. Since then, the assistants coming out of Brazos County have not done so well.
    2) He only needs to visit with Les Koenig, Jr about where he'll be in four years when Sherman is once again an NFL assistant.
    3) OC at Alabama with Saban (even with Pendry) is likely a more visable position than HC at A&M much less an assistant.

    Hard question - Is Major Applewhite destined to become hths generations Jim Helms? Many similarities in the two thus far but particularly their understanding of the game.
  19. Eating Club

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    I've heard A&M offered an endowed Harvard professor a TA position
  20. BrûléeOrange

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    This just in. Bill Parcells wil hold a press conference at 5:48 to announce his agreement to become the next General Manager of Concessions and Manure Removal at Pyle Field.
  21. TheGallopinGoose

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    I heard A&M is trying to get the U.S. Secretary of Defense to be their new president.
  22. WorsterMan

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    dream on aggy [​IMG]
  23. MirrOlure

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    Anyone remember where Major decommited from when he committed to Texas?
  24. UTBandGuy09

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    i just heard on espn that frank beamer is going to be aggy's new special teams coordinator. no link though, sorry.
  25. Burnt Orange Bevo

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    It was my impression that Major has a very good mentor relationship with Greg Davis (e.g. Major talking with and asking GD for advice right before the 2006 Rose Bowl). Aside from the backward career step in taking a demotion and pay cut at a lesser BCS football program, it would be (IMO) a clear slap in the face to Mack and GD to take any A&M position while Mack and GD are still at Texas. Not to mention that he knows full well how Longhorn fans would feel about it.
  26. milk_monitor

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  27. Jive_Turkey

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    My sources tell me that aggy is going after Bobby Petrino to be their new offensive coordinator.
  28. TJ=NPOY

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    I say no chance this happens unless they change the offer to be the OC.

    NCAAFBALLROX 1,000+ Posts

    Aung San Suu Kyi has been offered $ 2.1 mil to take over their men's bassaball program.

    Stephen Hawking is going to be the head coach for the meat judging team for $ 3.3 mil & a lifetime supply of batteries.

    For the competitive sum of $ 1.2 million, Marlee Matlin is going to helm their up & coming auctioneering department.

    It's reported that Dr. Ruth Westheimer will be taking on the collegiate Rodeo team & is going to handle the Bulldoggers herself while an assistant has been found in Nicole Ritchie for Saddlebronc. $ 5.6 million for the good Doc & Nicole took a pay cut to come in @ $ 5.5 million.

    Doctor Jack Kervorkian will be the director of media relations & advertising in his new offices with The Batt. Opening figure for negotiations was $ 6.6 million.

    Dollar Bill is reportedly "ecstatic" over locking in these hires.

  30. i think this is a slap in the face to major and i hope he takes it at such and publicly lambastes the farmers.

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