Aggies to go after Applewhite

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by UT-69745551, Dec 23, 2007.

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    that article is about 3 months and 9 days early.
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    ...but if it happens, i blame greg davis. [​IMG]
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    Quick note: He wouldn't be taking a paycut, and there have already been significant talks with him. He seems to be waffling as to whether he wants to leave Alabama or not, but there are very good reasons for him to look at the position.

    It comes down to: leaving an asshat of a boss, taking a lesser position-title, but potentially having more influence on the offense, working under an NFL mind in your home state.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up happening.
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    Major should do whatever is best for his career, and if that means coaching at A&M at some point, then that's exactly what he should do.

    That said, we have no idea what Sherman will be like in college, but Saban is a known commodity as very talented coach at the college level. I don't think much of his character, but if Major wants to continue coaching in college, then he's already at just about the best place he can possibly be for his own growth and learning.

    Even if it's not a pay-cut, you don't take a lesser title at a lesser program if you're looking to build an attractive resume. The Aggies will only be able to get him if they make him OC. If they're willing to do that, then they might have a shot. If they insist on calling him "quarterbacks coach" then they have no shot. Regardless of responsibility and opportunity, that is a perceived downward move, and perception is reality.
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    One other item...

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    no ******* way....F AGGY is in la la land with sugar plum (milkman) fairies...
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    Among other targets for the Texas A&M QB coach position are Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren, President of the United States George W. Bush and Caped Crusader of Gotham City Batman.
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    I would not be a bit surprised to see MA take the OC job if offered. I doubt he would accept the QB spot. He will not take a pay cut in either event as ATM is pouring $ into coaches' pockets across the board. The ATM OC would be a good place to help elevate an underachieving program with ample resources and to learn under a former NFL coach. Sherman may not be the greatest coach in history, but one element of his NFL career sticks out - he is second to Vince Lombardi for best win percentage in November and December. I hope to hell that he doesn't repeat that success while at ATM.

    Hiring MA is exactly the kind of move the ATM AD loves to see. His mission is to beat, outdo and humiliate Texas in any way possible in every sport and he would like nothing better than to see MA help continue the winning streak against Texas. Hell, MA could spend 30 minutes with the ATM DC and he would have GD's offense completely figured out. Oops, already happened.

    I figure one thing is for sure, it is extremely unlikely that MA will be hired at Texas so long as MB is coach because GD will hold the two slots for which MA is best qualified.
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    Oh what a moral dilemma. If Major goes to aggy, then I may have to start rooting for the aggy offense. The "wrecking crew" can still suck it.
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    On a related note, aggy veterinarian school has offered Dr. Denton A. Cooley a position as a janitor...
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    An NFL mind?

    Do Aggies really believe the emphasis they place on this? The guys an NFL assistant coach who didn't cut it as a head coach in the NFL. I am not a big follower of pro football, but I don't remember hearing his name come up much when discussions of the best minds in the NFL coaching ranks came up. Until he proves himself as a head coach, I don't see anybody champing at the bit to sit at the feet of this "NFL mind."

    One would do better learning how Saban achieves success. If Saban is an ***, then learn what works for him and include what works for a guy like Mack Brown. Bend that to your own style and you may come out a winner. But Mike Sherman? C'mon.

    If MA sticks it out at Alabama for a few years and the program rises as it likely will, his options will be great. If he goes to A&M, a program hoping to rise to the level of occasional Big XII South champion (could happen), what does he gain?

    Some Aggies also overplay his decommittment from A&M. First, that is some kind of weird Aggie moral victory that he decommitted from their school to go to their hated rival. Second, his first choice was Alabama, but they didn't offer. I don't see a lot of evidence that he loves A&M.

    Sherman may turn out great, but for now he is a college football nobody.
  14. by the way, major should and will do what is best for him, but i can not and will not wish him any luck whatsoever if he works with a&m. even if they aint playing us. because i wouldn't anyways.
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    NEWS FLASH: Aggies have offered Jim Tressel a job as their defensive coordinator.
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    this coming from the same fanbase that said rich rodriguez, nick saban, steve spurrier, butch davis, chris peterson, jim tressel, and urban meyer, avery johnson, pat riley, roy williams, billy donovan, ben howland, pat summitt, thad motta, rick barnes, and tom izzo had all contacted them about their head coach openings over the last year.....

    so yeah, i can believe that they've contacted major applewhite. look at those past coaches who are knocking down the aggie door and surely you can see it too.
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    Don Shula is coming out of retirement to be the QB coach. Mark it down. Aggy will go undefeated like the '72 Dolphins!
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    He has to weigh his long term options out. If Alabama struggles again next year Saban will throw him under the bus.
    At A&M he would be mentored by a lot of NFL people, and he would have a secure job.
    He could hone his skills, get probably close to the same pay, all this with the only downside being a slightly less large title.

    Honestly, I think whether he considers the job revolves around whether he feels he's in over his head at all at Alabama.

    If he is, he takes the A&M job, if he's not he continues to swim upstream at Alabama.
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    The Ags are just in love with his first name. That and they haven't been able to locate an Assistant you have heard of with the name Colonel or General.
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    Useful contribution from the Sooners as usual.
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    I have a law school friend who is a partner at a large international law firm with rich tradition and great history.

    But he's thinking about going to a small regional firm to work as an associate attorney.

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    bizzle's posting history notwithstanding, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the idea of Major Applewhite taking a demotion to move from Alabama to Texas A&M is the stupidest ******* thing I've ever heard. Stupid things happen every day -- we elected W, for crying out loud -- so I'm not about to bet the house on it, but come on.
    1. He's a Longhorn. bizzle, do you seriously think many Longhorns would consider a job at Texas A&M, regardless of title? What about a Longhorn who, despite being sick as a dog, played a part in the infamous "Bonfire" game -- you know, the game in which his team was pestered overnight with prank phone calls, and was subsequently denied breakfast at the hotel?

    2. He works at one of the three or four most prestigious football programs in the country. Texas A&M is, shall we say, "down on the list".

    3. He has been a huge 'bama fan from childhood.

    4. He's an OC, not a position coach.

    5. His current boss is a guy who has proven himself to be one of the best coaches in college football.

    So given all of the above, we're supposed to believe that Major Applewhite is going to accept a reduced role under an unproven head coach at one of his alma mater's two most hated rivals, and the perennially underachieving rival at that?

    Give me a break. If Major has had any conversations with A&M -- and that's a big bold IF
    -- he's angling for more money from Alabama, pure and simple.

    (Cue the predictable "sips are just scared that The Major will lead the Aggie Renaissance and restore order to the Big XII South" response.)
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    Well, it's not like he ever dreamed of playing at Alabama and is named after a player at Bama.
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    As far as #1, I think once you're in the business of coaching, all those things fade pretty quickly. As someone who didn't play in the game, nor is in coaching, I guess you'd have to talk to him.

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