Aggies to go after Applewhite

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by UT-69745551, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Major is certainly free to do what is best for himself, but I would have to wonder if Major is anything more than a "gun for hire" if he moves to A&M. If he went to College Station, that would be, what, his 4th stop (Syracuse, Rice, Alabama, A&M) in 5 years? Aside from the fact that OU and A&M would be the two absolute last places I would want Major to go to (for obvious reasons), you have to wonder if he is committed to anything other than his own resume. I have Major's autograph on my UT diploma and have always admired his smarts and also (what I consider to be) his great character. I'd begin to wonder about the character aspect, however, if he continues job-hopping every year.

    I understand that Saban probably is an *** to work for, though, which is about the only possible mitigating factor in this situation. Maybe if he was the OC at SMU, I'd feel a lot better. It would definitely get my goat (in multiple ways) to see Major coach against us, and even more so if he helped the Aggies to extend their winning streak.
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    If Rice beat us I could give a crap about who was coaching them as we would have a bonafide catastrophe on our hands. Major or not.
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    Yeah I agree with you. I was thinking that but didn't want to type it out. Ironic as that just made you post, then have me reply. Ah well. Merry Christmas!
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    why is Major so highly regarded? what has he accomplished that is so much better than many other coaches in the country? I just don't understand this hype; please explain.
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    I hear Mack Brown is thinking of going back to North Carolina and taking a job as Special Teams Coach.
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    [quote...]I'd begin to wonder about the character aspect, however, if he continues job-hopping every year.

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    why do we care what Major does in his career? Even if he is OU head coach it makes no difference to me. After he leaves the UT program he is a free bird to do as he pleases. Darnell and Van Malone went to Ags, Bobby Jack went to OU.

    why do we care?

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    Because it's Major & we have a soft spot for him, especially after the way he was railroaded with the whole Simms thing (& I don't blame Chris, I put that one on Mack).

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    not to rehash the whole Major vs. CS thing but really, what did MA do that was so great? OK, the win vs. Washington was excellent and so was the NU win in 1998, but a lot of QBs have led us on comebacks (Gardere). Major left as the all time passer in UT history but Colt will exceed that soon, so we have to respect MA for that but his stats were not really that great were they? Colt is a much better QB than Major so I don't understand why people think MA was such a great player.

    Besides, whatever a former player does is fine with me. If Vince was OU Head Coach for 30 years, it would not bother me at all since all I want is for the Horns to win each game and it matters not what other teams do and who they hire.
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    I would question Major's intelligence if he went from OC to QB coach at any school. That would be dumb.
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    It's just a job.
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    I'm not saying there won't be some guys who are willing to coach for their arch-rival -- Darrell K. Royal comes to mind -- but I bet the majority wouldn't do it. Regardless, that's a pretty minimal point in the argument as to why Major won't take a job at A&M. He's a 'bama fan, and he's clearly a career-minded guy. No matter how much of an *** Nick Saban is, it just doesn't look good to turn your back on the OC position at 'bama for the QB coach at A&M.
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    with a name like Major, shouldn't he try to be on the Army football staff?

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    I really think this whole story is way past played out, but let's not revise history here. Applewhite got hurt, Simms took over. If you think a starter should automatically get his job back once he has rehabbed an injury, fine, but not everybody subscribes to that line of thought. Let it go.
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    Van Malone is also on the A&M staff.
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    OK, so Van Malone is on the A&M staff.
    Are you ready to say that being a UT alum is a good reason to believe a guy will
    take a job with Texas A&M?

    Some of you need to look up the phrase "the exception that proves the rule". Best case scenario for A&M: Major Applewhite's college(s) of choice don't inform his career path. Otherwise, bad news. I know where I'm putting my money. You keep hanging your hat on Les and Van.
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