Aggy and Cal

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Jun 21, 2011.


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    Bears are up 7-3 in the top of 8th. Unless they rally in their last two at bats it looks like aggy will be joining us in a tie for seventh place at the CWS.

    Really thought aggy was going to win this one and get their third win all time in Omaha.
  2. PropositionJoe

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  3. South Austin

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    What's that saying about misery loves aggy, or something like that?

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    7-3 is final the Texas teams go "O" for Omaha this year.

    Aggy is an improving squad and they will likely be the conference preseason pick next year. Of course a few years back they were pre-season number one and that didnt work out too well so we will see.
  5. Hook 'Em Danno

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    Down goes Aggy. It's a good thing they got their dogpile in early. [​IMG]
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    maybe the two teams can share airfare expenses? [​IMG]

    and, oh, screw aggy and the sheep they rode in on.
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    aggy got 7th place and we got 8th. [​IMG]

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    yep - and we show up to get our plate of Q and you guys have eaten all the brisket and ribs...we get stuck with dried out chicken [​IMG]
  9. Dirty Martin

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    At least we lost to 2 good teams.
  10. LonghornCatholic

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    I thought Aggy was gonna be in the mix.
    Great season for them anyway.
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    Viper, depending on what happens with their pitchers aggy has a good rotation coming back while we will be looking at a complete turnover of weekend starters. Dont get me wrong I am not saying uh oh just that on paper they should be ahead of us pre-season. Of course that was how everyone viewed OU this year and you saw what happened to them. [​IMG]
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    Its sad that both teams from Texas couldn't even muster one win in Omaha...

    Here's to a better next year...

    Nice season Horns. Hook 'em
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    Actually thought aggy would beat Cal with Wacca pitching. It was a good season for both aggy and the Horns...just ended a little too soon for us.
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    Way to go Cal! Go Pac 10! [​IMG]
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    You're as bad here as you are on the basketball board. What a miserable existence you must lead.
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    It's never a 'bad' season when you make it to Omaha. It's like making a BCS bowl in football or Final 4 in basketball. Of course we are never satisfied unless we win the whole enchilada, as it should be. But we are a select few. Congratulations to the Ags on a great season. They got to experience something few do. I bet their '89 team is envious.
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    I was actually pulling em over some for aggy. I would prefer them over some team from Berkely.
  19. Dirty Martin

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    Going in I thought Cal was the worst team at the CWS. Turned out they weren't.
  20. Seattle4UT

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    Have to root for the underdog....go Cal! [​IMG]

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