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    Teaser on the cover made me chuckle:

    "Sheep Thrills"

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  2. rick mueller

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    "Sheep is good, they'll flirt with you." - Rip Torn in the "Songwriter"
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  3. Dionysus

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    “The sheep’s a liar!”
    - some joke I forgot
  4. WorsterMan

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    But, but officer, I swear... I was only helping that sheep over the fence!!! :yes:
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    Hummmm...I’m skeptical about JM. Does he really deserve a shot at the NFL and if so, what team would take a chance knowing this could be a big waste of money. Let him start off in the Arena League, or maybe the XFL if gets going, or the CFL, and earn his way up. I think he ran out of money and the friends who helped him spend it, and he needs another gig and signing bonus (it any) so he can party hardy again. My preference; let him rot.
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    I hate to be too cynical, I know there is something to bi-polar and people who really really suffer as a result.
    But there are also a lot of people who just need to have a good reason to excuse their dumbass decisions and bi-polar is being thrown around a lot these days.
    Bi-polar used to be something you heard of rarely, and when you did it was usually for people who were really sick.

    That said, if Manziel really has a mental illness I hope he finds a way to cope and lead happy life.
    If its just an excuse, eff him.
  8. beer_dog

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    Sheep don't care if aggy got bi-polar!
  9. WorsterMan

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    I remember it something like:

    Local official goes to visit aggy farm for inspection. He asks aggy "How are you treating your animals".

    Aggy say "very good".

    Official sees a horse and says "good - do you mind if I ask the horse how you treat him". aggy scoffs "horses don't talk". Official approaches the horse anyway and asks: "How are you being treated". The horse replies: "he feeds me well, keeps me in the barn when it is cold, rides me, brushes my coat".

    The aggy is astonished!

    The official sees a cow and says: "mind if I ask the cow how he is treated." aggy is still bewildered by the horse talking but says "uh, sure". Official says to the cow " and how are you treated". The cow says: "very well, he milks me early in the morning, gives me plenty of grass to eat - no complaints".

    The aggy is stunned!

    So the official spots some sheep nearby and says: "so now i want to talk to one of your sheep".

    The aggy screams out: "SHEEP LIE !!!"
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    baa baaaaa, baaaaa baa - means "no"
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    I'm sorry.. this whole thread is a bad look for Longhorn nation. Y'all are actually behaving like what they are usually ridiculed for. Why do we need an entire thread dedicated to them? **** is unnecessary if you ask me.
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    DFWHorn012....well said. Thanks.
  13. Crockett

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    Longhorns making fun of Aggies is an Orangeblooded tradition. If these posts were about students at the Austin State School for the Mentally handicapped, it would be indefensible. Since A&M is populated by people with demonstrated IQ to choose otherwise it's simply good fun.
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    so you're saying that sheep will become part of the baaa too movement? sorry, couldn't resist....
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  18. Sangre Naranjada

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    Well, evidence in favor of this assessment includes his choice of college.
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  19. SabreHorn

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    Be careful. Brazos County was NOT his choice of colleges. His first choice rejected him. :hookem2:
  20. Sangre Naranjada

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    Rejected, or offered as a DB?

    Besides, getting rejected by his first choice does not diminish the stupidity of his ultimate choice.
  21. SabreHorn

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    It is my understanding that there was NO offer, which is supported by a direct quote made to me - "He's a turd"

    His choice of schools was really good for him, thrusting him into the spotlight, a place he was not prepared to be.
  22. ProdigalHorn

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    Gotta remember that many aggie recruiting followers have "not SEC ready" on a macro. So they just toss it out there whenever. Kind of like "didn't offer," "attitude problem," etc...
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  24. Joe Fan

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    New username with a not-so-clever combination of letters that spells "Whorn"?
    Smells of aggy

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    Thank Ewe Joe Fan - made me :lmao:
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    Not a fan of Jimbo

  27. LonghornCatholic

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    Aggy de-commitment season is off to an early start.
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    A weird amount of QBs have bailed on Booger Station
    Martell and Murray and Allen and Kenny Thrill
    There are more I cant recall right now
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    Pattern developed...
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    Be hilarious if he went to Arizona
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