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    Uncle Luke looking everywhere for Tim Brewster

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    Uncle Brew = Uncle Rico
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    I am gay. And that is REALLY gay. aggy yell leader gay. Makes Janet Reno look sexy.
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    Post of the year!
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    That's fantastic :D
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    Is he saying the Browns should have known better? LOL that is really funny.
    Then they wouldn't be the Browns.
    This is like blaming water for being wet. They can't help it.
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    If I were ex Brown's official I would simply say I had been wiping my hiney when it was our time to draft and I accidentally sent the wrong piece of paper to the front of the room.
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    I hope it is a LONG LONG time before I hear anything this dumb. However, I'm afraid it won't be.
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    That’s an aggie for you.
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    There was a Manziel draft day quote from a Browns personnel quy that went something like "we're all probably going to get fired for this". So, not everybody was completely clueless.

    Manziel is just being honest. He wasn't an Xs and Os guy. He never was. He just reacted to what was happening on the field. That worked through high school (he was the most exciting HS player I ever saw) and college (won Heisman), but as predicted by the Peter Principal, he reached the level of his incompetence.
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    The Heisman has transformed from the best player to the fan/ESPN favorite player so I am not sure that is a measure of anything anymore. JFF's effort was as exciting as an everyday pick-up game. What did he do on the field other than beat Alabama once (but lost twice to LSU)? Division championship? No. Conference championship? No National Championship? No (aggy after all).
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    Personally, I feel that he has not yet begun to reach the level of his incompetence.
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    While I was impressed enough to call Mack Brown and tell him we need to get this kid, I must have watched more HS football for a lot longer than you. I have been blessed to see:

    Long Gone Dupree (ok, I wasn't old enough to remember, but I was there)
    Jackie Hathorne
    Gordon Leboufe (affirmed by Coach Bill Ellington's vote)
    Larry Shields
    Warren Wells
    Warren McVea
    Bill Bradley
    Jerry Levias
    Steve Worster (not flashy, but did dominate)
    Pat Sheehan
    Joe Bob Bizzell
    Little Joe Washington

    The combination of Ronnie Scroggins & Gene Mayes were not flashy, but that tandem could sure take over a game.

    Except for Dupree, that list gives you a start and is only fifteen years. I'm sure other posters have plenty of names that will surpass Manziel.
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    Too bad Mack didn't listen. Manziel could have solved UT's QB woes that have gone on unbroken for what, seven seasons now? Might have saved Mack's job too.

    Manziel gave aggy a panache that they'd never had before. The kid had a Longhorn symbol tattooed on his body for gosh sakes.
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    Is this sarcasm? Mack knew exactly what JFF was and that's why he wasn't a Longhorn. Could you imagine JFF combined with 6th street?
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    The Garland Owls say Thanks! A long list of defeated opponents over two state championship years will confirm (although fullback Ralph Weaver also contributed).
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    Yah I am going to give Mack credit for passing on Manziel.
    Aggy just got stupid lucky that Manziel never gave them any huge problems while he was enrolled there. My guess is they had minders working around the clock to keep him out of the papers for the wrong reasons. That passes muster at low class aggy but Manziel would have flamed out at UT.
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    Actually he got in trouble quite a bit, Sumlin just did not take much action. I think the most he received was a 1 game suspension for signing autographs?
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    Erick Dickerson and Ken Hall definitely belong on that list and Earl Campbell says hey
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    Actually half of a game against Rice.
    I've always felt that the only reason jff won the Heisman was the play of Mike Evans. jff would scramble around, heave a pass downfield that looked like a punt and Evans would come down with it.
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    If you notice, I cut the list off before Earl reached college.

    As for Dickerson, the only list of "greatest" you'll ever see me put him on is "Biggest Chicken ****, Classless Son of a *****" or something similar. Neither should his name ever be mentioned in connection with The University of Texas unless it has to do with Robin Sendlein planting his sorry *** in Texas Stadium or being part of the play that caused the SWC to finally can Bill Began.
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    For getting paid to sign autographs.
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    I thought Muschamp tried to recruit him as a DB, which he wasn't interested in.

    Hindsight is 20/20 you know.
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    Mike Evans made JFF.
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