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    That was an entertaining read, as texags usually is. The post on page 3 by "J_R" listing all the threads on texags from 2014 where they were calling out FSU and Winston are awesome in the face of all the justification of the Fisher hire now.
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    it's no surprise. To be fair to them, we have seen the mass psychosis (I'm not a shrink but I play one on in the fan bases of the largest programs and cheating/domestic violence flat-out doesn't matter. It just doesn't. They are emotionally impaired to the degree that the vicarious pleasure they derive from the exploits of strangers apparently rivals a threesome with the two hottest women around.
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    Not even close.
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    How do we know? It's a matter of the number of transgressions and the coaches reactions. I don't have the stats in front of me. I think Jimbo is probably on the other side of this argument now anyway meaning he wouldn't pull a Briles or even what he did concerning Winston but you don't know how you'll react until it happens. Maybe Jimbo doesn't recruit known character problems like Briles did.

    Just speculating.
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    from that same page...

    "My wife asked last night why we are hiring a coach who has to beat Louisiana-Monroe in their last game to become bowl eligible. I couldn't really answer that one."

    aggy never fails to disappoint...although was amazed to actually see some grains of common sense in that thread.
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    My experience that 10-20% of Ags are really Horns who somehow ended up at aggieland.
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    I have encountered many an aggy over my many years who found it necessary to explain why they "didn't go to UT but to ATM."
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    Something seems wrong with this thread. aTm is 7-5 this year and I have not heard of any of their players "skipping" their bowl game. I am more concerned with the state of our program than aTm.
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    I have been saying in these threads for several years that if mustang coach Thompson became the DC for the Longhorns we would dominate. I wonder if he would turn down $800 grand to stay at west orange stark.
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    Agreed. At the very least the way the police in both cities reacted was VERY bad.



    "Meggs's press conference left my stomach roiling and sent my blood pressure through the roof. Meggs giggled throughout the entire event, an entire chorus of law enforcement officers chuckling along behind him. Because, after all, what's funnier than announcing that you can't prove that a rape has been committed against a college student?"

    So Jimbo at best hides behind the findings of the Keystone cops?

    I don't know what happened and I fully agree that a person should not be victimized by rape or a rape accuzation but Briles' and Jimbo's pronouncements of innocence are at best self serving and equally awful if those crimes were committed and the "coach" did nothing to help the student just to protect an athlete. They are both state employees and human beings and had responsibilities to all students.

    My two cents.
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    Coach T is great but he is 70 now. He has a ranch here. Once he coaches his 500th game he is done. He will be the winningest coach in Texas high school football history based on %. To your point....yes I agree 30 years ago.
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    If aggy hires Fisher it looks like they have hired Sumlin 2.0. Playing in the ACC is a good way to pad your record. Here are his Free Shoe U losses:

    2010: ou, NC State, UNC, VT
    2011: ou Clemson, Wake, UVA
    2012: NC State, Fla
    2013: National Champion (beat Auburn)
    2014: Lost to Oregon in NC game
    2015: Georgia Tech, Clemson, Cougar High
    2016: Loserville, UNC, Clemson
    2017: Alabama, NC State, Miami, Loserville, Boston College, Clemson

    Other than Fla (had to by law) very little playing with the $EC. Also, interesting to note 0-2 against ou, 0-1 against Alabama and has never played LSU so the hard 3rd place in the $EC West seems to be the hard ceiling (no change)
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    i don't want to get a contract put out on me from the Golden Triangle; but Billy Liucci looks awfully like the guy with his cap turned backwards that was posting here the last few days.
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    As usual, Sabre nails it. Turn the clock back to 1998 and have Mack (and Sally's cookies), take over that freak show. They would have actually won big games and would have been in the conversation every year. Kyle Field would now be domed and seat 175,000 people.

    Mack would have organized them and made the guy who hoses down the parking lot feel like he was as important to the ag nation Bum Bright.

    "....cheats as much as Jackie, but not as discretely as RC" golden tongued favorite for the Tennessee job. Rock on Big Man.
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    I really hope the Ags don't get Fisher but get Fuentes from Va Tech. I consider Fuentes a Charlie Strong hire (less dangerous). Fisher at A&M could be similar to Sherman's recruiting but maybe more of a college coach so success could be more readily attained....
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    Is that 10 year 60 million contract for jimbo true?
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    If true, it’s the kiss of death. Aggy going broke to get that NC.
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    Ghost of Bum Bright
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    I think it’ll be the same aggy misery story. 3or 4 good seasons then a level off at 7, 8, or 9 wins per year.
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    The top 4 threads are directly or indirectly about Sumlin. And they're the ones obsessed with us. Yeah right.
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    I know Im obsessed with enjoying laughing at a bunch of obnoxious jackasses.
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    Not much news in the world of College sports except coaching changes. The Sumlin and Jimbo intrigue is probably the most interesting. Can you imagine going to FSU game this weekend "knowing" your coach is going to Texas A$M? Hope it is televised...
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    Fixed that for ya ;)
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    Damn it, Joe, I told you the only way to get Sumlin was to let him use the screen name "Texas Taps".
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