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  1. Joe Fan

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    Top 5 finishes in the Big 3 sports (AP and CBN Polls)
    Texas 44
    TCU 8
    UH 6
    aggy 4
    Tech 1
    Baylor 1

    Top 10 finishes in the Big 3 sports
    Texas 63
    aggy 21
    TCU 15
    UH 12
    Baylor 8
    Tech 5
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  2. WorsterMan

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    Poor aggy... Daddy always gets the best of him! :hookem:
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  3. Joe Fan

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    Poor aggy

  4. Joe Fan

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    It seems that the rest of the country is starting to figure out that we were not kidding with all those stories about aggy back in the day

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  5. yelladawgdem

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    For Ouch.
    And for Owned.

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  6. mb227

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    Don't forget Oh-snap!
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  7. LonghornCatholic

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    or old skool- In yo face!
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  8. Joe Fan

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    aggy finally crunched the numbers for aggy -- and hit itself in the face with a cold doe of reality, something the fanbase resists at all times.
    If you dont know, the "Good Bull Hunting" site is supposed to be a site that proves aggy can have a sense of humor

    Here is their beginning and end

    "The Curse of Pretty Good
    Let’s start with the obvious question. What’s the point of this piece?

    … since our move to the SEC, larger and larger pieces of our fanbase have adopted a perverse, alternative, almost unsporting view of how Texas A&M Athletics should be graded. Phrases like “market reach”, “brand exposure”, and “revenue stream” are used to argue superiority, when these arguments are best served by one metric and one metric only: winning

    That’s the goal of this article - to build a case for Texas A&M’s Big Three men’s programs, relative to the rest of the Power Five..........

    * * *

    o Let’s Recap (by whoopy)
    Freaking Minnesota. Prior to this experiment, we certainly did not consider Minnesota to be anywhere near the same level as Texas A&M’s big three sports. For starters, Texas A&M Athletic Department revenue for 2017 was $211,960,034; while Minnesota’s revenue was $116,376,862. The expectations, and money, we as Aggies have is up there with programs that have won championships in one, two, or all three of these sports. The results do not match up to expectations.

    History is not on Texas A&M’s side ....."

    Or, as found above --
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  9. Sangre Naranjada

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    Wow. A clear-eyed aggy. Now I've seen everything.
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  10. ViperHorn

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    Johnny Clipboard starts tomorrow night for Montreal.
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  11. Badass

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    One pass one pick from #2
  12. Badass

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    Two passes two picks lol
  13. ViperHorn

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    2nd pass - penalty
    3rd pass - int
  14. ViperHorn

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    Another int after 3 or 4 completions.
  15. Badass

    Badass 1,000+ Posts

    3 picks, 2 tackles by #2 so far lol
  16. ViperHorn

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    Make that 4 picks in the 1st half
  17. mb227

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    11 for 20 with four picks...using SEC-SEC-SEC math, that is a 75% completion rate.
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  18. Sangre Naranjada

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    He sure did aggy it up last night.
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  19. Joe Fan

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  20. 4th_floor

    4th_floor Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing.

    Messin' with the logo? Ohhh! Better make sure you are incognito anywhere around collie station.
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  21. blonthang

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  22. IvanDiabloHorn

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    I believe it referred to as “natural selection” regarding aggy and alligator.
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  23. mchammer

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  24. mb227

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  25. Joe Fan

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    More SEC domination. Here they dominate the list of FBS teams with fewest non-conference true road games since 2000

    1. Alabama - 6
    1. Arkansas - 6
    3. Auburn - 7
    4. LSU - 8
    5. Tennessee - 10
    6. Florida - 11
    6. tOSU - 11
    8. K State - 12
    8. aggy - 12
    10. 4 teams tied at 13

    Only including teams that have been at FBS level entire time

    Accordingly, the SEC fails to show on the list of most road wins in the CFP Era

    1. ou - 18
    2. tOSU
    2. Wisconsin - 17
    4. Boise St - 16
    4. Clemson - 16
    4. Ok State - 16
    4. TCU - 16
    4. WMU - 16
    9. 4 teams tied with 15
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  26. Horn6721

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    Wonder if someone will post that on an aggy board?

    I believe 2 of the teams tied for 13th are also sec teams. South Carolina and KY
  27. LonghornCatholic

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    That won't do any good. Clowns will make excuses all day.
  28. zuckercanyon

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    I'm good with the joking but fear for her or anyone else's safety.....Orcas, alligators, white tigers.....just takes a split second.....these really are wild animals that should never be completely trusted....
  29. Joe Fan

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    Athlon’s put out its list of top 10 dirtiest programs:


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  30. ViperHorn

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    Johnny Trainwreck Clipboard has not been at practice this week. The reason given by Montreal is he screwed up his meds. They are claiming a concussion is the reason for the "mix-up". Now in Concussion Protocol.

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