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    Yes, aggy had a very good team and did win a legit NC in 1939.

    Despite my digust for most things aggy, I am very well read on WWll, thus I will accept their esoteric traditions and never compare them to anything related to the Nazis.

    My point was an event from 1939 and how LONG it has been!

    Poor aggy.
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    Few things: 1. As the FSU season unfolded, I wondered how long FSU was going to keep supporting their coach. One more down year and I suspect that he was gone.

    2. I had heard that Fisher arrived to a red carpet and the Aggy marching band. And clearly that was a true statement. Then I saw that video of it.

    If I were an Aggy fan I would wish I could unsee it. They could have brought in a high school band for the same effect.

    3. This website linked above is solid. Hope it holds up over the year but this fall it’s been my go to for sports reporting.
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    Aggy is Aggy. The band is what they do. Remember the embarrassing video they released right after they joined the SEC? I guarantee the entire conference was going WTF?

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    "The Aggie Band" was not there. A small section was there, which I consider an embarrassment for $75 million. They sent the G-5, I would expect the entire band for the 2.5 minutes they played.

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    This was in response to Jimbo Fisher meeting with trainers and 7on7 coaches. That meeting seems to have stirred up the high school coaches

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    The aggy bank is back in business - Bigger and Better Than Ever!
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    Can you find that quote attributable to someone who hasn't fried his brain?
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    I said that many times, but I'm not notorious enough to be quotable.
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    JF--that is allome, but can we definitely quote that for some of our aggy brethren?? love you, brother!!!
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    I'm not sure I want Bill Walton on my side of any argument.
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    I think that quote from Walton just shows a universal feeling that everybody but aggy considers aggys a bunch of goof jack asses.
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    Yeah, I watched the Texas game he did a couple weekends ago. Wow, he has to be on drugs or something. Very hard to listen to, and I think his partner would probably love nothing more than to stomp a muddle. However, his quote above is sound.
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    HOWEVER...even broken watches are correct twice daily.
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    aggy hiring the modern Jackie Sherrill caused hell to freeze over

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    He tossed the rifle out the window, but where did he stash the pimp cane?
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    I'm uphauled!

    How could Jumbo let this happen on his watch?

    I'm sure the armed asault allegation is all a big misunderstanding. :rolleyes1:
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    That should be that. I'd say he'd already be gone if Charlie was their coach.
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    Please, no one answer this
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    Sorry, Joe, I couldn't help myself.
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    The 4-star Henderson was actually committed to us at one time
    He was originally TCU but then flipped to Mack Brown
    He then de-committed from us (after Bo Davis left for USC which also caused Trey Lealaimatafao and Courtney Garnett to de-commit)
    But then Charlie talked Henderson into re-committing to us
    Only to have him de-commit again a few weeks later as he ran off to join a cult

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    I'm sure that Jimbo will extract a promise from him not to do it again.
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    And sit him out the first offensive series after giving him a pay raise.
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    You guys need to lay off Henderson. The kid is obviously on a string of bad luck. Do y'all realize that the gun was tossed and landed mysteriously on some pot, which has caused him to be charged with possession?

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    Wait a minute, how did Charlie Strong get involved in this? Oh, yeah, forgot, he never got a chance to prove how many more young men's lives he could improve whilst losing more than winning. Blah, Blah, Blah...I guess I should lay off of Charlie, he was just here last year.....
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