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  1. I_Dont_Exist

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    In other words they will lose to 2 teams that will most likely be in the CFP, two others wbo may well be top 10 season's end, and 1 more to some random team. Sounds like a pretty tough damn schedule to me. Considerably tougher than ours.
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  2. LonghornDave

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    Beyond a tough schedule, Aggie very rarely beats a "better" team or even a team that is equal. I suspect Alabama and Clemson will be superior teams and aggie will play not to lose too bad. Georgia can be beat (in New Orleans) by a lower ranked team but I suspect LSU will be whipped into a frenzy in Baton Rouge over last year's OT fiasco. Auburn can be beaten but aggie has no home field advantage. Should be a good game. Beyond that aggie should win barring some unforeseen circumstance or continued rumors that jimbeux will be gone or does geaux. If he leaves the bowl game is a big L to UH in the Liberty Bowl.
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    Adam seems to think so, and has been trying for years to unseat Tim's family. I'm pretty sure Don has more money, but Tim's ancestors got that land from Stephen F Austin. Give them credit because as a great friend (Aggie '54) said, "They want to turn Brazos County into Travis County without the liberals and weirdos".
  4. I_Dont_Exist

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    They play Auburn at home. Why wouldn't they have a home field advantage?
  5. LonghornDave

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    Because they seem to lose to SEC teams at their place more often than not.
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  6. BevoJoe

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    Agree. The other programs now have a whole season's worth of film on Jumbo's team so, 7-5 or 6-6 won't be a big surprise.
  7. rick mueller

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    But it will be a win because they lost to a sec, sec, sec team. At home counts for another win, therefore tally two wins.
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  8. mb227

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    Don't forget about halftime...across five games, that adds up.
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  9. LonghornDave

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  10. blonthang

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    Don't forget the W for the Moron/White game.
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  11. ViperHorn

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    It will be interesting to see how Jumbo handles the LSU game. LSU will win, but how big does Jumbo let the margin of victory be since he will be the coach in BR next season?
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  12. AC

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    I hope they go 0-12, but honestly I don't see how they are worse than 7-5. They have an offense. Defense not as good. But their offense is potent. I think....would rather watch paint dry than an Aggie game.
  13. Joe Fan

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    Hacked ... jogger to death with a machete
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  14. I_Dont_Exist

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    Not that it makes the crime any heinous but the story says the victim was a man.
  15. mchammer

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    The wife of the murdered man committed suicide two weeks later. They did not have children.
  16. Sangre Naranjada

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    That's the only (extremely thin) silver lining to this horrible dark cloud.
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  17. mb227

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    Must have only been one toilet for the twelve jurors to use. Allowing time for coffee and a cigarette, 30 minutes is about as fast as you get a verdict allowing for the other obvious events to occur...
  18. VYFan

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    I once got a verdict that fast and the plaintiff used it on appeal to argue that the jury obviously had not considered the evidence. The court of appeals was not impressed. In civil court, they have to elect a presiding juror and read the entire charge before starting, so yes, that’s very fast.
  19. SabreHorn

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    I was called for consideration of a capital murder case. Fortunately, I knew the defense attorney at Texas, and was able to get off, but I followed the case closely. I promise you that the defendant, who was 17 or 18, could stare down Charles Manson.

    It took that jury 25 minutes to find him guilty, then 35 minutes to answer both questions "YES".

    FWIW, it took two and a half days of my life waiting to get interviewed in the courtroom.
  20. VYFan

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    It’s hard to forget scary people like that.
  21. Statalyzer

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    Paid below minimum wage for it?
  22. SabreHorn

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    As I recall, I got $6 a day, and parking was $5.50
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  23. Austin_Bill

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    Their trap game is at Ole Miss. Comes after Bama and before a home game with MSU. That to me is their 5th loss. First 4 being Clemson, Bama, Georgia and LSU. thus I pick them to go 7-5. I could see them going as low and 5-7 or as high as 8-4.
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  24. Joe Fan

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    Will edit, sorry

  25. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Poor aggy comes up short in the quest to add a trophy to their trophy room. Ag's lose to Georgia in the NCAA spikeball championships. What the hell is spikeball? Poor Ag's.
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  26. beer_dog

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    What the hell is spikeball?

    not sure, but I am sure it has something to do with male cheerleaders.
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  27. rick mueller

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    My first thought was that maybe it had to do driving a spike through a male cheerleaders sack. Then I remembered that their male cheerleader's couldn't possibly have sacks.
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  28. 4th_floor

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    They plan to add a refrigerated trophy case for all of their meat judging championships.
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  29. zuckercanyon

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    probably got life instead of death penalty because he's a nut job......
  30. Giovanni Jones

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