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    Y'all ease up. There is more consternation in Brazos County, and it is really serious. Now that East Texas State, aka A&M-Commerce, has won a National Championship in football, how does A&M claim it, add it to the wall, and force ETSU to send that trophy to be displayed in the empty Championship Case in Brazos County?

    Please send your suggestions to Tony Buzbee. :hookem2:
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    Easy, Aggie buys Commerce campus (and trophy). Merges Commerce campus into cs. wa la.
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    Congratulations to East Texas State on their championship.
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    Wow, That's just brutal!!!
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    Their hall of champions is an empty 8000 sq ft plus room with about 10 black and white grainy life size pictures of somebodies great grandparents, plenty of room left for Fisher and the next 20 coaches.
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    LC - THAT is a great find and from the keyboard of an aggy!

    Re: the Hall of Champions <echo> it has the single small 1939 NC trophy but is otherwise empty <echo>. However this cherished hall is full of ghost trophies and ghost champions <echo> !!!!
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    LC - thanks for being a "giver" during this special season by sharing your finds on aggy misery... they are delicious to read!
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    Speaking of aggy misery... anyone remember the thread that I think Longhorn Lawyer started where he "came out"... admitting he was addicted to aggy misery or something like that. That thread was a hoot... may be in the classics thread - haven't checked there in a while.
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    His name was Longhorn Lawyer
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    aggy has always lived in a fun-house world of "ifs" ..... and "buts".
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    It helps to make xmas full of candy and nuts
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    They simply do not understand how to acquire the talent to win anything.
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    From the Dept of Pathetic, aggy lists 2010 as a conference championship on their “Hall of Champions”

    The 2010 Big 12 Championship Game was ou vs Bugeater

    How sad is that?
  22. Sangre Naranjada

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    They also had zero clue how to compete in the Big XII, so why is that jackwagon so surprised?
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  25. LonghornCatholic

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    CFL has released a statement that says they will approve any contract with JFF by any team. (Times must be tough north of the border.)
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    Wake Forest spotted 14 points to the Aggies and then decided to play. They are up 24-14 beginning of second quarter.

    Poor Aggies...
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    Game started out like aggroids were going to run away with the game. It was 14 -0 before the blink of an eye.

    Wake has come back on four straight drives looking like national champions. Now 24 - 14 Wake.

    Had a lot of points on the pick um contest on Wake.
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  30. rick mueller

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    Loving this game!

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