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    I mean, Jimbo was such a bargain, there are plenty of dollars remaining.
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    Show cause for Jimbo recruiting missteps.

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    I put this on Random News but thought it deserved a place over here on the reigning 6th place SEC! SEC! SEC! team's thread:

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  4. Joe Fan

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    They used to call Thursday "thirsty"
    Now its ....

  5. ViperHorn

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    Joe, you just confused the aggy trolls.
  6. Joe Fan

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    I am sure they will love this one

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  7. BurntOrangeLH

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  8. SabreHorn

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    That is the funniest thing you have ever posted. Herman is almost as dense as the clown that wrote the article. How can someone so clueless be assigned to cover Texas? Maybe because Si has no professional contributors that have a clue about the circumstances and why Texas and A&M are not going to play and have no interest in playing. Maybe after Deloss and a generous generation of Longhorns die, the clueless committee at each school will consider it, Still lots of people with long memories on both sides have to die first.
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  9. Galvestonhorn

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    Agree with you Sabrehorn.

    Herman needs to do himself a favor and just stfu for awhile and worry about coaching football, just like all of these players need to stfu for awhile ( a long time actually) and worry about football and stop getting their rear ends kicked up to their shoulders on the football field for a change.
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  10. BurntOrangeLH

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    Glad you were entertained. Just tired of hearing aTm say how good they are for finishing 4th or 5th in SEC West and how they own Texas recruiting. I personally never want to play them again, but I sure think Herman gets recruiting points by exposing their fear of losing to Texas on the field again, again.

    Maybe you will like the Brainiacs take better?

    "I couldn’t help but notice this topic repeatedly coming up on my social media feed this week. While I understand the intrigue for many, we’ve gone down this rabbit hole numerous times over the past few years and nothing has changed. The Aggies (hiding behind the SEC Bowl Selection Committee) have avoided Texas in two different Bowl opportunities in recent years.

    They don’t want anything to do with playing the Longhorns. No matter how bad the Texas record looks at the time. No matter if they had a talent advantage on paper (they don’t). No matter how many times Chris Del Conte engages with their Athletic Director. No matter how many times Tom Herman gives a public response on the topic. They feel like they made the biggest power move that they possibly could.

    They ran.

    They would rather finish 4th in the SEC West Division every year than finish 4th or 5th in the Big XII overall, as they did annually during their time there. They can stick their chests out about losing their annual 4-5 games a year because, in their minds, they are only being beaten by the elite of College Football. They get to “lose with dignity” and if they somehow luck up and win a big game, it’s time to break out the future National Championship trophies and get the dynasty talk rolling. They are a part of the best conference in the sport despite not actually contributing anything to that conference. They’re in hyperbole heaven.

    The SEC tolerates A&M only because they foolishly opened up the floodgates to the fertile recruiting grounds of DFW, Houston, and East Texas to them. The big boys in the SEC Conference do nothing but benefit from the Aggies being on their schedule year in and year out. It’s free exposure into Texas and it’s almost always an easy addition to the win column.

    A&M being on the schedule never really did benefit Texas much, at least not in my lifetime. If Texas beats A&M, it’s because they are supposed to. If A&M beats Texas, by God, the Aggies run this state.
    Texas and Texas A&M was great while it lasted, but it’s over now."
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  11. SabreHorn

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    Once again, some dumbass without a clue throwing **** to see if it will stick against the wall. I shall agree with their statement to put it to rest. Maybe they will play after a bunch of us die, but I hope to never see Texas vs aTm play football.

    As for Herman's comments, once again his lack of common sense is absolutely amazing. Did he shine a light or impress a single recruit? Maybe some unrated second team benchwarmer at Whitefish Bay HS in Montana, but I seriously doubt that.
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