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    Disclaimer: I never attended 1 hour of a UT class, but I’m about the craziest UT fan you’d meet.
    In sales, people often ask for what we sell for a donation.....
    Receptionist calls back, “Scott some man named Dave South is in the phone, he’s looking for a donation generator for some event. Oh and he asked if you’re an Aggie”
    Actually a nice guy, did he get a free generator? Ahhhh, no.
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    Had forgotten they played Pittsburgh in '03. A&M opened the year with a pair of wins including beating a pretty good Utah team that went 10-2 that season and 12-0 the next (including getting revenge on a much-improved '04 Aggie squad by 20 points in the "WOW!" Torbush game).

    Then they lost all the rest of their games by double digits except for beating Baylor and Kansas who were both awful, including the 77-0 OU game and their game against us where we only threw 8 passes while VY and Ced rushed for like 400 combined yards.

    Anyway, in their Pittsburgh game in 03, they lost 37-26 and Larry Fitzgerald went for 135 yards on 7 catches, 3 for touchdown. Although in fairness to the Ags, Fitz did that to pretty much everyone all year. That wasn't even one of his top 5 games of the season in terms of yardage. Ended up with 92 catches for 1672 yards and 22 TDs. Should have won the Heisman.
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    Dave South was a hoot. I only listened to him call a few games (always in the car with my husband listening on the radio), but even with that limited sample size there were a couple of classics: Once, when Auburn drove 99 yards and scored on a short run. Dave South: "Did he get in? I don't know if he got in". Dave Elmendorf: "The official is signaling touchdown". Dave South: (sullenly) "All right, touchdown." And best of all, his call of Tucker's walk-off field goal. "It's down, and it's up, and it's a good one, they win". Someone recorded it and put it on youtube, so if you need a chuckle, check it out. "They win"--hilarious.
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