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    You know, they probably would
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    Major I do see your point.
    For me it’s all my family ( actually I haven’t spoke to them for about a year) are those die hard Aggies that irritate the heck out of me.
    Would call or text me if the fing Woman’s Volleyball team beat “tu”
    EVERY family Christmas card was a thumbs up Maroon colored , horse crap card
    Family reunions were a pile on me event over some BS UT player who got a speeding ticket.
    They hated Major, Ricky, CEd, VY ... especially VY.
    So my reasoning is that and that alone.
    I would ask my sister- name one player on A&M roster, never could.

    I love tmyour posts, but just wanted to drill down to what my issue is.
    But I do understand why people want the game to continue. I do not, but last I checked CDC could care less how I feel.
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    So we're just going to pretend that the embargo on aggy (in football only) doesn't exist? Or just accidentally occurred? I find it hard to believe that you would support such an argument.

    There's a reason why we (nor Tech, TCU, or BU) don't play aggy in football. It's the same reason today as it was in 2012. It's to limit their exposure inside the State of Texas...and to contain the level of SEC infiltration into the State.

    I supported the embargo back then, because it made good sense. Aggy had a shiny new conference to dangle in front of recruits. And a Heisman quarterback. It made good sense to limit the amount of recruiting exposure they could get in the State.

    But times have changed. And so has the world. Now, because of our effort to lockout aggy, we've opened up the recruiting war to folks like TCU, BU, OSU, etc. And as a result, they've become near-peer competitors.

    Most people blame the coaches for the past decade of mediocre play. But it's deeper than that. Take a look at our performance, on-field, after we decided to split the Texas pie 5 or 6 ways...with traditionally lesser schools. The result is that we've made our recruiting work harder than it needs to be.

    This is why I'm trying to get a logical answer for our current embargo policy. And so far, the answers have all consisted of emotional ********.

    Unfortunately, emotional ******** is not a sound basis for business decisions.
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    I don't like many of them either. Annoying is the most polite description i can give.
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    Actually never noticed the trade restrictions on Texas schools not playing A&M, but that makes sense.
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    Major, there’s your answer, again.

    If there is not an upside for Texas to play the game, then why play it? I also think that perhaps you are drinking the Jimbo koolaid.

    I remember when Manziel won the Heisman and some Texas folks were freaking out, concerned that we had lost the state, as in the “WOTS.” How did that turn out?

    This state was never theirs and while they did have a good year — in a weak 2020 SEC — let’s wait to see if that program has really turned the corner, or 2020 was an outlier.

    As to Texas, the addition of Sark has created a buzz that most believed could not be achieved unless Meyer was hired. While time will tell, even after the Aggies best year in decades, what program are people in the state taking about?

    They will be back to mediocracy sooner rather than later...and we don’t need them.
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    Look at the future schedules. Texas' Power 5 opponents are Alabama, aOSU, Meatchicken, Flordia, and Georgia all schools measurably better than aggy year in and year out. Some would say those are the schools on the level that will allow Texas to measure itself against some of the best in the country. Playing an aggy team that struggles to place second in their Division (and generally places no higher than what they placed in their Big XII Division), would serve as a lesser measurement stick.
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  8. LonghornDave

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    "three other guys' problem after me" made me spit up my coffee. That is FUNNY!
  9. NRHorn

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    Dave that’s a true story. Divorced thrice... After I split the sheets with her she would throw it in my face how she met this rich cowboy, I was just a kid like 22 at a time... within six months she was married and within six months she was divorced. I remember thinking man I feel sorry for that guy whenever she met him
    Like owning a Jaguar XJE from 1970, beautiful car, fun to drive, other guys are envious- but the maintenance costs are horrible
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    You just aren't getting it, friend.
  11. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Being annoyed by your retarded friend trying to be tough doesn't make you afraid of them. It just makes you want to tell them to leave and lock the front door behind them so they don't come back in and annoy you again.
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  12. horninchicago

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    Sort of like some posters around here, and I'm sure they feel the same way about me. To them, I say, F U and the horse you rode in on.
  13. Sangre Naranjada

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    Occam's razor suggests that nobody else likes them either.
  14. MajorRules00

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    It's true. I'm not getting the magical thinking that says we're still the Joneses. I'm not getting the belief that aggy is somehow non-existent and does not compete for the same recruits as we do. And I'm not getting the weird, almost cult-like mentality that says because aggy is retarded their program has no effect on ours.

    I'm as big a fan of the 2006 Rose Bowl as anyone else. But I have to break it to you: the world has changed. Our position in the CFB world is much less secure than in 2006. And even less secure than it was in 2012. The alliances we made are getting more tenuous by the hour.

    Another tough pill to swallow: OU is not loyal to us in any way. Their loyalty is to OU. When a better deal can be had, they will leave the Big 12 in a heartbeat. And if necessary, they will toss out the Rivalry game as well.

    If I get flak for these statements, so be it. It needs to be said...and heard.
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    You are one red *** for sure. Do you yell at people to uncover?

    We get it for chrissakes. You want Texas to play your beloved Aggies. Some here agree with you. Most don't.

    Can we move on, now, mmkay?

    I guess you can use this post as the one I asked you to find where I called someone an Aggie. This would be the first one. You have me convinced.
  16. MajorRules00

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    I don't care what you think.
  17. horninchicago

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    ********. You write multi paragraph ******* diatribes at me, but you don't care what I think. Okay, Aggie.

  18. SabreHorn

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    I'm sorry and pissed that none of you guys told me or sent a copy of the obituary when Dr Boren died. I most assuredly would have attended the funeral or memorial service.

    Oklahoma ain't going anywhere. Why should they? OU enjoys winning. OU enjoys being in the national spotlight. Where is there an easier route than in the Big XII? They own the Big XII. They win the second weekend in October, everything else falls into place, and they are in the final four. They still get their share of Big XII cash, less KU's third tier basketball rights.

    BigTen? It's cold, the people are weird, and there's Ohio State

    SEC? Money isn't that much better and there's Alabama, Auburn, UGa, Florida, and LSU.

    PAC? People are weird, games aren't televised at a decent time to be seen by recruits. Do you want to recruit SoCal or Texas?

    Dr Boren gets it, and he has gotten it since the Big XII formed. Yes, he's retired, but who really is in control in Cleveland County?
  19. El Sapo

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    @MajorRules00 most of what I would have responded to you with from yesterday has already been said now by other posters. Personally, I don't think you're an aggie or a troll you just think differently than most of us and that's your prerogative. Nothing wrong with that.

    Regarding sour grapes just revisit how the ags left the Big 12. They finalized the divorce and then wanted to have their cake and eat it too by continuing to play against us. They still do. Although it's a choice I don't get to make, I'd never take them back as an OOC game (can't do anything about playing them in a bowl and that's fine) and there are a lot of Texas fans who feel that way. Just like Arkansas (another lopsided 'rivalry') it's more about the ags rivalry with us than ours with them. We won the first game, the last game, and 2/3rds of the games in between. Our rival is Oklahoma, always has been, and I'm fine with that. The ags are out there in the street chasing cars like a dog looking for a tire to bite so let them follow LSU or Alabama around now.
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  20. horninchicago

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    Never knew until today you are an aggie troll.

    J/k. But that other guy....

    Yeah, their fans with calling VY "Radio", embracing the cheap shot(s) on Colt by that lunatic and calling him Cart McCry. And on and on through the years.

    Sure, we should definitely give that fanbase and program notoriety by allowing them to play Texas.

    But, it's out of our hands.
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  21. I_Dont_Exist

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    CDC and Sarkesien are on record as wanting to play them. Should they be fired?
  22. El Sapo

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    Of course not but I wonder how much they're listening to the fan base. If the interwebs are any reliable indication (yeah right) the majority of longhorn fans I've encountered want aggy to keep walking the long hike. Besides, I wonder how either of them would feel if they'd been longhorn fans around aggies for decades like the rest of us have :rolleyes1:
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  23. horninchicago

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    Why are you asking me? I'm a fan. I'm giving my perspective on this. I said twice, in separate posts, that it is out of my hands as well as every other non BMD fan. Guessing many of them are old enough to feel the same way as I do, but who knows?
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  24. El Sapo

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  25. horninchicago

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    I'm calling it right now. Anyone born before 1978 who wants this matchup to be played again is an aggie troll.

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  26. SabreHorn

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    Most of the old Ags and Aggie BMDs I know want to play Texas, but they want it to be in the National Championship game. That would make The Great Republic look better, and give some relief to the drain of talent leaving the state.
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  27. horninchicago

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    Yep, any sort of bowl game is the only reason it should ever be played.
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  28. El Sapo

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    Do you know if they have other and more realistic goals for the aggies that might happen within their lifetimes? I mean my granddad always wanted to see a UFO before he died but he didn't rest his hat on that.
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  29. horninchicago

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    I was thinking the same thing, and I'll bet Sabre realizes that means they will never play again, hopefully. Aggies in the NC...oh man, that's rich.

    Pooooooor old aggies.
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    Major- you are a really eloquent and level headed poster.
    I like opposing views to mine. I need various views to balance out.
    I’ve changed my opinion based on several folks on this board.
    Pride comes before a fall, and some people are so dammed hard headed I think they stick to their opinions even when they begin to question their own opinions. Pride - and I’m not referring to rainbow pride.

    Disclaimer I am not in anyway referring to your latest opinion and anyone who’s responded to your opinion here.. I don’t want tu to play TAMU. Ever, unless at the National Championship- and that ain’t happening
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