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    Yep. People who just wanted to see a football game may have tuned in on Thanksgiving, but I doubt it. I know I don't care about watching football on Thanksgiving. I do the things involving Thanksgiving.
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    Bingo, we still have the cash, which is used to enforce Texas' will. A&M and others will whine about that, but it's reality. Should we play A&M? Maybe, but we have a lot already scheduled in the near future.
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    Congratulations on your season. Good luck next year. Gig Em , Ol Sarge, Whoop, and all that stuff.
    TAMU left in a huff.
    Went from mediocrity in B12 to the same in the SEC. so that has shown to be in Aggies best interest, chanting SEC, SEC, SEC at Kyle field?
    let’s not talk COVID fiasco here, ATM would have been smoked by ND. See your bowl game.
    I truly thank you TAMU. What UT did is inconsequential to me- it’s goodbye to Texas university... and that pleases me.
    Truth- I want Aggie to win now, no hate in my heart. Like an bats**** employee that I fired Friday, I truly hope he finds success and I hope he lands with our competitor. ATM did both, good luck.
    No sarcasm.
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    We did what we thought was best for us. They did what they thought was best for them. That's life.
    My one and only problem with the Aggies is they blamed UT and the LHN for the reason they were leaving. Didn't have the stones to just say "this is in our best interests". Cowardice, in my opinion. I think there is a commandment about that, false neighbor and all that.
    So when they talk about tradition and honor, it falls on deaf ears. Because when push came to shove, they didn't have any.
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    This is not true, and if you would read the story that you linked from the Denver Post, you would see that. Texas told the Pac-10 that the 10 teams in the Big 12 were going to stay together, which killed the deal that the Pac-10 was pushing. The quotes you posted are from "anonymous sources" and I don't trust that as the truth, sorry, no sale.

    There is no debate about UT offering to share what became LHN with aggie, and they turned it down. Nobody is arguing that anymore, that happened.

    Just because you link to articles from The Denver Post and Orangebloods does not make everything in there true. They are still relying on "sources". I think the fact that Texas and the Big 12 schools are still together and Texas did not join the Pac-10 shows how much hot air there is in these stories.
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    This is what I recall the issue stemmed from. IIRC, Deloss showed some of the communication about the network plan as a joint UT-aggy project. The aggys said no, and Texas decided to go ahead with the project alone. Once all the funding was in place, and the project was in progress, the ags wanted in, but Texas had already invested the funds and set up studios on campus, and other infrastructure, so the answer was basically "no thanks - you had your opportunity." Then the aggys blamed UT and the LHN for them leaving and running off the other schools. That's what I remember about the issue, but it's been many years and a lot of beers ago.
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    Funny part is, for all the huffing and puffing about LHN, it's been a total dud.

    Has not moved the winning needle at all (worst stretch for UT football, baseball, and basketball in modern times has been while it's been on), the money it brings in goes into the black pit of UT Athletics, seemingly without improvement to programs or win percentages, and it has what, one pitiful hired team game on per year? Or maybe the Kansas game if it's not picked up elsewhere?

    The move to the SEC has been good for the Aggs, and ultimately the job of the AD is to benefit his school's program. All this "you ran away man" is childish. College sports is a big business, and is run as such.
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    I do not have LHN, so I don't know what the programming is like nor how professional it is. It is NOT a "dud"! Nothing that pays the athletic department $300 million is a "dud".

    As we say in the Baptist church, "Nothing is wrong, it's just not as right as we would like for to to be".
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    I'll be the first to admit it certainly hasn't helped in the W column, but I like to watch all UT sports. There's a whole lot of basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball and track I would never see if it weren't for the LHN. Even if I lived in Austin I certainly wouldn't have time to drive over to campus any time I want to watch a game, and you can't do that now anyway.
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    It's been great for the F&F sports like those you mention - primarily watched by the Friends and Family of the players. Yes I know others do too, all dozen of you.

    But, the LHN was not conceived, built, or promised to be a vehicle to watch UT golf and long jump contests. It was supposed to be this super powerful media outlet, that would cause all Texas recruits to want to come to Texas and provide an unfair advantage to UT, all while bringing in tons of money that would further the success. It's done neither, making ATM's howls of terror at it all the more foolish.
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    The fact it's been a dud speaks in large part to why A&M declined to pursue it in 2007. At that time there was no distributor lined up and UT and A&M were going to have to pay all of the start-up costs. A&M's AD was in bad shape financially at the time so the up front costs made it a tough sell.

    In 2010, ESPN swooped in with it's $300 million offer for one purpose... to anchor UT to the Big 12. The ultimate poison pill. No conference with it's own network (or planning one like the PAC) would allow UT to keep it and UT will never let it go. No one can blame UT for taking that deal. What A.D. wouldn't?

    A&M didn't have a problem with the structure of the LHN as first broached to Big 12 AD's in late 2010. Sure everyone envied the money, but a network showing 1 non-conference game (Rice, North Texas, and programs of that ilk), 6 basketball games, and the remainder being non-revenue sports and academic content wasn't a big deal. All that changed when Dodds and ESPN started pushing the envelope beyond that initial structure. 1 non-con game to 2... conference games being added... 2 games to 3... and then high school games featuring UT recruiting targets. That bait & switch on the LHN content was the final straw.
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    I agree with Sabre that LHN has been ahuge success as a revenue producer to Texas.

    Not as obvious but from a business it was a gamechanger for ESPN to show the Conferences that 3rd tier rights were worth big money to the TV contracts. It pushed a lot of schools into the big leagues. TX and tamu were getting about $350K per Year ans it jumped way up in the business calculation.
    Texas took it as LHN(ESPN) produced $15M and tamu and other watched as the 3rd tier TV contracts played out. P12 is a mess. ACC was a mess, but now SEC Network, has aligned all the TV contracts. LHN kept Texas in the top spot in $ advanatage.
    Just look how much it paid for this year.
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    It is great for us that follow Longhorn Baseball. I get to watch almost every game listening to Swindell and Moreland call the game. The third guy announcing is a tool and needs to go. Why is he even in the booth?
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    Would have been classic if the dude who handed out the money had been outfitted in the Hamburgler's costume.
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    How does this show UT wasn't working with the PAC on this from day 1? It's merely the statement Dodds made to the press. Once the PAC said "No" to allowing UT to have its own network, Dodds said "OK, then we're staying in the Big 12."

    As for sources, at least I provided some backup for my position. I can't help it if the source didn't want to go on record. However, if that information is untrue, what benefit is there for someone to say it? It doesn't help the PAC and it doesn't hurt UT or the Big 12. Cui bono?

    Yup, A&M said no to the Lonestar Network. That offer was for both schools to pay the start-up costs. There was no $300 million on the table, nor any reason to believe there would be. The only reason ESPN overpaid for the LHN was to anchor UT in the Big 12.

    The Big 12 schools are still together because ESPN is paying UT $300 million over 20 years to stay, not because things are hunky dory in the Big 12. Hell, look at your own boards... plenty of members bitching about the suck that is the Big 12.

    Y'all cream your panties every time an SEC team is added to your non-conference schedule. Do you think Bama, LSU, Florida, etc. are giddy about adding a Big 12 team to their schedule? Nope, not that big of a deal.
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    We get excited for big games with big teams, whether they be SEC teams like Alabama, LSU, Florida and Georgia, but also with big teams from other conferences like USC, Notre Dame, Clemson and Ohio State.

    Not that big of a deal to play Mississippi, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Arkansas or aggy.

    Also, your dreaming if you didn't think it was a big deal for LSU to play in Austin. It will be special for Alabama as well when we play.

    It's always a big deal when blue bloods play whether it be Texas or Oklahoma versus any of the teams you mentioned.

    - Mike
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    Now that’s just stupid. Dude usually makes more sense than this but give an Aggy enough words and he’ll prove why there are so many Aggy jokes.

    SEC teams are thrilled to have Texas and OU on their schedules. Same for the big 4 in the SEC of LSU Bama GA and Fla. But little interest from anyone in playing Vandy, SC, or for that matter, ATM, if they ever decided to get away from scheduling various directional Louisiana teams.

    And notice how quickly the Ag goes to gravy training off the better teams in conference. So when are the Ags going to put up their celebratory banner for 2020?

    “Welcome to Kyle field, home of the Texas Aggies who are in the same conference as the team that won the National Championship! Go Aggies!!!”
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    I don't root for aggy. My aggy friends couldn't discuss the CFP without injecting jabs at Texas. They still hate Texas and can NOT let it go.

    And they have the highest opinion of themselves for a team that didn't have a single Conference or NY6 appearance/trophy from 1998 to 2019. They have one good year and think they're world beaters.

    I don't care if we ever play them again.
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  21. theiioftx

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    I grew up watching the Cowboys and the Longhorn-aggy game on Thanksgiving. I first subscribed to not playing them simply for recruiting purposes, but I’ve changed. I rather enjoy beating them 95% of the time when they weren’t cheating and 70% of the time when they are. Their current cheating is not really getting them anything more than the same mediocrity they enjoyed in the Big 12. Plus Sark is about to kill them recruiting in Texas.
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    Yo Sarge,
    You think Prairie View, Citadel, Alcorn St, S.Alabama, Sanford, or all the other non conference DIII teams the SEC. plays makes anyone giddy- except the sad fans cheering and waving towels as some HB breaks a 15 yd run?
    You should be ashamed. Yes UT and OU schedule a historically weak non conference, but at least they’re a team of FBS DI players.
    I can’t make this stuff up. Aggie guarantees a 6-7 win season with none sense like this...
    Kent St
    New Mexico
    Prairie View
    Ball St
    West Carolina
    Texas St
    NW ST
    UL Monroe

    Mighty Alabama!
    New Mexico st
    W Carolina
    Ark st
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    Thought I was about the oldest person on this board, but you actually saw the Aggies in the 1920s?
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    I heard the Aggie players were flown into Miami to set up the lockers for Bama and hand out towels at the showers to get a ring.
    You know how crazy they are for them rings.
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    Those teams are pitiful. But maybe it takes two to tango - who would want to schedule ATM?

    If all you ever go home with are fat ugly gals, maybe it’s not that you like them, maybe it’s all you can get?
  26. NRHorn

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    Actually- I have been sent to TAMU several times on employee recruiting trips, I’m not HR , nor am I a pervert.
    But they are some lookers at TAMU.
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    Ha, the used and soiled towels from the National Championship team will be revered items in Aggyland, proudly swung around on 3rd down plays.
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    Good lord I give them a not cheating pass between 1999-2012. They were awful until Mack tried to make Cocaine Johnny a d back.
  29. theiioftx

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    You need to get your eyes checked or your standards raised.
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    Texas women are hot :fire:. From UT to Tech, to TCU, to Abilene Christian, to Rice, to UTEP (barley), to Tarleton State, and yes.....even to Aggy. And all places in between.

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