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    Aggies did good, a lot better than expected; they have their coach and should do well in the future. A problem for us but congrats are in order for a fine run with a roster that did not suggest a run to the final few teams in the CWS.

    Now they will likely be competitive with us in most areas and will still have the upper hand only in Meat Judging.
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    Glad to see Aggie go down. This years result doesn’t mean much about next year.
    Us and Stanford were the 2 returning teams to the CWS this year. And we both Q’ed.
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    Yeah, but we can live vicariously through Texas Tech's meat judging team, which is typically far superior to the rancid hamburger sniffers aTm rolls out there.

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    Aggy was (along with OU) one of the hottest teams in the country from about mid-April through June. Their run of series wins in the SEC was really impressive and frankly came from out of no where. They won the SEC West when they were picked to finish seventh and the only thing keeping them from being a top 3 seed was their awful start. All of that said, they caught lightning in a bottle with several transfers and got seemingly every break for several weekends in a row so eventually things even out. Schlossnagle is a really good coach and aggy will be really good during the rest of his tenure. When Texas and OU join the SEC there will not be a single weekend in conference baseball where Texas wont be facing teams that are Omaha capable if not Omaha worthy and that will be fun.
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    Agree FW. The issue is will Texas Baseball be a real contender? Aggy evidently is going to buy a team through the Portal every season. A least one of the Mississipppi schools seems to be able to find lightning in a bottle every year. Throw in LSU and Alabama and things get dicey for an invite to the playoffs if you cannot win a pod/division/the Conference Tournament. One has to have 4 quality starters plus exceptional relief in order to win enough games otherwise.
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    Arkansas too
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    It can only be fun if the good guys win! Participation is nowhere if you lose. The portal may be the key.
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    Nobody likes my emoji?

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