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    I find it comical that with all the negative posts AJ has gotten over the course of this season that there isn't a post today about his performance last night.

    I've said it all along, but without AJ we would be sub .500 at best.

    I'm sure all the brilliant basketball minds on this board will find something negative to say about his play last night, but I for one would like to say thank you to AJ. Not only for last night, but for all he has given to our program over 4 years. He's a tremendous kid and has represented UT well.

    I have a feeling he'll play a big role in a few more big wins before this season is over.

    Keep in mind fellas, that once we get in the tourney, it doesn't matter what we did in the regular season....

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this team make a sweet 16 run.
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    MY sentiments exactly. He simply took over the game own the stretch 18 of the teams last 18 points. Personally, I wish we would have pounded it into Pittman against his smaller defender. But, AJ was getting open. So, I didn't begrudge his shots.

    I've always defended AJ - I've got nothing but admiration for all that he has given to the Horns, especially this year when our scoring options have been limited.
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    It seemed to me that he wasn't afraid of his shot and my biggest critisim of Aj was the either he couldn't or wouldn't create his own shot. The last 8 minutes or so he was creating shots and most of them were contested you could just feel his confidence level sky rocketing!
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    The simple fact is that when we lose, everyone has the right to complain. But when we win, its almost like it hardly goes noticed on this board.

    AJ is an outstanding player. Ive watched every single UT basketball game since 2000. This kid is one of the best that we have ever had. He may not get the same recognition that Durant and Ford did, but he deserves to have #3 retired just as much as #11 and #35. He has put his blood sweat and tears into the burnt orange jersey and not near enough people give him the credit he deserves...

    Clutch shot after clutch shot. Staying all 4 years through thick and thin. Playing with every UT great that has been through here the past 4 years.. Being our goto guy and being a leader for this 09' team that desperately needed one. I remember his freshman year, when he was our 6th man. Everytime Rick put him in I would get all giddy and jacked up because I knew this kid could shoot the 3. His shot was a dagger for alot of the close ball games.

    And hearing Craig Way scream "AJ! FOR 3! ITS GOOD!" will never ever get old IMO.

    AJ deserves a ton of credit for what he has done for this program. I love this kid, and I hope he gets his chance in the NBA. If not, Ill be sure to watch him where ever he goes.
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    A player that can shoot the rock like he does and with that quick a release will find a place in the NBA.

    Damn, it's hard to believe he's a senior. [​IMG]

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    AJ set a school record last night playing in his 135th game. [​IMG]
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    Abrams deserves a lot of praise for his performance at the end of last night's game, which included knocking the ball out of Taylor Griffin's hands to force the turnover when UT was still down a point. I'm glad he had such a good finish and gets credit for it.

    However, I would point out that he was receiving credit for it here before this thread. There were the comments in the game thread as well as the thread entitled "#3," so it's not like his doings were being ignored.
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    AJ has been a great player the entire time he has played at UT. Love to watch him shoot. He is a real gamer. [​IMG]
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    His performance was just incredible and he did it in Prime time in the national spotlight.

    Hello March Madness!!

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    Actually he scored 18 of the last 20 team points.
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    AJ is fool's gold, and a lot of the problems of the team this year can be attributed to the apparent need to revolve the team around him.

    It's not AJ's fault. His greatest qualities --- he's a terrific shooter, he has an unbelievably quick release, and he has absolutely no fear --- often end up being weaknesses.

    He can't take a defender off the dribble, so he doesn't command a double team, thereby resulting in an open player elsewhere on the court. He's not good at looking for teammates anyway, so it may be a moot point.

    He can't drive to the basket. He can't get to the foul line. He does one thing, and even though he does it very well, it makes the team poorer that he's relied upon as much as he is.

    What I admire about him --- and I truly admire it --- is that he's never scared of taking the shot. Paradoxically, what drives me nuts about him, is that he too often takes the shot.

    He's been a vital part of the team for all four years, but I'll be thrilled when the AJ Abrams era is over.

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    SL Express nailed it.
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    AJ is a great shooter and it isn't his fault that he is being relied on so much. It's all on Barnes for utilizing him in this way. The whole season has been one mistake after another by Barnes. I love RB but this season was his worst as far as coaching.
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    Here is a link to the previous thread. You can scroll down to see the stats if you wish.

    This was posted early January so it does not include the losses to OU, K-state, Mizz, Nebraska, and A&M.

    However the stats I posted before this total:
    FG% - 105/322 (32.6%)....41.1% overall during this stretch
    3PT% - 65/197 (33.0%)....40.5% overall during this stretch

    You can see that during losses and including a couple of good games in those losses he averaged 33% from the field and from behind the arc. This is well below his career average.

    Now to look at the games since I posted that stat in which Texas has lost:
    OU, 8/27, 3/15 from 3
    K-state, 5/21, 4/14 from 3
    Mizz, 4/9, 3/7 from 3
    Nebraska, 6/15, 4/8 from 3
    A&M, 3/12, 1/7 from 3

    Total, 26/84 (30.95%), 15/51 from 3 (29.4%)

    You can see that AJ's FG% and 3PT% are very very low in the Texas losses. His season averages are .398% from the field and .396% from 3. So my point is that yes he was awesome Saturday night and when he shoots like that we have a great chance to win. But understand that that is a double edge sword and that often he doesn't shoot like that and shoots quite poorly which very much so helps Texas lose those games.

    But to look at the brightside, hopefully AJ will continue shooting better, Balbay will continue to develop at the point, and our big men keep stepping on D. This team could make it to the sweet 16.
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    In fairness to Abrams, of course those percentages are going to go down, since he's the focus of every team the Longhorns face.

    As far as criticizing his streakiness --- he's a jump shooter. Players who rely almost exclusively on jump shooting for their points are going to be streaky. So are teams. That's been a big part of UT's problem this year.
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    AJ is streaky, no doubt. I would, however, wager that most three point specialists have similar hot and cold streaks. Is there really an outside shooter who consistantly shoots 35-50% every game especially when he is the focus of the defense?

    Texas just has not been able to establish a consistant inside game to complement AJ. Dexter is inconsistant. James and Johnson, for the most part, have been jump shooters this year.
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    I am glad as hell AJ did his Reggie Miller impression down the stretch the other night. Conversley, who was guarding Willie Warren? I know Balbay marked Austin Johnson. AJ's biggest weakness is in ability to defend taller jump shooters. That is the reason I don't see him making it in the NBA. He'll need to play overseas imho. The most maddening thing about this year's ofense, is Barnes let's it go outside in. The first option is the jump shot. I'd prefer dumping it inside to Big Dex, Damion, and Gary Johnson. They can all draw a double team. I do not know if all can, or will, kick it to AJ when someone doubles down. But I'd like to see that strategy tried just once.....
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    Abrams is a four year veteran who essentially remains a role player. This year there is no feature player to allow Abrams excel in his role. And therefore we run our offense through a 5'9 jump shooter who doesn't drive or pass, no wonder our offense sucks. This team's best chance to score is to have a balanced offense with threats from all positions.

    Does Abrams deserve blame for the loss of confidence by Mason and Atchley? No, that's on Barnes, but where has AJ's game stepped up in the three-four years he's been here? He does play better on the ball defense, but that is it.

    He came in as a great shooter and he will leave as a great shooter.

    I look forward to next year due to the incoming talent, but also to see how the team plays when perimeter players have triple threat capability.
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    IMO, they don't go outside in because they don't have good passers throwing it back out.

    Of course, they don't throw a ton of good entry passes either, as far as that goes.

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    IndyHorn, if you had been watching Texas earlier this season, you would have seen the surfeit of coverage regarding Pittman's actual attendance at that camp last year, particularly after Newell passed away.

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