Alabama football coach Nick Saban says Texas A&M 'bought every player,'

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by ronich, May 19, 2022.

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    Lol uh No jumbo does Not deny it
    You shouldn't post a link that proves you wrong.
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    Dumbo Fisher and Aggy College didn't pay the players but, most likely, the ex (or former) student alums made the NIL deals. Plausible deniability.
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    I said this all along. The best college players in the country going aggy just for the love of the school and the excitement of living in Collie Station doesn't pass anyone's smell test.
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    Shoot. Maybe this goes better here.

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    My response is in the other thread, but wow, aggy still wins the crown for being whiny little crybabies.
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    $EC should do the right things -give Sabin a medal and at a minimum deny aggy their $EC revenue for 4 years (the best would be throwing them out of the league).
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    Sounds like the start of a very good plan.
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    I bet the SEC is thinking, oh geez.
    Like when you hire someone who turns out to be a problem on purpose and you have a much bigger fight with HR to deal with.
    I really feel the SEC would like a do over.
    All they had to do was ask around.
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    We all know the SEC really wanted UT, but we said no in 2010. The SEC said, well, if we take the little brother maybe we'll get UT later.
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    Bless their little gomer hearts.
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    I came here to post on aggy and the whole Saban fine/suspensionthing, guys have hit it...and it is the most self-evident post I could ever make anyway.
    Would be redundant in that aggy in and of themselves already state simply by existing that tiny little whiny insecure babies can and do indeed come in the form of adults and institutions of "higher" education. Any education there must be called into question if this is reflective of what it produces...and it necessarily and absolutely and obviously does.....though the institution could claim these people were drawn to the school out of prior disposition.
    Now...anyone who isn't an aggy can see the problem with that^^^^^^^^ excuse should it be their explanation.

    As an addendum....truth is aggy is fuming because the only thing they ever had or thought they had on us has now been taken they are just acting out in every conceivable way they can to cope.
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    A&M seriously asking for this makes them even bigger whiners than Saban.
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    Seems things are turning uglier
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    THAT is so predictably funny. shocked I am

    Sabre? Where are you. Did you know this vid existed?
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    I had never seen or heard about that video, but I don't pay much attention to Brazos County other than a few friends and I have always thought Darrell Dickey was a really outstanding offensive mind when left alone to do his job.

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