Alamo Drafthouse at Slaughter Mopac....

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by TheFied, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. TheFied

    TheFied 2,500+ Posts

    Any idea when it is opening? I live in SW Austin so hoping sooner than later.
  2. Nordberg

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    The sign that's up right now says to contact Peter Gardere for details.
  3. TheFied

    TheFied 2,500+ Posts

    Where is GOO when you need him

    I used to drive by it on my way home every day but go a different route now. A friend told me thought it was open. I thought no way... Sounds like I'm right.
  4. Tom Anderson

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    They're doing some crazy things with the South Lamar location. The old Goodwill / thrift location next to it is being turned into a bowling alley, tavern, etc. by Tim League.
  5. Nordberg

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    Fied, they haven't even started construction yet.
  6. DRAG69

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    Yeah nothing like spending $80 for a movie.

    Now get off my lawn damnit !
  7. TheFied

    TheFied 2,500+ Posts

    I drove Mopac south home this weekend... yeah not even close to starting construction. My friend who told me he thought it might be open must have been drunk.
  8. TheFied

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    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    Tim League and his wife are the founders and original owners of Alamo Draft House. All of the fun stuff are their ideas.

  10. Ineedtix

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    Any updates on this? They appear to be working on irrigation and some sort of footpath.
  11. UTEE

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    Completely agree with you, P/C. For people who don't normally buy any popcorn or cokes at a movie, you also don't have to buy anything at Alamo if you choose not to.

    And for people who DO like to get a coke and popcorn at a movie, well, at any traditional theater those are going to cost an arm and a leg. So I'd rather cut off my arm and leg to purchase beer, than cokes or popcorn.

    Additionally, on a regular movie date-night out, I'm typically going to spend money on dinner and drinks anyway, so it's nice to be able to combine that with the movie.

    I love the Alamo. It works well for me. I would have seen far fewer movies over the past ten years if it weren't for the Alamo.
  12. taco

    taco 250+ Posts

    I agree with UTEE.

    I don't understand why anyone would go anywhere other than Alamo. I don't go to a regular theater anymore (its been at least 5 yrs)

    But if people stay away thats fine
  13. accuratehorn

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    If you complain about spending $80 at the Alamo, they will take you out.
  14. AuburnTexas

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  15. hornpharmd

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    They have a matinee special at the one I go to where you can get a pizza, soda, and ticket for $18. Anybody going to a regular movie theatre would pay as much or more and would have to substitute popcorn for the pizza.
  16. l00p

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    Sometimes in the past I used the strategy of going to eat before going to the movie theater so as to not get as much junk or spend as much money. Add that total up and it comes close to what you may spend at the Alamo. Thing is you get to watch and eat at the same time with leg room and talking violations enforced.
  17. UTEE

    UTEE 1,000+ Posts

    Loop's last points are very good ones, and add significantly to my enjoyment of movies at the Alamo. The legroom and easy access to seats without walking down a row of 20 people are a big bonus for me.

    And the enforcement of no-talking and no-cellphone policies is REALLY huge for me, ever since the time I tried to watch "Blair Witch Project" at a normal theater, and some couple brought their infant child to the movie, who proceeded to cry loudly throughout the beginning of the movie. Theater attendants that were inside the theater did nothing about it, nor did anyone close by, but finally from 3 rows down and about 20 seats away, I VERY politely said aloud, "Could you please take your child out of the theater?" And the guy's response was, "You wanna (effing) make me?"

    At that point about 5 people jumped out of their seats to go get a manager, and the couple finally exited the theater with screaming child in tow. But it was such a hassle that I was completely out of the "horror" frame of mind for the rest of the movie, so I had no idea whether it was actually scary, or good, or not.

    I've NEVER had an experience like that at the Alamo, and it would never have been tolerated for anywhere near that long, That is definitely something I value and am happy to pay for.
  18. lhbruleshalftime

    lhbruleshalftime 250+ Posts

    March 22, 2012 (the opening date)

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