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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by WCBBNUT, Dec 28, 2021.


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    F-ing COVID :facepalm:
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  2. Jacob Johnson

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    It’s getting on my nerves at this point like go away already!!!! Don’t ruin our season again
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  3. BBV_Horn

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    Yeah, well, it IS a pain, but it’s the new normal these days, and it’s not changing anytime soon…thanks to the people who aren’t vaccinated and/or aren’t acting responsibly…:deadhorse:
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  4. brnkj

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    While I whole-heartedly support COVID vaccination efforts, the Omicron variant is creating a lot of breakthrough cases. I personally know of several.
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  5. Bucksgal

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    Well, I guess if you're going to risk Covid to go home for the holidays, the Alcorn game would be the perfect sacrifice. Hopefully, they'll be out of the protocol before their Big 12 opener.
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  6. Sangre Naranjada

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    Who is having problems? Us or Alcorn?
  7. LutherIsMyDog

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    The cancellation notice said it was due to "protocols within the Texas program"
  8. Sangre Naranjada

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    Thanks. I saw that on the other thread after posting my question.
  9. BLucky

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    Interesting that I STILL haven't received any notification from Texas that this event is cancelled, even though I'm a season ticket holder. The last email from them came yesterday exhorting me to get to the game.
  10. CreakyHorn

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    Omicron is less virulent, but more transmissible. If you don't have shots +booster you can expect to be infected. Sucks that it was us who cancelled.
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  11. Bobcat

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    I know 8 people who were all boosted and all 8 got omnicron.....
  12. HornView

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    My advice is don’t get complacent. The last home game I attended was OU at the very end of February 2020. I got Covid about three weeks later and it was a “mild” case I was very thankful I dodged a bullet. Only problem is it turned out to be “long Covid” which has unfortunately changed my life and to this day (almost two years later) I’m still having issues. I also feel like it aged me 10 years and that was after the first few months. I don’t know what the latest percentage is of people that have long Covid but I know it’s in double digits. Much like OU, it SUCKS

    Alcorn St was going to be my first home game since Vic took over and I got the cancellation notice about two hours too late to get a refund on the hotel since I went through a 3rd party. This after traveling to Vegas last week to see the big matchup with Arizona. I’m feeling a bit like a jinx so beware, I’m planning to attend the Tech game next week. :whiteflag:
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  13. CreakyHorn

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    Wow Hornview, this sucks. I've been reading about long-haul and it sounds really unpleasant. Hopefully they'll figure out why it happens (other previously dormant viruses?) and be able to address it. This virus is unlike anything we've faced and the back and forth over what we should be doing is not helping. Best wishes to you (and to the Horns, I guess). I wonder if we'll be playing this weekend...
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  14. Rexy

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    Right now, it’s about 30% who get long covid - but sometimes it resolves in a few weeks. Sadly, that is not what you are experiencing. We don’t yet know if Omicron infection will lead to long covid, but with so many getting infected, we will soon find out. Some healthcare professionals think long covid may break the healthcare delivery system with higher demands for chronic care. That is a scary thought.
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