All Aboard....Longhorn Bandwagon Leaving Station Now! On or Off??

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 1,000+ Posts

    All Aboard!

    Train's leaving. Can't wait until after tomorrow's game to decide.
    Are you ON or OFF?

    Last call!!

    Since we are the reasonable and gracious crowd, we still may let you on later...
    ...But the mark will remain permanently on your record.

    Door's closing...

    ON or OFF??
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  2. Dionysus

    Dionysus Cocky + Relaxed Admin

    Honestly I’m waiting to see if it derails or not
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    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    I'm always on the train whatever the results.:hookem:
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  4. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    I see this type of post from time to time and I don't think this is a valid question for any active posters on this board.

    A bandwagon fan is someone who only watches, attends or otherwise pays attention to the team if they are winning. I know some posters here and based on all others posts from those I don't know I don't believe anyone here will not follow this team even if they lose every game.

    Being critical of coaches or play does not constitute being on or off a bandwagon.

    On the other hand I am a bandwagon Cowboys fan. Was die hard for about 20 years but now Jerry has caused me to not care for about the last 15 years. I mistakenly watched a game after they started 3-0 only to realize they are still Jerry's Kids.
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  5. Horns11

    Horns11 5,000+ Posts

    I'm far more critical of teams of which I am a fan than a sunshine pumper.
  6. ShAArk92

    ShAArk92 1,000+ Posts

    I considered this train ... relative.

    After dropping the TCU game ... and skating by KU ...

    Naw ... I'm not pumped anymore. I'm not reviewing the stats with my bacon/eggs anymore. I'm not fretting anymore.

    Still Burnt Orange ... always will be ... but the degree of enthusiasm fluctuates with the commitment to being a champion. Attendance at DKR has fluctuated with job scheduling conflicts ... but as has been discussed "in the stands" ... it's becoming a challenge even when the Horns are winning.

    The Patriarch has provided a dozen season tickets since '88. Times change.

    I dropped my deer lease this year. I may return the tickets Patriarch had for us next year. We'll see. Have had some AWESOME memories, not the least of which included the KU game this year with my nephew's generation and my cousins all at one game.

    The hassle factor continues to increase ... and the production of the game, even in person, is becoming more of a silver screen/circus event than a football game.

    I had great expectations after last year ... getting the Vette ... and involving it as a personified contributor.

    meh. "Victoria" will remain so named and so carry the inextricable Longhorn decal in the back glass .... but the risk of taking her to Austin on game day has taken a new level.

    Anyhow. Herman has a lot of work to do. I'm again back to ... he's prob not the guy ... but I'm not calling for his resignation before the end of next year. We short-changed Charlie. I'm not gonna be guilty of the same thing.
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  7. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 1,000+ Posts

    Let me the strictest definition of bandwagon is questioning 90% of the guys here on that. Just used the term for lack of a better one.
    This is suppose to be fun....-ish
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  8. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Romantic Catholic

    I guess this makes me feel a little better about us.....

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  9. stanhin

    stanhin 2,500+ Posts

    In that case, have a great trip. See you soon. ;)
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  10. El Sapo

    El Sapo Bevo's BFF

    I am always on the bandwagon but I reserve the right to complain about the ride :hookem:
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  11. #2is#1

    #2is#1 1,000+ Posts

    I’m on. My biggest wish though, is for TH get some humility.
  12. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    Yup, will always be ON the wagon... don't enjoy the frequent bumpy rides & sometimes I get annoyed with fellow passengers.
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  13. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    Yes, sir. I'm right there with you.
  14. LousianaHorn

    LousianaHorn 1,000+ Posts

    been on the Train, thick or thin as far back as I can remember and I'm 63......Hook em' :hookem:
  15. Giovanni Jones

    Giovanni Jones 1,000+ Posts

    I guess I'm on the train to the extent that I will watch the televised games and of course will pull for the Longhorns to win. But given the outlook for the rest of the season, I'm not going to be as emotionally invested as I was during the '05 and '08 seasons.
  16. Chop

    Chop 2,500+ Posts

    I got on in my youth, and never got off.
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  17. dukesteer

    dukesteer 2,500+ Posts

    I guess I’m in this camp but I am starting to believe that the issue with Herman goes beyond his lack of humility (certainly a huge issue).

    I think it was DKR that said something to the effect of ‘kids can smell a phony a mile away.’ While Herman is not a phony, his schtick may be turning players off. It’s certainly turning the fan base off. He says things that just aren’t believable, and I’m beginning to wonder if that — perhaps unintentional insincerity — is adversely affecting the team. His rah rah, we love each other schtick could be wearing thin. (It turned me off on Day 1 but I’m not 18 years old...)

    If, as has been reported, we have players negatively recruiting from the locker room, that tells me that there is something very wrong ...and I have alluded to what I believe could be the issue above.

    I would love to be able to get into CDCs head. He has to be concerned.
  18. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    I know this year has a really different feel about it because of the ineptitude of Orlando and his fetish for a three man line and blitzing from 10 yards back from the middle of the field (and letting everyone know it is coming 10 seconds before the snap), but the Horns seem to be in about the same situation they were in last year going into the Iowa State game. Coming off two losses where the defense didn't look very good and feeling like it was coming apart at the seams. They turned it around in the last three last year and maybe they can do it again. I have my doubts given Orlando, but we shall see.
  19. Handler

    Handler 100+ Posts

    Some of the posters on here remind me of the town folk from Hickory... Before Coach Dale won state...
  20. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    Unfortunately, I too have begun to think this....
  21. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    Jumped on the bandwagon in the middle of the season of '61. The Horns started 8-0 and soared to No. 1 in the nation. That train derailed with a stunning 6-0 loss to a mediocre TCU team. That season should have been a warning to me, but every fall I climb back on the burnt orange train. Now I hope for the best and expect the worst.
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  22. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Romantic Catholic

    On, but reserve right to tuck and roll when if necessary.

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  23. HTownBevo

    HTownBevo 100+ Posts

    I’m on. Any poster worth his salt is the same.
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  24. nashhorn

    nashhorn 2,500+ Posts

    Sat thru the 63 score UCLA debacle so don’t think I’ll ever jump off (or fall) the bandwagon. Burnt Orange forever. But I reserve the right to complain.
    This year my grudges are the damn 3 DL, and the piss poor tackling by second level.
    However the possibility that players are bad mouthing to recruits disturbs me more, yep even more than losing, because losing is its own recruiting tool.
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  25. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    If your talking about 1997 - UCLA scored 66 gawd awful points on Mackovic's team.... a game that became known as Rout 66 :puke:
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  26. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 1,000+ Posts

    I'm on board, but definitely not a guy who would watch if we were 0-12. Like, we're supposed to have pride in the university, and, if we're getting mudholed and don't win a game, who are we? May as well go Harvard/Yale/Princeton at that time....
  27. MajesticII

    MajesticII 1,000+ Posts

    My feelings exactly, I sat at DKR during the UCLA beatdown too........but I will add offensive/defensive scheme, not being able to get off blocks, and poor containment to the list. Basically things well coached pee wee league teams can do. I can accept it when we lose because we are just out-classed talent-wise, but when it looks like we haven't been coached, and we get "out-coached"...I'm gonna *****.
  28. Creek

    Creek 500+ Posts

    Always be optimistic and believe in them and wear the gear-but if they aren’t gonna play football to the caliber of Texas, then I’m not going to watch to the caliber of a good Texas fan. Besides maybe we should send them a message-
    Thus, I’m in a athletic event of my own
  29. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 1,000+ Posts

  30. ShAArk92

    ShAArk92 1,000+ Posts

    I can handle the cockiness ... he needs to get wins and championships ... fast.

    This lacking any confidence in the team from one week to the next is moldy old.

    How do you play LSU for everything they want ... ditto a much improved OU defense ... then absolutely literally have to have a game-ending FG to win again lowly KU? followed by a not so flukey loss to a fallen TCU? injuries on defense aren't the reason ... we didn't lose 77-70.
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