All of the Titans bandwagoning is ridiculous

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LONGHORNman, Dec 5, 2006.

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    I really don't want to be an ***. I just think the entire concept is silly. The Texans are in the top 5 most profitable franchises, so whatever they're doing, they're doing just fine from a financial perspective. So are most NFL teams. Unless you're the Arizona Cardinals, you don't need to be picking "for business."

    I don't ever - EVER - want any team I support to make a decision based on the "business" side of things. I want them to make a decision based on what they expect to produce the greatest positive result on the football field. There are plenty of reasons the Texans should've picked Vince that relate strictly to performance on the field - let's stick to analysis of those.
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    It wasn't. As someone who attended the last two home games, practically every seat was full. The only time the empty seat theory was anywhere CLOSE to a financial problem was in the second half of last season's 2-14 disaster. It's never been a problem at any other point in the team's 5 year history. It's revisionist history by the haters.
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    Wow this is a long thread.

    I never cared that much about the Oilers. I guess some of us are on the Titan bandwagon b/c of Vince and could care less about the history of Houston. Ya know Austin was founded despite the wishes of Houstonians.
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    By the way, I haven't seen any numbers regarding the two games you attended, but a quick search on google indicates that the early games this season were poorly attended:The LinkIn reply to:

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    MTF: The two articles regarding empty seats were posted from one game - against Washington. It was logical at that point - the Redskins are a bad team and the Texans were 0-2 and coming off a 2-14 season. But that's the only game this season where that's been an issue. The Texans aren't good by any stretch, but they've won 4 of the 9 games since that point. Good? As I said, no, but it's competitive. And fans will turn out as long as the product is competitive. (And they have... I guarantee you won't be able to find any of those comments on the Miami, Jacksonville or Buffalo games.)

    As for the middle article, that's about demand from ticket brokers
    , not the original sale of tickets. Whether the tickets resale for $500, face value or $5 has no effect on the Texans' bottom line. It's all about the original sales, of which ticket brokers have no relevance.

    Also, the second to last point missed the point on what I was saying. Of course teams are in the business of making a profit. But most teams draw a line between that and actual personnel decisions. None of those examples you cited of McNair making a profit had any connection with decisions he made about the players on the field. When my team drafts, I want them to choose based on who they think gives them the best chance to win on the football field. That's not unreasonable.
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    okay, here's the deal...

    not only was vince the hometown hero, but he was also the best player available, at the most important position on the field, and at that position, the texans had a need.

    when the rockets passed over michael jordan for hakeem olajuwon (akeem, at that time), they may not have gotten the best player, but they got a great one at a need position, and at the time, center was the most important position in the nba.

    the texans passed over mj and hakeem for sam bowie.
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    No, it wouldn't be. Bob McNair has NO hesitation to pay high salaries. Why do you think they triggered the option on Carr's contract last year after four generally mediocre season? The Texans are a lot of things... cheap isn't one of them. They've had no hesitation signing players to big deals, many of which haven't worked out to their benefit. These aren't the Arizona Cardinals. The Texans picked Mario Williams because they thought he was the best player for them. They had the worst defense in the AFC last season, zero pash rus and thought he was the best fit on the field, imo. They may be wrong, but they made the decision based on on-field issues.

    Oh, and P.S.: there's a reason DE is a cornerstone position in the minds of NFL experts and general managers and RB is not.

    As for Sam Bowie, that's absurd. Sam Bowie wasn't Sam Bowie just because he was picked in front of MJ. Sam Bowie was Sam Bowie because he sucked ***. Mario Williams has decent numbers and has put consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks all season long. He's drawing double and triple teams every snap. He has been the leader of a much improved pass rush and a defense that has gone from awful in the first couple of weeks to pretty solid as of now.

    No matter what you think of the decision to bypass VY, Mario Williams is having a good season and doing well for himself. As a result, he's not Sam Bowie. The comparison is silly and absurd.
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    Herbstreit said on SportsCenter Cleveland cannot make same mistake Houston did ie Troy Smith. Go Titans and Chiefs
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    Sam Bowie had a couple of good years too.
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    the Texans defenders remind me of the boardroom in the movie Big. The Titans and Vince fans are saying, "I don't get it, what is so fun with playing with a skyscraper"

    Texans fan point out all the profit and sell outs and support the team.

    Titans and Vince fans....."I don't get it"

    what is the fun in having an easy to sack skyscraper in Carr, who wants that?

    GO TITANS !!
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    VY will dominate, Titans by 10.

    That is all.
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    How exactly am I supposed to prove if the seats were full? It's not like the AP assigns writers to discuss exactly how full a stadium listed as soldout is on a weekly basis. As for the Miami game, I was there and it was very different than the previous game against Washington. You've found one source on that - a writer with a pretty clear bias on this issue. I question exactly how valid his judgment is.

    As for the your point on the ticket brokers, read a little closer. With the exception of one guy speaking about the final two games of one of the worst seasons in NFL history, they aren't saying the ticket brokers are left holding tickets. They're saying there's not significant demand and thus the price isn't what they would like to sell the tickets for. There's a huge, huge difference between the two.

    You've proven all of two games this year having no-show issues (and I strongly question the second, but even if we count that). That's not exactly a majority. Besides, the average fan spends approximately $5 on concessions. This is a confirmed fact when you look at concession revenue per team (available through Forbes) and divide by the approximate number of fans in the season. Worst case scenario, the team has 10,000 no shows. That's the worst... it never was that bad, imo, but I'll give you the worst case for an example. That's approximately $50,000 on two games, which would be $100,000 or so. Of course, at least half of that would go to the food manufacturers, vendors and through commission-related sales to employees. So we're talking about maybe $50,000, at most (and probably significantly less, but I'm playing out the worst case scenario for you) through lost concession revenue from these no-shows. A few thousand dollars of a profitable franchise worth $946 million. Somehow, I really doubt they're suffering over only selling 6/7 as many hot dogs as they possibly could.
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    damn MTF, you just told me to sneak in a flask over buying drinks at reliant. THANK YOU, hell i did it in college, why not now?

    why put $$$ in the nfl houston team coffer (i rcvd a free ticket - cheerleader) NO need to spend money on food or booze.

    thank you, for reminding me about where my $$ went to booze it up, the booze can distract.
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    There has been a lot of effort in support of 2 sub .500 teams. Though I'm glad everyone is showing their own loyalties. The whole origin of the thread is just humorous.

    Of course, i can say this since I'm a Cowboys fan and could care less. But I will cheer for the Titans since VY is on the team and could care less about the Texans.
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    Win - I agree that watching this Houston Civil War is hilarious. I do have to interject though for a brief moment... to all of you Texans supporters that are praising McNair for having one of the most profitable franchises in sports... are you freakin' stupid? Yes, he is making money hand over fist due to his Reliant contract. So what is his incentive to actually putting a decent product on the field? Have any of you guys followed the Cubs and their wretched ownership by the Tribune Corp.? For the better part of a century they were profitable because of their badass stadium and made a mint whether they sucked or not. So they didn't spend anything on improving the team and kept cashing their checks. Only now that the White Sox actually are threatening their stranglehold on the Chicago fanbase have they realized the depth of their neglect and are spending money like crazy to try and bring the Cubs a title. Houston? Last time I saw there wasn't another NFL team in Houston to spur McNair to actually give a **** and hire a real coach and actually draft a transcendant talent. Maybe if he sees his precious Reliant Stadium filled with Columbia Blue and Burnt Orange he will have a moment of epihany, but I doubt it.
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    Off to sleep for me. Just 10 hours left...

    Texans win a close one at home, by 3 or 6.

    In the words of our illustrious Governor.

    "Adios mofos."
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    give it up
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    The Texans make a lot of money for McNair. The Texans put a bad team on the field for the fans.

    ChrisforHeisman is apparently content to cheer the former.

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