All of the Titans bandwagoning is ridiculous

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LONGHORNman, Dec 5, 2006.

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    I think people should be to root for whomever they please.

    But I also think that any Longhorn who roots again the greatest Longhorn of ever is acting like a big, stupid idoit.
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    If anyone on this board roots against VY, he is not a true longhorn fan and probably did not go to UT, and is also a communist, hates babies and little cute animals as well.
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    Bud Adams is a genius. The Bud haters are generally too pissed at him to understand what is really going on. They let personality cloud their judgement. They should realize that what Bud did wasn't personal, it was in the best interest of the franchise to move to Nashville.

    If Bud had stayed, they would probably still be playing in that piece of **** Dome. The only good thing about the Astrodome were Dome Dogs. What a ********.

    F bob mcnair.

    Go Titans!!!!
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    I will be at the game rooting for VY in my Longhorn gear. I'm not a Texans fan but a Cowboys fan. So GO TITANS!
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    My two across the street neighbors are going to the game-they are Texans fans normally. I will get a first-hand report from them about the crowd, how many are for the Titans. Sometimes it is hard to tell from the tv sound.
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    HP Slugga,

    Houston scored a whopping 3 points on offense during the 2nd half of the Buffalo meltdown. The offense had something to do with it, wouldn't you say (Though it was PI on that last Buffalo score).

    It's been awhile since I've even thought about the Old Run-N-Shoot Oilers. The bottom line is that they underachieved and never sniffed the Super Bowl. And they did that with many Pro Bowlers on both sides of the ball. (238 points allowed in 16 games under Buddy Ryan's system in 1993).

    As far as modern football goes, the Rams did that with a good fullback/halfback - Robert Holcombe and a good Tight End - Roland Williams. They weren't featured or anything, but they existed in some of the multiple sets he ran.

    Bottom line is - the Houston offense and propensity for costly turnovers cost them the ability to manage important games (Moon interceptions & fumbles - one of the all-time leaders). As far as Red Zone goes, I'll take your word for it.
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    HP Slugga,

    You've outlasted me. [​IMG]

    Bud Adams sucks. Vince Young doesn't. The good in VY outweighs the bad in Bud Adams.
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    I'll respond to the post, the titan bandwagoning is not rediculous....this thread is hilarious.
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    This thread is money.
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    If you dont support the greatest longhorn, then you are automatically in Al Queda.
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    Yes, I'll agree that Houston gave McNair everything Adams asked for and then some. If they had built Reliant for Bud, the Oilers would still be the Oilers and we'd be cheering for Vince in Columbia blue each Sunday.

    But that doesn't excuse that Bud simply pulled a "take my football and go home" move on Houston because all the other owners were doing it. It's still wrong, and taxpayers should not be expected to spend $500 million so some immature billionaire can have a better playpen than his buddies. (That goes double for you, Jerry.) [​IMG]
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    I wonder if LONGHORNman has finally conceded??
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    I've been a Houston fan for all my 28 years. But I , along with a lot people, felt a BIGTIME slap in the face this year with the draft of Williams. The Texans were losing fans in Houston and across the state. They had a chance to pull them all back in and then some with the draft of VY. Not doing so just added to the list of recent fuckups by the organization. We will be there, in our burnt orange cheering on Vince and laughing at the Texans, which seems to happen every week. [​IMG] VY!
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    This is the greatest thread I've read on any messageboard in a long time.

    I still don't understand why the Texans passed on Vince from a buisness perspective. Even if they thought Vince might falter as an NFL QB, they had to understand that they would profit from signing him. The jersey's and extra tickets alone would have made up for the money paid to Vince. So I just don't get it. The stupidity of the aggie Kubiak is only magnified by the stupidity of supporting such an aggie decision. It's your right to support the Texans Longhornman, but do take some time and think about what you are supporting.

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