All-time Texas Longhorns baseball lineup

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    Just gonna leave this here. I suspect it will draw some interesting reactions:

    1. Calvin Murray, LF
    2. Bill Bates, 2B
    3. Drew Stubbs, CF
    4. Kyle Russell, RF
    5. Jeff Ontiveros, 1B
    6. David Denny, 3B
    7. Rick Bradley, C
    8. Kip Harkrider, SS
    9. Richard Wortham, P

    *Worth noting that they made the decision strictly on college performance with no regard to pro numbers.

    They only named one pitcher, so what's your weekend rotation? Based on college, (and guys I've seen), I'd go with Wortham, Dressendorfer, and Swindell as the three starters, with Kieschnick and Clemens getting your weekday starts and prime long relief roles, and Huston Street closing.
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    Hard to take real issue with that team but here are a few possible alternatives based on their performance at Texas and not later pro careers.

    Start with fact that they list no DH even though that is norm, so for my money best DH at Texas would be Kieschnick, He was at Texas same time as me and I got to see him absolutely dominate college baseball as hitter (and a pitcher for that matter). He was Shohei Otani before Otani at the college level.

    You could make an argument for Spike Owen at SS and also one for Tim Harkrider at SS over his brother Kip.

    I think there is an argument that Keith Moreland should be on list though what position might be in dispute.

    Starting rotation is definitely Swindell and Dressendorfer but I might go with Taylor Jungmann as my Sunday starter based on how he completely dominated just about every single start he had over a three year period. Clemens could be swapped out for Burt Hooten or James Street as weekday starter. I have always thought Clemens was good at Texas but not on level at college as these others, its his pro career that elevates how we view his college numbers (remember he was behind Schiraldi at Texas in '83).

    Huston is no doubt closer for sure.

    I think Augie as coach is correct though Gus would have strong argument in his favor too.
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    Right about Clemens - and Kieschnick as DH. Also would have gone with Owen at SS - especially if you start thinking about MLB clout. The other guy I was torn about was Scott Bryant (as a hitter). I just remember the year they went to the world series when he went through about a month of baseball where you literally couldn't pitch to him. I remember a game where we were playing U of H and he got up to bat with one out and the bases loaded, and Keith Moreland is saying "You know, crazy as it may sound, I almost think you have to consider walking this guy." Sure enough, three-run double off the wall.
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    Yeah really splitting hairs. Only real beef would be SS where IMHO it should be Owen without question.
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    I think Augie's case is a lot stronger because much of Gus' success was during a time when the competition in baseball wasn't nearly as intense. You really had a group of about 10-12 programs up through the 70s and early 80s who were the elite. Big time players weren't playing college ball as much, and Gus pretty much had his recruiting on autopilot. In fact, Augie really came to power during those late years, putting Fullerton on the map, and I still remember his team knocking us out of the CWS.
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    Lots o problems with that list:

    For starters

    Spike Owen - SS
    Bobby Layne - P
    Burt Hooten - P
    James Street - P
    Calvin Schiraldi - P
    Max Alvis - 3rd
    Jose Tolentino - 1st
    Keith Moreland - wherever he wants to play
    Tommy Harmon - C

    Dennis Cook gets some mention for his "dip" in Omaha

    Steve Labay gets some mention or his "LaLob" - they are still digging pieces of Will Clark out of the dirt in the batter's box at Rosenblatt where he screwed himself into the ground trying to hit it

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