Alumni Game Feb 1, 2020

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Jan 28, 2020.


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    so does anyone with a last name NOT Clemens play in this game anymore?? I still have a poster of the 1994 alumni game roster hanging in my office :hookem:
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    Looks like some roster guys will need to fill in on the Alumni team. You would think with all the players from the last 8-10 years, that they could get enough guys to put together a team without having to use roster players. I guess its not a big deal and most don't care to fool with an Alumni Game.
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    Was it really 1-0 Alumni ?? My God we are going to come in last in the Big 12 again this year !! SMH
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    Yes, I was there and it was, I think, six or seven alumni with two or three Texas players including the pitcher. All the alumni players on the field are in the show or in the minors somewhere so they weren't a bunch of has been slouches.

    Our bats looked awful though and unless something changes/improves we are going to be in trouble this year offensively. I don't remember what I consider a really well hit ball all day. I think we had one hit through six innings then I left in the seventh but the alumni were hitting well with 6 or 7 hits. The very first alumni hit was in the first inning by Kody Clemens where we tried to out smart him with the short stop shifting to behind second base. Well, Kody just poked the bat out and hit it right through the hole a short for an easy hit. I hate the shift in general and that is why.

    I'll say I was influenced yesterday because I was ready to buy season tickets but the hitting was so bad I'm considering either not getting tickets or maybe getting a mini plan instead. Looks like the experts who picked us 5th in conference know more than me about this team.
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    5th may be a generous pick. If we can't hit we will be last place again. Then what will CDC say ? Last year he was all positive about Pierce. Two years removed from Omaha with Augie's players, and and a second straight year of last place with most of his players could spell hot seat time for most of Texas' mens coaches.
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    Not sure I'm ready to pack up the tent and head home yet. The pitching was pretty damn good. Batting can come around and maybe being a "for fans" game they didn't really take it seriously. I sat two rows behind the Texas dugout and I hardly heard a peep from the seemingly 867 players in the dugout.....seriously I counted 36 players...that's a lot.

    Anyway, I'll wait and see what happens.
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    I got my tickets today. Just like every year, I'm excited for a new season. Hope springs eternal.
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    A true baseball fan.

    Whoever put the schedule together did a good job of easing into the season. Yes, the Houston tournament at the end of February will be tough, but it will be mild compared to the three games with Fullerton at the Disch the first week in March. By the 9th of March, we should have a better grasp on the remainder of the season.

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