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    My personal opinions:

    Commits for the 2011 recruiting class are:

    TU 19
    LSU 10
    TECH 8
    OU 7
    TCU 7
    K STATE 6
    BAYLOR 5
    NEB 4
    ARK 3
    A&M 3
    KAN 2
    SMU 2

    Can you imagine at our Spring game, watchin' one half of what's left of our sagarin #58 ranked team, scrimage the other half of what's left of our sagarin #58 ranked team?

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    Just another one of life's little pleasures.
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    They'll be fine. Not to the point that Texas is, but they can plug good athletes in to the system and keep games within range of us, like all but one year from 2004-2009.

    Our recruiting is off the charts for 2011. Both quantity and quality. It's unfair to compare anyone except NC contenders to us.
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    aggy's gonna get some good players when all is said and done miller. Not generally UT-good, but good enough to hang with a lot of teams agricultural plays.
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    OMG QUESTION MARK EXCLAMATION MARK?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!??!

    miller is baylor drone.

    we'll be fine.
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    They are waiting for UT to be done at the trough to allow them a chance to drink.
  9. HousHorn09

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    Don;t sweat it miller, aggy just has to get in line with everyone else.. You're not alone.
  10. OrangeRout

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    They think they have the top QB in the nation and so recruiting is not relevant right now. Therefore, aggy will continue to be irrelevant.
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    prop joe, as I've said before, you are a welcome addition to this board and I enjoy your posts.

    having said that, please define "fine".
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    The thread title is a grammar total disaster.

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    A couple of things that I can't believe aggy really stands behind, but they do:

    We get 45 or so top recruits the last 2 years. Aggy's answer, "4 and 5 star players don't always pan out -- look at ___" BUT they get 2 top recruits over that same 2 year period and they fully expect those 2 kids to dominate college football over the next 4 years.

    Also, as Mack loads up early they say things like, "Go ahead and fill up your class, Sherm will wait and FIND talent" -- yet Sherm has not only offered every kid that we did, he offers 40 others as well who don't commit.

    Silly aggy
  14. miller 58

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    My personal opinions;

    EXACTLY, can you even imagine this?

    Since Sherman was hired in 2007, A&M has not committed a single 4*/5* high school senior for quarterback, either safety, either corner, 3 linebacker positions, and 2 defensive end positions?

    When the Sherman 10 was hired they, had signed only 2 four star players and no 5 five star players the last 5 years._____UT has signed 78 4*/5* players in the last 5 years compared to A&M's coaches 2?

    Then the Sherman +5 hired in 2010 had recruited only 2 four star players between all 5 coaches in the last five years; and the majority , including the defensive cordinator have never coached a single down for one of the 67 bcs teams?

    Do you think the people that intrviewed, hired and approved or supported the hires, ever looked at their resumes?(rivals)_____miller58
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  16. caryhorn

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    Yes Joe, it makes sense to me. you are making way too much sense for an aggie. sure you didn't go to baylor? [​IMG]
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    According to Rivals, this is the total number of 4 & 5 stars recruited from 2002 through 2010:

    Total Rank
    USC 141 1
    Florida 134 2
    LSU 131 3
    Texas 130 4
    Florida State 126 5
    Oklahoma 125 6
    Georgia 119 7
    Miami (FL) 109 8
    Tennessee 105 9
    Ohio State 104 10
    Alabama 97 11
    Auburn 90 12
    Notre Dame 89 13
    UCLA 74 14
    Penn State 69 15
    Clemson 64 16
    Texas A&M 60 17
    California 57 18
    Nebraska 57 19
    Oregon 56 20

    In general, I disagree that A&M is a recruiting disaster. They should be able to recruit at about a top 15 to 20 area, based on just being in the state of Texas and their facilities. And its not as if A&M is on a downward trend, as they have been averaging about 6, and for 2010 landed 9.

    What it says to me is that they have somehow managed to do much worse with the talent they have managed to pull in. What team on the above list has done worse than A&M over that span? Maybe Notre Dame?

    Food for thought.
  18. notreally

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    not everyone has the luxury of locking down a class before summer even starts.

    the only way the texas recruiting momentum stops is if you start to put out a really bad product.
  19. orangebones

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    florida state has been pretty piss poor in performance relative to talent, according to that list.
  20. SabreHorn

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    Lots of people to blame but it starts and ends with Gary Kubiak, Jackie Sherrill & Byrne.

    Kubiak was pimping Sherman much the way Barry pimped John Blake - to get rid of him!

    Sherrill was pimping anyone not named Tommy Tuberville - probably not two people in football that hate each other more.

    Byrne can't really be given too much of the blame because he is such a total dumbass and has never had a clue what he was doing.

    Just wait, the powers that be have arrested control from Daddy Bush and are now trying to force the Perry contention out.

    Anyone with a lick of sense would have hired Bill Shenkr to be President before Bush pimped all his government grunts for the job. Bill is from South San HS, BBA at A&M, MBA & PhD from Texas. He loves football, doesn't need the money and would likely give $100,000+ a year to the program. He is NOT, however, a friend of George HW Bush. Get you a new President, put the alums back in control, and you'll return to normal.

    For all our differences, I have to admire a school that would kidnap its President to keep him from talking to the NCAA. What ever happened to that RB from Georgia anyway? (George Smith?)
  21. PropositionJoe

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    there is so much wrong with your post that i dont even know where to begin.
  22. Sangre Naranjada

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  23. PropositionJoe

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  24. HousHorn09

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    Well it appears that one thing is for certain, A&M is wholly and across-the-board a TOTAL DISASTER.

    I mean between all the political land mines, the poor decision making, the rank & file buddy system of promotion, etc. the corp stepping on their freshly-squeezed-nuts every other semester for hazing, poor judgment, stupid, insulting and/or racist remarks, etc, etc... the athletic department being an aberration across the board save the women's side (and meat judging of course).

    Seriously, and I have a lot of aggy friends so I mean this with complete sincerity, it must really suck to be a part of the agroid collective these days.

    Its sounds like its time for an aggy revolt of sorts. Start at the top and begin the house cleaning. I wish you guys luck because you all are going to need it.
  25. Old Blevins

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    Prop Joe, you are always one of the more resonable ags on here, but your last post is the best ever made by an ag:

    "we need an outsider to run this place. "

    I think you've found the problem.
    You need an outsider. But I guess from the outside nobody understands.
  26. accuratehorn

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    It would never work. From the inside they would never understand the outsider.
  27. coolhorn

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    I'm sure there are some fairly powerful ag people who realize that the "good old boy" network currently in power at agricultural is running the school and its' athletic department into the ground. The question is, are they willing to forego aggy "tradition", stage a palace revolt, tell the milkman governor to shove it, and bring in somebody talented and rational from the outside to begin the big fix over there.

    I doubt all of that. I don't have a dog in the hunt because I essentially don't care a fig about that school, but it is interesting in a voyeuristic way to watch ag repeatedly make itself the butt of jokes, while supporters over there engage in group think and keep telling themselves everything's okay. I think of them, and I think of Kevin Bacon in Animal House.

    One thing that does strike me...aggy seriously needs to quit trying to be us, and try to do a much better job of being the state's agricultural and mechanical college. They can celebrate their "traditions" to their heart's content, no matter how cultish a lot of those traditions are. When it comes to running a good athletic department, especially a good football program, they seriously need some fresh thinking and new ways of doing business, (,,,and I'm not talking about going into partnership with Fed-Ex again.)

    Then again, if agricultural starts doing some things right, I'm not sure where we'd turn for entertainment value.
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    My thoughts on aggy recruiting:
    (What can I say, in my world the sky is the same color as it is in the poster.)
  29. PropositionJoe

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    on the whole our AD is doing fairly well. we're 10th in the last directors cup standings, with softball, baseball and track still come which is pretty good.

    our football program is just a giant question mark. no one knows what to expect out of them this year. we could be a 9 win team, we could be a 6 win team.

    who knows.
  30. Sangre Naranjada

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    Prop Joe,
    Yes you need an outsider to run the place, and a board of regents full of other outsiders, too. Deep down inside, I hope you guys never figure that out and get it accomplished. You might actually grow beyond the century and a half long caricature you've turned yourselves into. And if that happens I'd have to look somewhere else for a quick fix for my innate superiority complex. [​IMG]

    Seriously, if aTm is going to grow at all, aggy cannot be in charge.

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