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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Sheldon Cooper, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. bystander

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    My Cuban Father told me they had block captains in Cuba. That's how Castro maintained control. The captains did it either out of fear or zealousness. In Liberal America, they're not actually hiring people do it; instead they have made back-stabbing, stalking and canceling a virtue.
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  3. bystander

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    It's clear they do not want alternative messages available to the public. It's so sick. And Liberals are completely at ease with the totalitarianism. I don't get it. The feel good stuff is overwhelming to so many people. It's a sad commentary on emotional control.
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  4. bystander

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  5. nashhorn

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    It’s obvious why they do not want any books on Trumps presidency by those inside who know the truth and might spread the facts. They are afraid the results were anyone to see what he really did accomplish.
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  6. bystander

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    More Liberalism...

    Why people are expected to lose weight in the new year, and why many still want to

    The idea that anything about a person is about equality is manifested in the attempts to make being fat ok. It's ok in the sense that, yes, you are a human being deserving of your civil rights.

    BUT... if you want my tax dollars to bail you out of your health problems, then NO. Your fat is not to be lauded, respected or enabled. And if you are going to be fat and support universal health care then guess what? I'll judge you all day long.
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  7. iatrogenic

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    The same goes for those with bad genetics?
  8. bystander

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    We can get into a debate about that. I'm not a doctor. But it's patently obvious most people do not have the personal discipline to live healthy lives. They can pay for themselves. Don't look at me. Don't act like your obesity should be glorified. It should not be.
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  9. iatrogenic

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    Since we are going to discriminate, why stop with fat? Why do I have to pay for the risk involved with fat, too underweight, those with genes that make them susceptible to cancer, diabetes, or any other disease. Everyone of those is a weakness.
  10. Joe Fan

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    He was a savage
    We could use some fighters now, instead we get Graham, Romney, Brian Kemp and Liz Cheney
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  11. bystander

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    Well of course, that kind of comment paralyzes everything. These people are abdicating personal responsibility. The message they are sending is an unhealthy body is glorious. That is the last thing my kids need to believe in. I'm HUGE on eating right, working out and having the motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. To insinuate that all these people who I NEVER see in the gym or push away from the cake being served at work can't help it is not helpful. We have to have a climate of effort; not one of being rewarded for poor decisions.

    But go ahead. Do what you want. Pay more taxes. Encourage everyone to stuff their face. Tell them exercise doesn't work.

    But not me. I have worked at it all my life. I'm 62 years old, 5' 11" and 175 lbs. Very muscular, flat stomach and I've put in the time and effort. People like me are not admired. We are considered to be obsessive. But I don't give a d*amn about that. I've heard it before. The excuse culture is pervasive. The effort culture is a threat.
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  12. iatrogenic

    iatrogenic 2,500+ Posts

    I'm good with the personal responsibility. What about the thyroid disorders that regulate metabolism? Pituitary gland and adrenal gland tumors? Loss of function of genes on chromosome 15? Negative affects of cortisol treatment for people with asthma and arthritis?

    If this is about you needing a pat on the back for working out, I'll give it to you. Hell, I'll work out with you. But it seems there are some issues a little more complicated than you know.
  13. Garmel

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    Been there and done that.
  14. Horn6721

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    By and ia
    I think you both have a point. Yes there are a few,very few, people who are obese due to genes .
    The huge vast majority are obese and sedentary by dreadful diet and choice. Have you seen an obese person in a grocery store motorised scooter with their basket piled high with junk food, paying with a SNAP card?
    Many people say they are that way because WE didn't teach them about nutrition.:brickwall:

    We should take care of anyone who really needs it including the obese who just made bad choices. For them though there should also be personal accountability required.
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  15. iatrogenic

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    I agree. Their premiums should be higher....but HIPAA....

    I can use Bystander's argument for a number of issues. Why should I have to pay taxes to support a court system that has to deal with crazy religious ex-wives filing lawsuits, or requiring husbands to file lawsuits? Why does my auto insurance go up because of crazy drivers? Why do I have to pay taxes for county hospitals that, at no cost to the patients, care for the indigent that do stupid things and hurt themselves? The list goes on and on.
  16. Monahorns

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    Ron Paul is still spitting fire like that. God bless that man.
  17. 4th_floor

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    I was going to post the "Why you gotta be so mean?" song, but I refuse to post a Taylor Swift video.
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  18. bystander

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    That's funny but at the same time, the "you're mean" comments are a tool to beat back those who actually are calling out people who want to be bailed out for their poor choices.

    Don't ask me to pay for your mistakes. That's what being an adult is about. We have more children as a % of the population than ever and in my definition of children the age rises all the way to otherwise fully grown adults.
  19. iatrogenic

    iatrogenic 2,500+ Posts

    Address the court system comments made above.
  20. 4th_floor

    4th_floor Dude, where's my laptop?

    I agree with you in principal and I don't think you are mean. Unfortunately, the many misguided (for lack of a better word) laws and regulations in this country make it impossible to have personal responsibility.
  21. Chop

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    Che Guevara will soon be "cancelled" by the "progressives". It is now becoming well-known that Che was a rabid, over-the-top, homophobe.
  22. OUBubba

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    Is "get off my lawn!" beating things back?
  23. huisache

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    How could there be an autobiography of Donald Trump? He has never written one.

    unlike Obama, who has penned three and promises yet another

    Donald’ s might start “I was born in a thatch hut my father built on the tiny island of Manhattan”
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  24. iatrogenic

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    I did hear a comedian say that when he downloaded Obama's unnecessarily long, ego induced autobiography to his phone, the phone actually got heavier.
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  25. Joe Fan

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    Still amusing

  26. Joe Fan

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  27. bystander

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    It is so bad... Liberalism is an absolute abomination...

    Lawmakers Call On Biden To Cancel $50,000 Of Student Debt Immediately

    Not one word about the cartel that is college education and the gouging they are doing. Why? Because that is where socialism is taught.

    You better believe it's happening. I heard all about it from my son who just graduated from Texas State.

    But we paid the entire amount (tuition, room and board). Plus we're being told we're privileged. We did the right thing and we're seen as the enemy.


    And the big mouth of all, Elizabeth Warren learned nothing from her crushing primary defeat. She is more arrogant than ever. Doubling down.

    That is the obsession of Liberalism. It's pathological. These are not rational or normal people. And yet, we must be subjected to their disease.
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  28. Sheldon Cooper

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    Poland is looking better and better. Low cost of living, relatively low crime, I can keep my guns. I might just have to move there.
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  29. Run Pincher

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    Can't say I blame you. Some nice looking women too, and half the overweight rate of the US.
  30. horninchicago

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    Go on....
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