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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Sheldon Cooper, Nov 7, 2020.

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    Exactly. Nothing happens if the FBI doesn't get involved.

    Common sense tells you what they did can not be possibly legal.
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    mchammer, it is just like the closing of nightclubs in Berlin in the Weimar era. And that is a very good thing. The nightclubs in Berlin were where gay orgies, trans shows, pedophila, and pornography were all celebrated. Weimar Berlin was the LGBTQ movement of its day.
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    Mono: very few of the beer halls in Munich or Berlin were hangouts for those people. Mostly the nightclubs were just places where folks went to get drunk. Besides, they weren't doing anything near as bad in the gay nightclubs as what was going on out in the streets amongst the nazis and commies. Were they? you aren't blaming the gays for starting the world war. Are you?

    Please calibrate the sarcasm meter at the appropriate level.
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    You really don't understand your German history then. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Depends on what you think is bad? In some ways yes and some ways no.

    Did I say that?
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    After all, the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
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    Mono: I understand that the gay nightclubs in Berlin and Munich get a lot of press because the gays consider those days to be the cultural zenith for the period. You could do it there openly as was not possible elsewhere to the same extent. If you go to Houston now you will see there are a lot of topless places---sex venues---but that is not to say that most of the bars in Houston are gentlemen's clubs.

    Most Berliners were not sex perverts and did not go to those clubs. Some British writers who had attended the men only universities wrote accounts of their adventures in Germany and made the gay clubs famous. Most famous was the Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood which were made into the film Cabaret. W.H. Auden was also among the Brit writers who did the circuit in Berlin. I don't know of any straight writers who went to Berlin and wrote about how good the wurst and beer were in the beerhalls.

    I agree with you that Weimar Germany was the place to be in those days if you were into that kind of thing. It was also the place to be if you liked to get into street brawls with Reds or Nazis and get your head bashed in.

    Deets has lived in Germany and may be more capable of discussing the subject intelligently. I just know that gays exaggerate everything they come in touch with
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    You don’t say!

    I heard similar stories about jazz clubs in Berlin during that time period. In fact, the founders of blue note records were German Jews who first saw jazz in Berlin night clubs and then emigrated to the US when nazis rose to power. Maybe Berlin was like the Austin of the 90’s when the world seemed to discover it.
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    Lemme guess - universal income, less police, no letter or number grades in school, and loan forgiveness?
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    Iran is spending the $ Obama sent them with a plane full of $$$$$.:cursing2::angry:
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  16. Mr. Deez

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    Were they really that Christian before? I think it's hard for Americans to understand the religious dynamics of these European countries that don't have separation of church and state. These cockamamie government-sponsored churches have beautiful facilities that I enjoy visiting and admiring, but there isn't a lot of gospel in most of them and hasn't been for a long time. Keep in mind that the people who run them are very political in nature (by design) and only cherry pick the Bible for political purposes. I suspect that many who once called themselves "Christian" only did so because they went to these churches out of habit or associated with them out of family tradition. They weren't actual praying, Bible-believing Christians. Well, eventually people figure out what a waste of time and money that is and drop the illusion.

    Without gospel, churches die. It's largely that simple.
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  18. mchammer

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  19. Monahorns

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    Hey Bernie! Why can't we (the US) be more like Scandinavian countries?
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    Is the DOHS now managing social situations? We need to seriously get rid of that department too. If not we are literally asking to be slaves.
  22. mchammer

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  23. nashhorn

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    Wow, excellent synopsis.
  24. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    And this is how dem's do politics better than the GOP.
    San Francisco Reparations Program a Terrible Idea | National Review

    The Dem's have been very good at "incremental politics". Dem's just want to get this act on the books as a crack in the dam. Get it into one significant city, then CA, the other blue states, then US. They almost always outplay the GOP at this practice.
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  25. Monahorns

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    Dems understand it is good politics to steal from your enemies and give to your allies.
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    More equity garbage in schools. In Virginia, it has been discovered that in at least 13 schools (found in one week) the districts didn't send out National Merit Scholarship award letters until after the school year was over.
    There may be more, and who knows if this is contained in Virginia?
    According to the Educational spokesman, this was done because they didn't want kids to feel "less than", the same reason any schools don't have a Valedictorian or Salutatorian. Choosing a kid that worked their butt off, studied, and has a higher IQ than most just isn't acceptable any more.

    Many of the kids were Asian, and lost out on scholarships or at least putting this prestigious award on their university application.

    Could parents sue if they had to pay for college because their child wasn't given a scholarship? Or, wasn't accepted into their dream school?
    Withholding this important information seems illegal to me.
    There is no such thing as equity, unless you punish a large portion of America.
    Also, ridiculously stupid and infuriating.
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    Constantly being interrupted while you are talking. Does that mean I can sue my wife?! I would like to live a little longer. Just saying.....
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  29. mchammer

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    Fairly simple to point who is causing this mess: single woke females.

  30. HornHuskerDad

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    These idoits keep screaming for "equal outcomes." I'll go along with equal opportunity, but those who work hard when given the opportunity should enjoy the rewards for their hard work - and those that "got by" with little effort should be happy with "average." "Equal outcomes" sounds a lot like communism.
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