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  1. NJlonghorn

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    Interesting article discussing which beers Americans prefer, state by state. The map below shows more discerning tastes on the coasts than up the middle:


    Bud Light? Really, Texas?
  2. Crockett

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    I'd be surprised if Bud Light has more than 15 percent of the market. There are a lot of great beer choices these days. I never buy Bud Light. I do buy Blue Moon, but not sure I like it better than Sam Adams, Kirin or Stella Atois. Funny, I love Stella on tap in a restaurant, but from a bottle it's no better than the other Belgian beers.
  3. WorsterMan

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    I like Blue Moon and Sam but not Bud Light. Did you notice only Oklahoma and Indiana prefer Coors Light? I thought that was interesting.
  4. Crockett

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  5. mb227

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    With respondents being given 18 choices, I am betting that many just chose what they see on have to figure that a lot of really good regional/craft brews were NOT on the list and even if some wrote them in, it was not going to be enough to displace domestic swill...
  6. TheWalkingHorn

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    I prefer Dos XX with a good squeeze of lime, or just a Michelob Ultra. Easy to please! :)
  7. Driver 8

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    Corona with lime. I don't even drink beer, this is as close as I get.

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  8. nashhorn

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    Juengling in Tenn? I don't think so.
  9. Horns11

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    Maybe not in Nashville, but I know I've seen it in the more "Appalachian" places like Chattanooga and up I-75 and I-81. The whole Appalachian Trail's favorite beer is probably Yuengling.
  10. MobiusHorn

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    California Corona? [​IMG]

    Sorry to those of you that drink Corona, but damn, that's a bad beer.

  11. CedarParkFan

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    Just give be a yellow can of Coors banquet. Nothing fancy or foo foo
  12. aUTfan

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    i have been on a modelo kick here lately, any one else like those? i've preferred sam adams for years now but if i can get my hands on a live oak hefe or if i could get a rahr & Sons smoky i would drink those.
  13. Creek

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    If they used market share - I believe Bud light would be number 1 in all states except, Illinois, Colorado and Wisconsin

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