An interview with the Longhorn quidditch coach

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    In an attempt to preview all the teams competing for the last Quidditch World Cup, the Quidditch Post interviewed the UT coach and captain of the Texas quidditch team. These are excerpts from that interview that happened less than two months ago before the Longhorns won their third World Cup championship. Even though Coach Kenny Chilton is a true quidditch star, he is a man of few and concise words. :hookem: :hookem: GET YOUR BROOMS UP !! :hookem: :hookem:

    Kenny: Win.

    Kenny: Can't really answer that one.

    Kenny: It's fun to win. That's how we have fun.

    Kenny: Focus. Drawing importance to the important things.

    Kenny: A nice tan, maybe.

    Kenny: I wish we could play all 79 other teams, just in the interest of exposure.

    Kenny: One of our concerns is that some teams don't seem to be educated on how to tackle. That is a Day One lesson.

    Kenny: Not really. We don't have any "star players."

    Kenny: I wouldn't describe it as anything other than quidditch.

    Kenny: No comment.
    Kenny: No problem!
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    They still need capes on the uniforms. How can this, of all Texas teams not have capes?
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    I have wondered what Kenny meant by the "quidditch style of play". After watching some of the snitch chases in that sport, I tend to believe it means "no-holds-barred". When I was at college, one of the ways that a freshman boy would show his prowess and ingenuity was executing a panty raid in a women-only dormitory. Being a snitch seems to be akin to that in the modern freshman's world. The allowances for being a snitch and where to go depends on the local ground rules for the quidditch game and what structures are near the playing field. One game was reported to use a cross-country runner to be a snitch; and the seekers in that game got their full share of exercise. In being a snitch, you have to keep into account what is around you. Below is a clip of a ninja snitch in action.

    This is an example of one snitch perching on top of something and waiting for the seekers to come after him.

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