An unbelievably good season preview (backcourt)

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by SL Xpress, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. SL Xpress

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    This is from the new staff member at Burnt Orange Beat, who apparently has to go anonymously for now as "Burnt Orange Beat staff".

    He covers in detail the backcourt players in an article accessible to anyone, subscriber and non-subscriber alike. Expect more articles of this uality in the future.
    The Link
  2. Texoz

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    It's gonna be a great season. If the guard play is better than expected, a NC is a realistic goal.
  3. Third Coast

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    Great article SL Xpress.

    BTW, I subscribed to BOB based upon your recommendation in a previous thread.
  4. 2003TexasGrad

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    A free article. I admit, Im surprised. Thanks.
  5. Vasherized

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    Great write-up, thanks for the heads up on this site SL.

    With Orangebloods whiffing on basketball coverage of late (for obvious reasons) BOB has capitalized on a nice opportunity and I'll be signing up if the content continues to be this good.
  6. kevwun

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    I'm glad Burnt Orange Beat Staff is writing articles again.
  7. SL Xpress

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    Nicely put, kevwun.
  8. pan-fried oreos

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    Reminds me of the old joke about eating Cheetos and watching porn.
  9. Nordberg

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  10. Texoz

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    For obvious reasons, not much is written about Harrison Smith. His numbers and play over the years haven't warranted a broad review. However, I would like more analysis as to why he hasn't been able to contribute more. Did he peek in high school? Is he one of the rare instances where Barnes & Co. haven't been able to develolp a player's skills?

    It would be a very pleasant surprise if HS could come in and give some quality minutes this season, especially on defense. Contributions like that could be the difference in Sweet 16 vs playing for a NC.
  11. skymonkeyhorn

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    Very good breakdown of the backcourt, as I sit waiting for a plane I reread the article.
    Started to sound just like a BB guru that we know.
    I am wondering if someone has a second career going ?? Good article, SXL.
  12. CleverNickname

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    SL, are you doing contract work as their marketer? [​IMG]

    All kidding aside, this is great stuff. Thanks for the link! Man am I ready for college hoops to get in full swing this weekend all around.
  14. Lost_In_Ohio

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    Anyone else interested to see if Harrison Smith can actually contribute? I think we could use his depth and knowledge at the PG. I'm not sure about this article saying that defense has kept him off the court. No offense to AJ, but his defense is also less than desired and he plays 36+ minutes.

    Also, does anyone else see this team as the deepest we have ever had? I look up and down the roster, and there is not one guy on there that I would not trust out there on the court (minus the inexperience of Balbay and Ward). There are multiple guys that can come off the bench at every position and I think we can defenitely wear down teams, especially inside.
  15. Texoz

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