... and in Corpus...

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by longtex, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. longtex

    longtex Guest

    Look what we cauight.

    Where's Ramonce when you really need him?


    When's the next plane to Karachi?
  2. Texas___Fight

    Texas___Fight 2,500+ Posts

    Dude...we need to talk.... [​IMG]
  3. hornitas

    hornitas 250+ Posts

    There a bill to legalize in US Congress. Call your congressman. Keep the proceeds, buy season tickets.
  4. omnipresent

    omnipresent 1,000+ Posts

    In reply to:

  5. Sooner Cynic

    Sooner Cynic 100+ Posts

    WTF! Are you serious?? [​IMG]
  6. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    Vote for Gary Johnson for President as he wants to decriminalize it. He has quite a few good ideas, actually, but that one pertains to this thread. Did you throw it back?

    Can you even recall what you did?
  7. Sooner Cynic

    Sooner Cynic 100+ Posts

    yeah, I think "catch and release" gets ignored in this situation. [​IMG]
  8. Third Coast

    Third Coast 10,000+ Posts

    I heard that weed caught in the gulf has high mercury levels.
  9. georgecostanza

    georgecostanza NBHorn7’s Protégé

    I hate the smell of sea weed
  10. BigVegasHorn26

    BigVegasHorn26 250+ Posts

    You found it! Thank you, I've been losing my mind looking for that. Always the last place you think to look.
  11. SBC Horn

    SBC Horn 100+ Posts

    What kind of bait were you using? Ummm...just curious.
  12. Burnt Orangeman

    Burnt Orangeman 1,000+ Posts

    That **** needs to be destroyed!

    ...one fat doobie at a time...
  13. TNLonghorn

    TNLonghorn 500+ Posts

    Outstanding work! How long did it take to haul it in?
    How did you celebrate afterwards....[​IMG]
  14. PropositionJoe

    PropositionJoe 2,500+ Posts

    no way...

  15. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    No wonder you never hear of a fisherman who suffers from glaucoma.
  16. YoLaDu

    YoLaDu Guest

    and another pic with the "hook 'em" done all wrong. <sigh>

    oh wait, i see the weed there now, too.
  17. Bluff Horn

    Bluff Horn 250+ Posts

    Square grouper
  18. Bayerithe

    Bayerithe 1,000+ Posts

    wow ... I have to wonder what the reaction was from authorities. [​IMG]
  19. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    Looks like a weed raft that did not bring it's passenger to shore.
  20. Branyon

    Branyon 500+ Posts

    Beats the **** out of driftwood for the campfire.
  21. huisache

    huisache 2,500+ Posts

    Idea for a t-shirt they could sell at Port A: My grandpa went fishing on Padre Island and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.

    I guess it could say Mustang Island but that looks like Padre to me.
  22. Texanne

    Texanne 5,000+ Posts

    I bet the sales of Cheetos and M&Ms spiked after that was hauled in ...

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