'And it’s going to get worse.'

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by zork, Dec 9, 2013.

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    The Link

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    So what happens when more and more docs drop out of accepting medicaid patients and the number of Medicaid patients keeps growing?

    Was that BO's plan all along?
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    Cali doesn't like it:

  4. Horn6721

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    The real fear out of all this is BO etc knew exactly what would happen
    and next will come a louder and kouder cry for single payer
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    MediCare recipients will be hit too. If nothing more, and, if, folks have supplemental policies - the supplemental policies are subject to the ACA law too. Get ready for huge premium increases.
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    My wife got a call today saying that one of her doctors is retiring in 11 days. Probably not a coincidence.
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    Perhaps speeding up the inevitable?

    Did anyone doubt both medicaid and medicare were in serious trouble? The ballooning failure of both systems and the rise of government health care was being debated and predicted when I as a pre-med student back in the mid 90s.

    You have to understand - I hung out with a group of 18 year old geniuses who knew we could solve all the world's problems [​IMG] - much like a message board strives in futility to do. We did get the timing wrong. We figured government would be over healthcare completely by 2005 (to our dismay as we knew that would hurt our pocket books).
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    People who have good policies that they like and can afford should give them up because it's not fair to those that don't..............obozo/dem/lib rationality.
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    While the democrats have attacked republican governors who refused to expand medicaid as not wanting the poor to have healthcare, the reality is that they knew they could not pay for it down the road.

    Every week, one of the opponent's predictions about ACA come true.
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    Interesting read, Zork.

    While the "death spiral" takes a few (I've heard at least 5-7 years) to truly congeal, once the signs are beginning to be set in motion, it's unavoidable and inevitable. The actuarial science behind it, I don't understand, but listening to experts on death spiral signals makes it sound like a sure-fire way for Obamacare to be guaranteed to fail, without factoring in the myriad other problems of O-care.

    I'm torn- was this really just bad legislation that Obama shoved down our throats to build himself a "legacy", or was it truly planned to fail from the get-go in order to push us over the cliff into single payer? I can't believe that Democrats are intelligent enough to pull off this long-con, but I cannot fathom how they thought it was a good and earnest plan, either (especially with Pelosi's "have to pass it" mumbo jumbo).

    But, like the President said, I guess I'm just a racist for not supporting him. Never mind the sheer idiocy of his great plan.
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    From your link zork
    "So insurers are sort of quite vulnerable at the moment.”

    Except not really. Insurers have a safety net called the taxpayer
    In ACA there is Section 1342, the “risk corridor” provision that mandates a major taxpayer payout covering up to 80 percent of insurance-company losses.

    It is similar to the " grace period" clause that supporters like Pham deny exists.
    EVERYTHING falls on the few taxpayers left
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    In the end it will be as it always is, the tax'payer' will be the payer.
    Hospitals would be stupid not to do this - until Obama comes up with an exception rule. It is just like Horns fans buying season tickets at some smaller school we are playing just to get seats for our game.
  15. Bevo Incognito

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    It's hilarious to see Americans figuring out that they're going to have to actually start paying for their medical care.
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    The system we had before this fiasco was much better. what happens when a family pays a thousand more a month for health care? It is bound to ripple through the economy causing more layoffs and less commerce.
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    Walmart haters will love this news regarding an unintended effect of the ACA:
    The Link

    Why not just implement the ACA across the board if it is such a great deal? (see cartoon a few posts above)

    Rational people and businesses will act rationally once the thousands of pages of the new law are figured out past the ancillary noise of the website problems.
  19. zork

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    Aetna may be next to leave.

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