Andrea Saul - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by biganakhanhda, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Go to about the 2 minute mark and enjoy my Longhorn brethren!

    I wonder if any...ahem... Major's, conservatives, righties' apples...albeit I bet are really the size of poppy seeds, exploded when they heard this. Better yet, I wonder if any of their heads exploded in anger as Ms. Saul pointed out Romney's single most important accomplishment while he was the Governor of Massachusetts. Romneycare has beautifully came out of its cocoon phase and became a beautiful butterfly known as, Obamacare. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Enjoy your $0.14 increased arteries clogging pies from Pooppa Johns while I finish my fishing trip.

    MWA, if you're ever in the DFW area, I would love to have you over at my house for a fish fry...err..more like fish grill, bake, steam, stew, soup, whatever, **** it, you get the idea. I tend to eat a little healthier than the average American so I hope whichever style I prepare it for you would satisfy your palate. You SHOULD give a **** what country I came from because I bet you would enjoy our food very much, just ask l00p, he has begged me to show him how to make a couple of our dishes. That is, unless all you eat is steak and potatoes, then I'll revoke my invitation.

    I lied to you UT1986, I couldn't leave the laptop at home as I have to feed my addiction. Yes, I must come out of the closet and admit I am an addict! There I said it, I feel so much better now. That addiction is very well known you know, me Irish doctor friend who is in full support of Romneycare and Obamacare diagnosed it as, humor. I find an abundant amount of it not only here but around the world as well, possibly even Mars if we find a living creature there, hopefully a fish so I can go to Mars and try to angler it.

    Sorry, hooklahoma. It is hard to be humble when you're the half brother of Kanye West, I am formally known as Khanhye East. You are also invited to the fish fest at my house as well, seriously, no bull. If you've lost my number in our previous correspondence, I'll be more than happy to give it to you again, or just email me [​IMG]


    6 hours in the Uncertain, TX Sun will give you a tan line like that. AND YES I DO SHAVE MY LEGS AS I AM A CYCLIST! Don't judge me, I was born that way! Or did I choose to shave it? **** it, yall decide whatever yall want, IDGAF


    Look at that beautiful Bald Cypress draped with Spanish Moss, just jizztastically beautiful.


    A gay Bream I caught that we used as bait for our jug lines trying to snag a few monster Catfish. You can tell that it is gay by the beautiful hue on his or her breast.


    No words needed!



    Yall all have a good weekend and be safe. I'll try to post more pictures as I go and catch as many hetero or homo fish as I can so I can perhaps have all the members of Hornfans over for the fish fest, after all, it is the least I can do after all of the food Bob and Katy gave me to eat at the tailgates I've been to.


    Biganakhanhda aka Khanhye East aka Chaka Khanh aka Genghis Khanh aka Wrath of Khanh.
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    Posts with photos are the best kind of posts. And gay fish.

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    Taking a break from the midday heat, back at the cabin. Just wanted to give this thread a bump is all.

    Carry on yall.
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    You can tell the fish is gay because it eats fishdicks.
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