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  1. The Bloak

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    Anyone ever been? Headed there for a wedding and know little about the place- starting to do my research.

    Any restaurants/bars, etc suggestions?
  2. Cap33

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    Went for my honeymoon in 02, and it was fantastic. We stayed at Cap Juluca, which in my opinion, has the best beach on the island. Many new resorts have sprung up since we were there, and as a result I've heard that CJ seems a little dated in comparison. All of the beaches on the island are public, so feel free to check out the other resorts' beaches.

    The island is off the cruise boat path, so you won't find a bunch of cheesy t-shirt shops and the like. The people are so friendly, and if you find a cab driver you like, get his card and he'll be at your call whenever you need a ride. The island is great for foodies. Be sure to check out Scilly Cay for lunch one day. Udoxi, the owner, cusses up a storm and serves a mean rum punch. I recall it being cash only, so be prepared (and despite its looks and the fact you need to take a little boat to it, it's not cheap).
  3. rhorn27

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    weird, i'm going to Anguilla for a wedding in 2 weeks. we are staying at Cap Juluca. A few more questions:

    1. what kind of fishing opportunities are available? i'm bringing a fly-rod and i am hoping to find some flats, etc. nothing offshore.

    2. did you dive or snorkel out of cap juluca?

    thanks for the information.
  4. DCLonghorn

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    Cap Juluca is awesome.
  5. pulque

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    Looks like the the travel time just to get there and back is worse than flying to NZ or elsewhere?
  6. The Bloak

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    Gem of a time- didn't want to get on that return flight.

    Wedding was at Cap Juluca and we stayed at Frangipani (sp?). Not quite as big as Cap, but the beach was incredible and there was snorkeling literally yards off the beach.

    As stated, everyone was incredibly friendly and the restaurants were amazing. Sandy Island was an amazing place to spend the afternoon drinking rum on essentially your own island. I think my rum punch quota was met for the year.

    In terms of travel, not as bad as it first appears. We went Houston to Miami, Miami to St. Martin and then took the ferry to Anguilla. Left Houston at 6am, at our hotel in Anguilla by 3 that afternoon.

    Only negative to the island is the humidity this time of year made Houston feel like Phoenix- and most of the restaurants/bars are outdoors. If you don't have a breeze coming off the ocean it can be a liiiiiiiiiitle muggy. Small price to pay for the incredible beauty of the island and we solved the problem by going from one body of water to another- with rum punch in hand of course. Would love to go back in the Winter.
  7. darius

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    We just went there last month. We hung out on East Shoal Bay, which is the # 1 rated beach in the world. Incredible sand and water, and the reef just offshore provides some pretty cool snorkeling. Try the restaurant on the beach owned by (and named after) an American chef. I forget the name.

    French St Martain is twenty minutes away by ferry and Dutch St Maarten is on the other side of the island. We preferred the French side. Marigot, the capital, is a neat town. Very nice open air market. Take the hike up to the ruined French fort on the hill for beautiful views.

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