Announcing One’s Divorce

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by hornde68, Nov 13, 2022.

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    Announcing leaving the Big XII, in 3 years, is like announcing getting a divorce and living at the house for three years. Living, eating and sleeping, with a jilted spouse! Good luck with that.
    We are getting crushed by officials who are already terrible. Now, I am not saying they cost us the TCU game. We were terrible on offense. But you can bet our OL has been beaten up every practice about not holding. If one simply touches the other team, here comes the laundry. Hell, we had two ‘hand to face’ calls for thirty yards. One replayed was a total joke. We were flagged for defensive delay of game. Really? And the WRs were routinely mugged with no call. One in the fourth quarter was egregious and cost us a scoring opportunity. Watch n SEC game or Big Ten and the difference in officiating screams. When they do review, it takes two minutes. In the Big XII, a review is cause for nothing warm up period. Nd they review everything. This is a recurring theme. Not as obvious, watch the ball spots. We get chumped a half yard on every other spot. I know, better than most, that officiating discrepancies are part of the game. But, unless we are prepared to suffer in noisy silence, we need to cut the cord and get on to the SEC. This will be worse next year ne the next. Bet on it.
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    phantom penalties. like roughing the punter
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    We have been getting jobbed by the officials in this conference since forever so if there is a conspiracy or bias against Texas — and I believe that there is — it’s not new.
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    Follow the bouncing dollar:

    1) Donnie Duncan has no job, cries on Barry's desk and eventually becomes OU AD, but fired in the Schnellenberger embarrassment.

    2) Duncan cries on Deloss' desk and eventually becomes Big XII head of football operations before being removed in an embarrassing scandal.


    3) In his position with Big XII, Duncan by passes Ken Faulkner to be head of Big XII officials in favor of Aggie wannabe Walt Anderson, who promptly has the Big XII sharing officials with the mighty BigSky and WAC conferences along with several members of the American Dental Association and various vendors.

    Although a graduate of Sam Houston, Anderson is an Aggie wannabe & HE HATES TEXAS.

    Had the Big XII had a competent commissioner, all of this would have been corrected long ago, but we were stuck with Bowelsby, who let his "ASSociates" put a tool job on the Horns whenever possible.

    FWIW, the head of officials right now should be either Cooper Castleberry or Mike Defee.
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    And according to roughly 95%,at least, of 'hornfans there will be one in the SEC. With the one in the SWC that'll make us a perfect 3/3.
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