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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by BrntOrngStmpeDe, Mar 19, 2021.

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    I'm hearing and seeing more articles about Anti-Asian 'violence' on the rise. Obviously the shootings in GA are real, but when I read these articles I see hyperbolic claims about an extreme increase with absolutely no historical metrics to judge this "increase" by. It got me to thinking that this narrative could be the next wave of victimhood selling. Asians seem to actually doing very well relative to other demographics. Obviously not all of them, just as not all whites do well...but as a group, they are succeeding. This success provides a counter-narrative to the liberal view that America is at its heart a racist country. Not that there are some racist in the country, but that the country is inherently racist. That narrative is challenged when Asians of multiple ethnicities are succeeding. And they are largely doing it based on what is perceived as white rules and, family, law abiding, career stability, etc. Does this strike anyone else as the lefts attempt to pull Asians out of conservative orbit and into the victimhood realm of Democrats? The recent Harvard case comes to mind, since it undermined the position that Harvard's holistic admissions policy was not detrimental to a protected class.

    It just seems that the rhetoric is way out in front of reality and that every MSM has already picked it up and ran with it as gospel despite very little data being published to support this claim.
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    Google it and then go back and read some articles from before this shooting. It’s real. I’m not even sure this one is that kind of thing.
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    I'm sure everyone can be a victim of some sort of racism. When I was a little kid, this one black dude used to torture me because he hated white people. Well one day I stood up to him and fought him, he kicked my *** but after the fight when he talked ****, I stood back up got in his face and said want to go again. He never bothered me again, and we ended up becoming friends.

    Point is, that there are people who do **** all the time, I'm not a victim. I think this country is full of ******* who want to be victims.
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    The spike is happening. What the media doesn't like to talk about is who's disproportionately committing the attacks and why. They want to force it into the "evil white man" narrative to keep Asians in the Democratic fold, despite the fact that the party celebrates state-sponsored discrimination against Asians. And of course every article I've read analyzing the massage parlor attack and attacks generally has mentioned and highlighted Trump and tried to link him to the attacks.

    What I find amusing is that back in the '80s and '90s, people of the Left generally dismissed and often ridiculed the idea that things like raunchy, violent, or suicidal lyrics in music, porn, and violent video games encouraged violent or sexually abusive behavior. A thug who spent years listening to and being surrounded by rap about beating hoes and shooting cops and then goes and beats his hoes and shoots cops wasn't encouraged because of the rap, and it was bad form and somewhat racist to even bring that up. However, if a guy shoots some Asians, it's because Trump referred to Covid the same way people have referred to diseases for centuries. The contrast is pretty remarkable.
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    Is the increase of asian directed violence any greater than the increase in violent crime in general? Everything I see shows it tracking pretty close.
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    Word has gotten out that Asians are the new white people with money. Asians (Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, etc.) used to be small enough in number to hide behind blacks and Hispanics in race-related matters. Now they achieved what the Irish, Italians, Poles, etc did in the past. If anyone is at fault for Asians being targeted, it’s the race Olympics politics of the left.
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    Read this piece by Sullivan. He notes all the points that you all have posted above (or on the other thread) and towards the end, he notes what I said above. Rather remarkable.

    When The Narrative Replaces The News
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  8. Mr. Deez

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    Good piece. Sullivan has really been taking on the CRT **** show over the last couple of years.
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    It's amazing to me that the party of affirmative action which is essentially reverse discrimination against asians is now condemning anti-asian prejudice.
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  10. Mr. Deez

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    Yep. The progressive Left does far more to harm Asian-Americans than any mainstream force in American politics.
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  11. mchammer

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  12. Mr. Deez

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    If the narrative isn't supported by the facts, then ignore the facts. It absolutely kills these guys that at least right now, the evidence suggests that this guy killed because he was a pervert, not because he was a racist.

    It's also interesting that the article doesn't actually point out any examples of anti-Asian American rhetoric from a prominent official. If you're going to write a righteously angry editorial like this, shouldn't your be able to find some? How about one?

    And I love this comment. "[Trump] seized every opportunity to cast the pandemic in bigoted terms, portraying China in particular as the villain."

    Two things. First, by what logic is China not a villain in this? If you buy the Wuhan lab theory, then they're obviously a villain. However, even if you accept the word of the Chinese Communist Party (as our media largely does), we're talking about horrific sanitation conditions. China is a villain in both scenarios.

    Second, in what universe is a criticism of the Chinese Communist Party a criticism on ethnic Chinese in the United States and especially Asian Americans (much broader than Chinese Americans)? They don't go together. There isn't even an implication. When Obama criticized Libya, Syria, and Russia, did he become responsible if somebody assaulted or killed an American who happened to be from this countries? I never once heard that connection raised, and I'm not saying it should have been. It's ludicrous.
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