Any good games on this week?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Duck Dodgers, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    I scanned the listings, and didn't see any of much interest.

    Maybe Wisconsin vs. Michigan, to see if Big Blue goes 1-3.

    Anything else that's worth even a passing glance? Any B12 game of note?
  2. Horns11

    Horns11 5,000+ Posts

    TCU/WVU is interesting from a standings standpoint. If it's going to come down to the 2nd tiebreaker for who goes to the CCG, we need WVU to win out to help our chances.

    ND/BC in Boston... the Irish will be coming off a high and BC isn't a pushover, particularly on D. They nearly fared as well against Clemson as the Irish did. I don't think I'll ever forget that 1993 edition.
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  3. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    TCU seems pretty bad this year - beating Texas was their highlight so far. W VA looked terrible last week too.

    ND BC might be OK. Rest look like stinkers. Good weekend to do something else.
  4. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Abilene Christian hosting Arizona Christian should be interesting because I've never heard of Arizona Christiaan
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  5. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    Yep, that TCU loss looks worse every week
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  6. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts


    I'm not sure but the way I read the tiebreakers it sounds like not just wins but also who you lost to (bad losses) factors.

    Did I misread that?
  7. Desperado

    Desperado 500+ Posts

    "Hello friends (in sappy Jim Nantz voice) - welcome to Augusta National and a tradition unlike any other."

    The over/under on the use of the word "patrons" is about 8,572.
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  8. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    I've never heard of it either, Saber, and I live in Tucson. But, I found this info..."Arizona Christian University in Glendale, Arizona provides a biblically integrated education that prepares its graduates to serve the Lord Jesus Christ." So, basically, no drinkin', no smokin', no dancin' and no swearin'...

    KBBAKER 500+ Posts

    It is still amazing to realize that UT is two plays away from being ranked #2 or #3 in the country. Ingram's fumble versus TCU, and not going for 2 points versus OU (assumes they converted it). Not sure UT would deserve that lofty ranking, but they would certainly have it regardless.
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  10. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    I know. I have thought about this myself. All the handwringing..all the drama...just a couple plays. Though one would quickly bring up a few that could have gone against us... still...just a couple plays.
    The TCU thing kills me. We should have never been down, but to claw back and be that close. Even if we still lost to ou...we'd be looking pretty darn good, best in quite a few years, record-wise. Don't know what to say about ou...The table was set, ready....another KI fumble after crossing midfield to start the game, blocked punt, what else?? Then a chance to win in OT.
    This year was exactly as advertised going in....a wide open door for us....and we tripped at the threshold. Door won't open so wide next year...and not likely for awhile.
    It all adds up to more of what we have been experiencing now for years... disappointment...painful...unfortunate...
    I'd take 9-2 most years....sure thing. But it hurts because the unique opportunity that existed this year was obvious...and now it is gone.
    Well... we are where we are. Let's see what they can make of it.
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  11. rick mueller

    rick mueller Burnt Orange Bleeder

    Only when two or more of 'em are together. Get one by himself/herself and watch out!
    Same philosophy that recommends always taking two Baptists fishing with you. If you take one, he'll drink all your beer.
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  12. Horns11

    Horns11 5,000+ Posts

    The 2nd tiebreaker (for 3 or more tied) is record against the remaining conference teams from top to bottom. So because the top 3 would seemingly be 1-1 against each other, then the conference will look at #4 and see who beat them, then #5 and see who beat them, then #6 and see who beat them, etc. until you find a stopping point. The lower TCU goes in the conference standings, the more it helps us out.

    So if ISU, OU, and Texas finished tied, you'd have to look at 4-10 to see who advances. As soon as it hits OSU, ISU would be out. As soon as it hits KSU, OU would be out (assuming ISU and Texas beat KSU). And so on. The lower TCU is in the final standings, the better off we are against potential tied conference teams.
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  13. FWHORN

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    The TCU loss last year kept getting uglier throughout the rest of the year and this year the loss to the cockroaches is on the same track.
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  14. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    I don't know, 11. You and I have been tracking on this, but I'm not sure about that last part ^^^^.
    Seems that would be rewarding us for losing to a weaker team.
  15. Ajo Macho

    Ajo Macho 250+ Posts

    Yes, but that also means you beat the stronger teams.
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  16. Creek

    Creek 1,000+ Posts

    If we beat TCU and OU we probably lose to Ok State or West Va .
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  17. George Bailey

    George Bailey No beans in my chili, thank you

    Arizona Christian just cancelled, the COVID got 'em. But with the way ACU played against Angelo State last week, that's probably a good thing...
  18. George Bailey

    George Bailey No beans in my chili, thank you

    Not sure about ARIZONA Christian, but I grew up in the shadows of ABILENE Christian. Drank my first beer on that campus, bought my first bag of weed from a student there. I can't dance and I don't swear, so I'm batting .500
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  19. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

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  20. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    Good point!
  21. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    Wow....slow week indeed if that's IDE's top 3
  22. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

    Didn't say it was my top 3. The question was games of interest. Lot of people think VT and Tulsa are going to win.
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  23. WillUSAF

    WillUSAF 500+ Posts

    Yep I will be watching the Masters
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  24. Giovanni Jones

    Giovanni Jones 1,000+ Posts

    Baylor @ Tech. Because I hate them both.
  25. Horns11

    Horns11 5,000+ Posts

    Yeah, it's kind of a "we know you ****** up against a weak opponent and we're letting it slide because you beat the mediocre opponents" reward. They don't average all of the losses together to see who ranks the worst of the losers. They average the wins together to see who beat the best of the rest.

    We won't need the 3rd tiebreaker (point differential) because we (the top 2-loss teams) all lost to different opponents outside of that top 3. We just have to see how 4-5-6-7-8-9-10 shakes out.
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  26. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    This clarifies what I was wondering, 11.
    Let's hope the Horns do their part...and we will see how it all shakes out. Our chances look pretty good if we take care of business.
  27. wadster

    wadster 5,000+ Posts

    Maybe we just aren't very good. Could explain a lot.
  28. HornHuskerDad

    HornHuskerDad 5,000+ Posts

    Me, too, Will. The Masters will be entertaining and competitive. And since I'm still about 30 days from being cleared by my doctor to play golf again, I can get a golf fix on TV!
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  29. longhorn47

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  30. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts


    Exactly right. You have to pay the Tom Herman tax. Sure you can file an extension, but you can’t get out of paying.
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