Anyone do a study abroad semester?

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by jameson_bond, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. jameson_bond

    jameson_bond 500+ Posts

    Wondering where you went and what your experiences were.
  2. Lone Star

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    Went for eight months and should have gone for a year. Life changing and an absolute must if presented with the opportunity.
  3. falloutboy

    falloutboy 25+ Posts

    Yes, Beijing for 6 months. Should've stayed for a year. Liked it so much that I moved back to China 3 years later. I live in Nanjing now.

    There is no substitute for experiencing a foreign culture firsthand. I would recommend it to everyone who has the chance.
  4. UnBiased Horn

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    Salamanca, Spain

    6 months should have gone for a year

    you see a trend here?

    Do it.
  5. Mr Bean

    Mr Bean 100+ Posts

    sevilla spain.

    do it. now.
  6. We'reTexas

    We'reTexas 25+ Posts

    Barcelona for a summer. I would've gone for a semester had my course load not precluded it. Do it.
  7. HistoryHorn

    HistoryHorn 25+ Posts

    Went to Wuerzburg, Germany for a summer, it was awesome. Spent the last year living in Thailand teaching, best year of my life.
  8. ernieatut

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    Córdoba, Argentina

    Go. If you're worried about graduating on time, find a program that lets you take courses you need, but go.
  9. Napoleon

    Napoleon 2,500+ Posts

    I didn't, but had tons of friends in Paris. Others did cities in Spain.

    And I seem to meet about 10 to 30 people every semester down her in Buenos Aires doing a semester abroad.

    y mas

    Was hanging out with three Oxford students today/night (at the British Embassy's Christmas bbq, fair, & caroling day). They are study romance languages (nearly all Spanish & French) and are required to just get the hell out of town for a year. They don't have to take classes, they are just required to live in countries that's languages correspond to their studies.

    Do it.
  10. bluto

    bluto 500+ Posts

    biggest regret in college was not going abroad for a semester+. DO IT! i know it may seem daunting to be gone from 'all' you know, but dont pass the chance up.
  11. MustangOrange

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    I spent six months in Paris and it was a life changing event. It was great for me to get out of the college bubble and experience different cultures and life in the real world. I lived with a French family, and IMO, that was even better than living in an apartment or with friends because you are able to be immersed in the culture.

    I also would have done it for a year...
  12. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    I studied a broad one semester, Betty.
  13. VinnyVango

    VinnyVango 25+ Posts

    Guadalajara, MEX.

    do it.
  14. Hou-Tex Horn

    Hou-Tex Horn 100+ Posts

    San Jose, Costa Rica...Summer 1996. I was the first group from UT to attend this program. I had a bad *** time and learned a little spanish while I was at it.
  15. Basil Your Face

    Basil Your Face 100+ Posts

    Salamanca, Spain.

    Stay a year.
  16. HornInDub

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    Oxford, England for a summer session that wasn't even related to my major (was Geography, I was in Acct and didnt' have any electives left). As others have said, life changing experience. Do it, no matter where it is.
  17. bluto

    bluto 500+ Posts

    did you do it w/ Davies? if so, i cant even imagine how much of a blast that was.
  18. pied2

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  19. The Muzzler

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    Not quite the same thing, but my company transferred me overseas back in 2002. I have lived in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Qatar. Absolutely the best decision of my life!.
  20. CleverNickname

    CleverNickname 500+ Posts

    Finland for a semester of arctic cold. Awesome. Got to backpack across europe before I left for the summer, totally cliche and totally awesome.
  21. TornACL

    TornACL 250+ Posts

    Another Wuerzburg alum here. Best summer of my life. If I had known how awesome it was going to be, I would have done a full year.
  22. buckhorn

    buckhorn 1,000+ Posts

    Canterbury, Engalnd.

    Full year.

    Utterly fantastic.

    Almost decided to stay and graduate from that particular school, but my little bro wanted me home and his word ruled.

    Do it.
  23. ScoPro

    ScoPro 1,000+ Posts

    Taipei (Taiwan) American School - two years.

    Instituto Technologico (Monterrey, Mexico) - one year and 5 summers.

    Did 9 years hard time in various domestic Catholic schools (elementary, hs, college), if that counts. [​IMG]
  24. Napoleon

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    In reply to:

  25. jameson_bond

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    Thanks to everyone for your feedback!
  26. HornInDub

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  27. The Muzzler

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    I just yearned yesterday that my company is transferring me to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am stoked!
  28. Luke Duke

    Luke Duke 1,000+ Posts

    Not doing a semester abroad is my biggest academic regret. I took 2 separate one month trips to Europe and had a blast.
  29. B

    B 100+ Posts

    I did a summer in Guanajuato, MEX. Great experience. I wish I would have done a full semester ir two in France also.
  30. StregaHorn

    StregaHorn 100+ Posts

    I never did, and I regret it to this day.

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