AOC wants 70% tax on wealthy

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Lol, he's an escaped convict who is illegally posessing a gun and said Cortez should be shot on facebook from Toledo. Dude sounds like a real winner and should have been put back in jail before the comments were ever made. The real question is why he is being charged? Is it because he is already a convict? He didnt say he was going to shoot her so there are no legs to the lawsuit.

    I have mixed emotions on this one because since he didnt make a direct threat he has the first amendment freedom to make stupid remarks. On the other hand if he is found guilty that would set legal precedent for putting these liberal retards like antifa and Kathy Griffin behind bars although they are much more aggressive than this guy in Toledo.
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    Illegal possession would be a chargeable crime for him.
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    Nor sure where the claim comes from about him being an escaped convict. Outstanding warrants on a felon does not equal escaped convict. He did not even have a firearm that they could find...he had SEVEN rounds of ammunition. The closest they come to attaching him to a firearm is the claim that he carries concealed...must be WELL concealed if it was not on him during the search of person or residence.
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    Credit Willy with making a fair point
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    "...being a fugitive..."

    Sorry, guess I've watched too many movies. I translated incorrectly.
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    Interesting that
    Only 10 people who live within Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional district have been recorded making donations to her reelection campaign in 2019, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of available Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.
    • Ocasio-Cortez outraised all other 87 freshmen representatives in the first half of 2019 in individual contributions, but the New York Democrat came in second-to-last place in terms of reported itemized contributions from the people she represents.
    • Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan also rank among the lowest-performing freshman representatives in terms of reported financial support from people who live within their districts.
    The known monetary support Ocasio-Cortez’s reelection campaign has received from the people she represents is minuscule compared to the 88-member freshman class of the House of Representatives.

    The average freshman representative’s reelection campaign received $107,141.29 in itemized contributions from their constituents in the first half of 2019, FEC filings the DCNF analyzed show. Ocasio-Cortez’s reported in-district fundraising haul of $1,525.50 was just 1.4% of that average.
    Ocasio-Cortez’s Known Donors From Her Own District Are Nearly Non-Existent, FEC Records Show
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    If you're going to call yourself a socialist, you shouldn't be surprised when your critics treat you like one.
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    Had not seen the ad, but that was because I couldn't stomach the debate...especially after they chose not to invite Tulsi Gabbard. So...I have no idea if it aired in Houston or not.

    I find it appalling that Vox is trying to claim it was scare tactics. I am NOT surprised that AOC tries to frame it as her being actually burned, ignoring all of the acts of the left-tards that have burned the flag and images of Trump across the past few years. The two-faced practices of the left should NOT be a surprise though...
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    Why was the ad racist? Is it based on an assumption like Puerto Rican’s start fires when they riot? Help me here.
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    "No person should have a billion dollars in America"

    "And all Americans must dress alike"

    AOC said one of those today, the other she will say at some point

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    Could be a staged plant - no one is that stupid.
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    Holy s***! Please be a stunt, but AOC sure didn’t look like it.
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    She later tweeted that this lady may have problems, so she is treating it real. Or, could be best troll ever
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    AOC is certainly making a run at it.
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    You underestimate them
    But it does make AOC's next cooking Instagram video must see

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    She is at least correct that everyone in the audience there is pollutants
    Also interesting how neither AOC nor anyone else there told her "no, we are not going to be eating babies"
    ps - I also dated a Swiss girl once who talked with that exact accent
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    That poor woman is even more hysterical than Greta Thunberg! It appears that a whole generation has been driven insane by the global warming crowd.
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    The little female Hitler accent is a little ironic
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    The people hysterical over global warming are what scare me. They seriously have me worried because I don't really see anyone publicly shouting them down or out arguing them or pushing back on their crazy goals for our economy.

    The corporation I work for has a Chief Sustainability Officer who attended the UN Climate Summit, and is bringing crazy statements and goals back to implement.

    If the Dems ever control the President, Congress, and Senate again and they probably will within 10-20 years, the first thing they will do is outlaw fossil fuel use. People will cheer. Then we will starve.
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    One of yours is taking credit.

    The fact that 3-4 posters jumped on it says this misinformation is effective. Some WANT to believe the caricature. Endeavor for more depth!
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    No, the point is not believing it, but registering the reaction of those in the room who heard the BS and said nothing. I noted last night that it was a troll job.
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    To follow on MCH's comment...LaRouche supporters are NOT "one of ours." Lyndon was always a nutcase, as are his current followers...
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    Don't knock it until you have tried it. Food prudes...the whole lot of you.

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