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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. LonghornCatholic

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  2. caryhorn

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    I have no problem with our ranking. We have a chance to work our way back into the top 10 by winning out. We should do that.

    We won't beat ou in the B12 CC unless our O gets more creative to help Sam out (run game improvement, blocking schemes better, deception, two back sets, speed sweeps, etc). O needs an injection of creativity from the staff.

    We cannot count on holding ou to under 30. No one is going to do that. Our D bent and did not break. We will get healthy, we will get experience. We will become monsters on D.
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  3. Statalyzer

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    LSU jumping Clemson after a 30-point Clemson win. Geez. I'm glad we don't still only have 2-team playoffs.
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  4. NorfolkVATiger

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    What's funny is SP+, IMO the best metrics driven evaluation system, doesn't love either of those teams. It has LSU 5th (#2 in offense to OU, but #37 on D) and Clemson #8. Both teams have some things to clean up. Will be interesting to see how the CPF playoff selection committee processes all this information. I think they do lean quite a bit on the analyticals and not just the "eyeball" test.
  5. Sangre Naranjada

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    Ohio State looks like the best team in the country to me so far, and Wisconsin might be the second best.
  6. ViperHorn

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    Norfolk, nothing the CFP Committee does (or doesn't do) should surprise anyone. I was also surprised by the LSU jump since Florida should not have been much of a test, and the Texas win took a hit with the ou loss. However, enjoy the $EC effect until 09 November. After the Alabama game, things get dicey if ou and Clemson stay undefeated. It may come down to a one loss non-conference champion LSU v. a one loss B1G Champion for the fourth spot.

    Since the Sugar Bowl is the runner-up bowl for the $EC and Big XII, the Texas LSU rematch might be 9 months earlier than scheduled.

    Just don't embarrass the world by giving up to aggy again.
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  7. X Misn Tx

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    maybe that's catch up on almost losing to Mack.
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  8. NorfolkVATiger

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    Hopefully your concerns about an 11-1 non conference SEC champ not making the playoffs are more relevant to Bama this year, than LSU. Still lots of football to be played but LSU has their best shot at beating Bama this year in a long time. BTW SP+ has the SEC, Big 10, and Big 12 overall conference strength within a whisker of each other this year - usually SEC is comfortably leading the pack by a wide margin. So I agree the odds of 2 SEC teams making the playoff this year are much lower than in recent years.

    Hey and as I said to Austin Bill before the season started, please don't be our Miami this year - a top-10 team (at time of game) that loses 4-5 games and hurts LSU's SOS. Need you guys to win out and take OU in the rematch so that LSU has a higher ranking in the CFB playoff committee, just in case (or for a better seeding).
  9. ViperHorn

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    Norfolk, as much as I would like to see LSU beat Alabama, that would be the worse possible outcome for us college football fans. Unless Alabama loses 2 games they are in the CFP. A LSU win (and a CCG win) would put LSU in the CFP with Alabama, Clemson/aOSU and ou (unless Texas can pull their collective heads out of their asses). Should Texas win Clemson and aOSU would both be in. Assuming ou beats Texas in the CCG, that would put Texas back in the Sugar Bowl against the $EC East Champ, and we will have to spend 9 months again listening to the $EC spin machine spew all of that ".... wasn't up for Texas".

    The college football world is slowly coming around to the fact that the $EC East is a crap division, and other than Alabama and LSU the West isn't much better.
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  10. VYFan

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    So, we could end up 9-4 with two close losses to OU and two close losses to LSU?!

    That would not fail to suck.
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  11. wadster

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    We're beating OU in the CCG. Book it. We get our boys back and finally realize there are 2 players on the offense. Take care of those dudes and we win. Oh, and maybe run a slip screen once in a while to stop the crazy rush. We'll be ready.
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  12. VYFan

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    Ok. I see it all now.... We were thinking long-term all along. Didn’t want to tip our hand in the “preliminary” game!
  13. AC

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    Seems that way, especially with all the defensive injuries we have right now.
  14. zuckercanyon

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    And.....when will all of these injured be back? I personally think BJ Foster is playing when most would be in street clothes. That bad shoulder keeps him from wrapping up and can't tackle (or reach).
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  15. MajesticII

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    Do you see what they did there ???? Now IF LSU beats Bama, the Tide will only drop to #4 losing to #2. If Bama wins, LSU will only drop about 3 spots losing to #1....giving them ample opportunity to be moved to #4 for the play-offs by season's end.... That $EC and ESPN $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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