Are our players shell-shocked?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by TheFied, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Every time I see that McCoy scramble replay, I get scary thoughts of "what if"...........

    Despite winning, I am almost a bit shell-shocked. Are our players? And if so, how long will this last? I am glad we aren't playing this week........
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    Doubt it. The players tend not to be the giant ******* of emotion that the fanbase is.
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    I know I'm shell shocked. I've seen numerous games over the years where that second would not have been put back on. Damn good think there is replay. But I thought I saw an interview with Colt where he said he know exactly how much time was left, something like 15 sec. But there wasn't, there was only 7 at the snap. Did you really think there were 15 sec left before that last snap? Is so, that explains alot.
  5. GHoward

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    Luckily they have a week worth of finals to help them relax, recharge, and forget about it.
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    In reference to the 15 seconds there was 15 seconds left when they started to line up they snap the ball at like 7 or 6 seconds. He ran down several seconds while the team lined up and then the roll out cost more time. I have no doubt he knew how much time he had when he lined up I just don't think he knew how much time when off the clock from snap of ball to throwing out of bounds.
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    Personally, the shock of that ridiculous play has worn off and anger is starting to set in. I cannot begin to imagine the fallout had that second not been on that clock when that lazy ball hit out of bounds. I'd really like to Mack to address that chain of events leading up to that. He may have, but if so, I have not seen it. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. TDTexas!

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    wow. I thought my wife was bad, but now I have been put on notice that im a ***** of emotion. comforting.
  14. DRAG69

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    There is nothing for Mack to "explain". It is obvious....they screwed up. The coaches and Colt both. However they did not screw up enough to lose so it just doesn't matter.

    If you want to play "what if" I can think of a bunch of other "what ifs" in the game that would have made that next to last play meaningless.
  15. UTDad

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    I agree with DRAG69 that Mack does not need to explain anything. What he DOES need to do, is put a time management system in place that prevents such an episode from ever occuring again. My heart won't take it!
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    Agree. The elephant in the room is that Mack and Colt screwed up on a nearly epic scale. That said, it does us no good to revisit the screw up, which I am pretty confident was an anomaly. We need to devote every waking hour to teaching our OL how to block. We have no time to create a Warren Commission report on how things went south in a game we won.
  17. Hook 'Em Danno

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    I agree with Drag69. They screwed up but dodged a huge bullet. I'm confident they'll learn from it. Let's breathe a collective sigh of relief and move on. It's done and over with as far as I'm concerned. Let the guys take a week to reflect on what they've accomplished so far, enjoy the accolades that so many members of the team will be receiving over the next week or so, and then everyone can engage full-focusness on 'Bama as the 'Horns continue their quest for a national championship. [​IMG]
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    The players are delighted that they won a Big XII Championship and get to play for the national championship.

    You know, for doing those exact two things that our fanbase keeps on giving the team and Mack hell for NOT accomplishing often enough?

    But, our giant ***** fanbase is too busy worrying about style points, or a lost chance at a Heisman, or something else goofy and unrelated to winning football games, to enjoy winning the championship and playing for another one.

    So to answer the question-- No. The players are not shell shocked. The players just won the Big XII for only the second time in 12 seasons under Mack Brown. So they're absolutely elated.

    The fans should be, too.
  20. brntorng

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    Mack discussed it during his interview on the BCS show. He says Colt knew to leave 2 or 3 seconds on the clock for the kick. He said he got nervous as the clock was getting critically low and tried to call timeout just as Colt took the snap. Said he would have liked to see it closer to 3 seconds than 0, but that Colt knew what he was doing. In hindsight with the victory he was pretty light about the whole situation, but was clearly very nervous at the time. In the postgame interview Colt said the goal was to get the ball to the right hash because that was Hunter's preference, but there wasn't a seam for him to run through to avoid losing yards so he threw it away. He was also looking for Ship in the endzone in case he got open for a TD.
  21. Dionysus

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    "We almost screwed up and lost!"

    Translation: we didn't screw up, and won.

    That beautiful championship glass of sweet Longhorn nectar is half full for me.
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  23. TDTexas!

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    my bet is after 9 sacks and smelling Sohs breath all night, Colt kinda knows he is in New York.
  24. Sultan5000

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    I don't understand all the crap-talk about the 1 second. I thought it was obvious in real time that they'd allowed time to click away. I remember thinking, "Man, he nearly took too long! Hey, they're gonna have to put a second back up there..."

    And that was the immediate call on the field. A second WAS NOT ADDED. The replay was to make certain, and to see if possibly 2 seconds were needed.
  25. ProdigalHorn

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    Someone remind me again how Mack and Colt "screwed up." Maybe my definition of "screwed up" is just off.

    The plan was for Colt to do exactly what he did. He accomplished that - if you want to argue that he cut it a little too close for comfort, fine. the fact is that regardless of whether you like or don't like Mack's call, it worked exactly the way it was supposed to work.

    A "screw-up" indicates that something did not work. It does not indicate that something "almost" didn't work.
  26. utempire

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    I'm sure the players are fine. They won a hard close fought game. Mack tried to call a time out. If the time hadn't been put back up and the refs missed the time out that would have been worse than anything. Colt cut it close and that is all.
  27. XOVER

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    Colt was looking to see if Shipley was open in the endzone? Thank god Jordan didn't flash open at the . . . er, last second.

    I'm perfectly content with a 1 point victory. It wouldn't break my heart if we beat the Tide by 1 point either.
  28. 2222Horn

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    I'm glad some folks are so blase about possibly ruining a 13-0 season by 1 sec when there was no reason to. It's called "judgment" and not letting other folks (i.e. replay officials) dictate what will happen.
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  30. Bevo-Stevo

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    Absolutely agree. I do not demand nor ask nor expect an apology. I would like to hear what happened that let them waste 23 crucial seconds on a play, as you stated very well, gained them absolutely nothing. Our coaches, as much as I respect and trust them, are not God. It is NOT sacrilege to question their play-calling, clock management, or what happened at the end of the Nebraska game. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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