Are you better off under Brandon

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by humahuma, Mar 7, 2022.

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    Brandon is so lost. He thinks making companies pay more taxes will make their goods be less expensive? But most of the left will lick that up and eat it.
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    You know you done bad when your liberal pal Jeff Bezos calls you out.
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    Brandon seems to have even lost CNN...caught a few minutes of them this AM and they had an FDA Commissioner on about the formula shortage (where he admitted that we HAVE plenty of formula, it just isn't in the right places- too bad CNN lacks the cajones to have inquired if that meant the border was the wrong place to have it) and THEN moved promptly to gas prices, mentioning the $3/gallon price a year ago and making ZERO effort to attribute the current spike on Putin.
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    In addition to Biden sending pallets of formula to the border that needed by American babies He sent formula to Ukraine even when he knew Americans were having problems.
    It is tragic
    But America should come first. So Biden has known since feb. White dude says they have been working on it since feb Yet Saturday Biden said he guessed they should have been mind readers WTF??
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    What does the government have to do with baby formula? Last time I shopped for baby formula it's produced by private companies, ordered by private companies and sold by private companies. How could the govt have any influence on directing it to the border or to the Ukraine? What am I missing?
  6. Horn6721

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    The Govt ordered the formula.
  7. mchammer

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    Do you know baby formula made in Europe cannot be sold in the US due insignificant labeling issues?
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    Finally, the third factor: America’s regulatory and trade policy. And while that might not sound as interesting to most people as bacteria and viruses, it might be the most important part of the story.

    FDA regulation of formula is so stringent that most of the stuff that comes out of Europe is illegal to buy here due to technicalities like labeling requirements. Nevertheless, one studyfound that many European formulas meet the FDA nutritional guidelines—and, in some ways, might even be better than American formula, because the European Union bans certain sugars, such as corn syrup, and requires formulas to have a higher share of lactose.

    America’s reasonable instinct to protect infants has metastasized into an unreasonably protectionist trade policy that makes the U.S. formula market exquisitely sensitive to existential shocks (like a pandemic) and domestic shocks (like a major recall). Today, the shocks are everywhere, and that’s why baby formula is not.

    What’s Behind America’s Shocking Baby-Formula Shortage?
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    That definitely needs to be addressed
    And for sure Biden needs to quit sending formula to other places. Let American families have it.
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    Government also factors in when they essentially DIRECTED the MAJOR producer to shut down their production over an issue that turned out NOT to even BE the fault of the producer.

    So the government creates the shortage and then compounds it when it WIC's it away and ALSO ships pallets to the border to tend to the illegals crossing the border and claims we as a nation are responsible for the care of people in custody. Meanwhile, if they just turned the illegals around, we would NOT have to provide them with formula just because they have some snot-nosed kid with them as they get out of the river...
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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose purchase of Twitter remains ongoing, slammed President Biden in a podcast interview Monday and warned that if the government continues printing money, inflation will get worse and the U.S. might follow the path of Venezuela.

    "The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter," the Tesla CEO said. "The path to power is the path to the teleprompter."

    "I do feel like if somebody were to accidentally lean on the teleprompter, it's going to be like Anchorman," the CEO added, referencing the 2004 film in which Ron Burgundy reads whatever is written on the teleprompter, even if it would ruin his career.
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    Only twice the size but with 10x the horsepower.

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