Art Briles is Already Being Accused of Cheating

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Horn6721, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Dirtbag cheater from Day 1. High School football in Texas is saturated with these sleazy ***, win at all cost morons. The coaching website from when he was in HS before says plenty. He is a cheat at all costs loser. He covered up sexual assaults. Apparently he does not have any daughters..........a wife, or a mother.
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    Could be a lot of things; could be that all the members who were in or from Mt Vernon abstained because they had a potential conflict of interest.
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    Yep, could be.
  4. Horn6721

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    "The DEC is made up of superintendents from various other districts. The 7-3A D1 chair is Superintendent Sidney Harrist with Atlanta ISD.
    So there would not have been 3 from Mt. Vernon.
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    Yep! At least not until it's time to execute the leaders of the vanquished.
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    That article cites ZERO evidence to backup the claim. I was a huge critic of this District hiring a man of Briles pedigree and entrust that man with shaping young men. This is a non-issue though until evidence is provided.

    On the HS recruiting front, it's pretty rampant. It's common for kids to move across boundaries (District and State) for better football programs. It takes two to tango so usually it involves the parents of the player first then a booster/coach on the opposite side. These kids aren't moving without a verbal guarantee of a starting role and often relocate into a "subsidized" housing situation.

    Make no mistake, the player/parents of the player are not victims but are equal beneficiaries of the arrangements.

    The real losers are the schools these stud kids depart who often lose the chance for respectable football seasons because the star players moving to football factory schools.

    I'm clearly not familiar with the situations in Texas but in Washington State the private Catholic schools are the primary infestation of HS Athletics since they have zero boundary rules.
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    Last year State Championship game featured two schools with tons of talent, virtually none of whom live in the district.

    One powerhouse in the State features an all Hispanic school, with an all black football team (except the kicker). It has been that way for thirty years.

    Student body - all Hispanic
    Band - all Hispanic
    Drill team - all Hispanic
    Cheerleaders - all Hispanic

    Football team - one Hispanic

    I ain't bitchin' because the coach who created that monster was a great Longhorn fan.
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    Kids want to play for a winner. Kids move into SLC, Lake Travis, Westlake, Argyle, Highland park, etc, etc, etc....Districts with several schools have kids float from one school zone to the other just to play for the team that is winning. Very hard to prove "transfered for athletic reasons".... Example : young lady is a stud BBall player but her team sucked....Other school in town makes play-offs every year....Guess what...Transfers either using a bogus excuse or parents rent a house in that zone......Committee can't prove anything wrong. Everyone and their dogs know why she transfered, but can't be proven. Now she is on a play-off bound team for sure. Happens everywhere. Is the benefiting coach gonna say, " whoa, you can't do that." Hell no.....He/She wants to win because his/her job kinda depends on the Ws.
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    Best example of all time is the Bellaire baseball team. How many players of the Knobloch and Manny eras lived in the Bellaire zone?

    Clue - the answer looks like a cereal bowl or donut or coffee cup.

    Anyone want to venture a guess how many of those baseball players graduated being able to speak Russian?

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    As a parent of players at the school the kids leave to play for local powerhouses it's frustrating. I coached youth football as an HC up to HS. Last year my son played the local in-district school that won six straight 3A State Titles until finally the state ruling body cited them for recruiting violations. They cited them for a paucity of what I know to be true (16yr old kid living in apt by himself paid for by boosters, strip mall diploma mill where 25 of 32 total students were football players). This team still had 5 players starting that either played for me OR played on another of my son's teams.

    From my experience, just like in college football, the booster club is generally the root of the problems and the coaches simply look the other way and thank them for the support.
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    Art Briles and Mount Vernon have hired a new press secretary

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    I'm a bit confused why they'd get an initial vote for approval of eligibility (while many AD's abstained from voting) and then 3 weeks later get a unanimous vote against eligibility. Did Briles and the school withhold key information?
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    Surely not.;)
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    Maybe they saw how quickly things turned in Montgomery after their little hazing whitewash failed so miserably...
  17. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Reading comprehension is a wonderous thing but appears elusive for some. It is all explained in stanhin's link.
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    Are you admitting to a deficiency? There are public services available to help.

    This is directly from stanhin's article.

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    maybe more info came to light?
  20. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    There is no confusion. This new ruling was by a different authoritative body who ruled
    2 players ineligible kinda like overturning a lower court decision.
    This decision can then be overturned by the UIL.
    Pretty clear in the link.
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    Not sure anyone was confused by the ruling bodies. What most are questioning is what new information came to light that literally reversed the earlier unanimous ruling.

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