Art Briles Still Has His Special Touch

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by BurntOrangeLH, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Good writer.
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    Briles is an amoral lowlife.
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    "Acquiring two star players under shady circumstances is not on the same spectrum of moral failures that cost Briles his job at Baylor"

    Exactly. And exactly why no one should be surprised. Anyone who looks the other way about rape is not likely to hesitate to do something like use ineligible players.
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    Not at all surprised.
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    Exactly..The player ... " was accused of raping...." Accused !!!!!!... What is a COACH supposed to do ????? A woman can ACCUSE you of rape !!!!! Does that make you a rapist ??? Should your boss fire you on the spot ? Should they suspend you for months without pay until you are proven innocent or guilty ??????? The answer if you don't know is "HELL NO !!!!!!" A coach is just that A COACH.... He is not judge and jury. He should not DO ANYTHING due to accusations alone ..THE LAW ( police, lawyers, judges, juries ) not coaches, need to deal with accusations.........Think back a few years when a woman accused some Duke ( I think it was Duke ) athletes of raping her...They were suspended, kicked out, etc....Then it turned out she made the whole thing up !!!!!!!!!! You want to ruin a guy's life, football or any career on an ACCUSATION ????? No you don't ...and neither did Art Briles !!!!!! If you have a son and he is accused of rape, do you want his coach to kick him off the team, or do you want a coach who says," you are innocent until proven guilty.' ? If you choose the later, then you choose a coach like Art Briles.
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    I nominate the preceding post for the Guinness Book as a record for the combined number of exclamation points, all caps, question marks, and ellipses in a single post. ;)
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  10. Detective Shilala

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    Majestic you might have a point if we weren’t talking about Art Briles.

    Maybe you’re right and Art didn’t have anything more than an accusation and a she said / he said thing against someone he knew to be a good credible kid. Or maybe, who knows, he protected someone he knew to be a creep because he could run fast and hit hard. .

    But protecting creeps who could run fast or hit hard is exactly what he did systematically later on at Baylor, where he installed a rape culture so I am inclined to think the something stank in that scenario too.
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    yeah, on an instance by instance basis that makes sense. too many instances with no change in M.O. makes this story stink.
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    I have to disagree in this instance.
    Being a scumbag HC who seeks any avenue possible to keep players on the filed isn't a criminal act. For ch
    arges to be filed he would have to have either participated in the attacks or be named as a co-conspirator. No one is alleging this. If he lied to any investigator he could be charged with obstruction. However, since no one other than Baylor senior executives has seen the Pepper Hamilton report, we don't know what he lied about if anything.
  13. MajesticII

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    There was a murder related to Basketball at Baylor. Briles did report info to his superiors. They should have acted on it. Maybe just maybe it was Baylor that stank and not Briles. I am not saying Briles is a Saint and perfect. Who is ? There are many coaches who have covered up, not reported, or not done anything about rape or sexual assault accusations. They are still coaching, and one coached at a school that sounds a lot like taxes. One of us is wrong, but I tend to think Briles was a scapegoat in that affair at Baylor. Sad thing is we may not ever find out who is right.
  14. SabreHorn

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    I have never believed the truth would be know.

    There was an athlete who died at Baylor under very questionable circumstances. Body was cremated in less than 24 hours without autopsy. Payoffs? That was before Briles.

    It was reported that Briles actually reported some possible criminal activity to the woman up stream from him, but that powers that be shut her down. Did that happen? She later resigned.

    Not to defend Briles at all, but again the problems at Baylor existed before Briles arrived and went well above his pay grade.
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  15. MajesticII

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    Which adds credibility to the possibility Briles was used as a scapegoat, and isn't as bad a dude as so many think.
  16. SabreHorn

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    I won't go that far. I don't like him, certainly don't trust him, and he did take Baylor's hush money and a lot of it. None of that makes him a horrible human being, but proof of his level of involvement will likely never be known
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  17. MajesticII

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    Hush money ? He was fired.... I think when that happens you generally get paid when under contract. I think we both would take whatever money we could get if we were fired from a job. I wouldn't want to work for Briles, and don't particularly like the guy either; but he is a great offensive coach. I also think he got a raw deal over the Baylor mess. We can agree to disagree.
  18. El Sapo

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    No, he's still a sack of ****.
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  19. SabreHorn

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    I don't disagree with anything you said, the Baylor power brokers used him to protect themselves & Stark. I called it "hush money" because Baylor insisted on a nondisclosure in their settlement.
  20. WorsterMan

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    This article is very interesting on the subject:

    How Baylor Happened

    We'll never know the full story or the extent of Briles knowledge of the whole sordid affair. BU admin did a good job of covering it up, settling lawsuits, keeping the Pepper Hamilton report in a summary form while paying Briles hush money to go away.

    However, from various things I have read, I suspect Briles knew a great deal about the rape culture and abuse of women that was going on. He turned a blind eye to it / ignored it and or thought he could beat the rap if confronted, because the bearz were winning games.
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  21. Detective Shilala

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    Ok listen, being used as a scapegoat does not mean his hands are clean.
    Being a scapegoat and being culpable are not mutually exclusive.

    Did you even read any of the pepper hamilton "report"? Assistant coaches under Briles were "interviewing" victims.
    There is no way in hell that goes on without the HC directing it, much less without the head coach's knowledge.

    As stated above Briles is a despicable sack of ****, scapegoat or not.
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  22. Creek

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    Baylor has always been creepy I’m afraid to say. And Briles definitely brought in trash talking thugs. And the Baylor admin. loved it and all the winning. So I don’t respect either or have time for either.
    Fun to kick their *** though.
  23. El Sapo

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    Briles is a win at all costs mercenary and a dark stink has and will continue to follow him everywhere he goes. I've said it before and I'll say it again : Briles has absolutely no business being involved in coaching at any educational institution. He needs to go to the NFL, get his thugs, and because they're grown men and paid professionals he can enjoy a degree of protection from what these guys do off the field.
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  24. Detective Shilala

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    Agreed. If Art Briles has a place in coaching, its coaching adults. Adults who should* already have a moral compass. (And even if they don't he can't make them into even worse human beings than they already are)
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  25. madcow

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    This has been like a thread from yester year ... great discussion ... definite sharp disagreement but without a single rant or F-bomb ... ok maybe one semi-rant !!!!!!

    Well played guys ... I still hate him and think he could have done more but stop short saying he was as complicit has BU portrayed it.

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    Does anyone remember the interview with President Star in his living room with his female "advisor" telling him what to say to the interviewer....creepiest footage on tape...
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  27. El Sapo

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    Is that like Urban Meyer getting 'help' with deleting all of his text messages when the Zach Smith deal blew up? I'm telling you..... I'm losing respect and belief in the institution of college football by leaps and bounds. **** bag coaches are protected and go unpunished and entire campuses, alumni bases, and fans put their morals and ethics on a sliding scale pegged to wins and losses. College football may not be a game I support or even watch in the next few years. It's sad.
  28. BurntOrangeLH

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    Yeah, when I hear "fans" dump on coaches of any sport at Texas complaining that "we" haven't won a national championship in that sport, I just reflect at least Texas won or lost fairly and the athletes have a good chance at a good education. Winning at any cost is not something I will ever support at UT. The athlete's future life is ultimately the most important thing, not trophies in a case somewhere.
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  29. 4th_floor

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    Briles is most likely a scumbag. However, since no charges were filed in Stephenville, I don't think I can say the kid was guilty of rape.
  30. nashhorn

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    I fear that too but because I think ‘pay for play’ will have consequences unimaginable.
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